FalconBlanco   What is there?  updated: 18.3.2013
There is a beautiful piece of earth in the middle of the island IBIZA, untouched by tourism and modern invasion.
There is space for about 20 people in single and double bed rooms in various houses.
There are eight bathrooms and a swimming pool.
There is a well with plenty of good drinking water and a system to pump water into a tower deposit to have water pressure all over the place.
There is a system installed to heat up water by sun energy. So we have 1.000 liter of hot water daily. (Needs to be repaired!)
There is electricity of 220 V  produced by a voltaic system using sun energy. 
There is a telephone line for the Internet access (ADSL) and you can connect your laptop. 
There is a dome as group room. 8,50 m diameter with bathroom.
There is a dome of 5 m diameter. (Used for individual treatments like massage sessions, etc.) 
There is a kitchen with several fridges and deep freezers, juicer, etc. 
There are 20.000 sqm of land with good earth to grow vegetables and fruits for more than 50 people.
There is an Aloe Vera plantation with 600 plants. (There are still about hundred young plants waiting to be re-planted!)
There are many trees and all kind of plants... 
There is a compost production for our own use. 
There are three vans, 5 bicycles, three fork trucks, one motorcultor.  (Two van, all fork trucks, all bicycles and the motorcultor are broken.)
There are two dogs, twenty cats, thirty chicken, ten rooster, 2 ducks and one goose. - 

There is also:
A lot of creative material which should be selected and organized.
All kind of equipment which should be repaired: Computers, printers, fridges, pumps, bicycles, etc.
There are many pallets which could be recycled, - when better organized. We are building small pallet houses and making firewood out of the broken pallets. (We are not recycling pallets like before, only from two companies. It hurts to see the many pallets in the street, that are going into the dumpster...)

This was a list of the physical aspects, that's one side and as we believe not the most important! What's more essential is the possibility to work on ourselves, using for this our daily life with all appearing happenings and conditions and last not least all ones reactions that are showing up, that are giving the opportunity to become aware of ones unconscious conditioning! 
FalconBlanco has a certain energy, that provokes and helps to reflect and be aware of ourselves. Nature and our daily meditation practice is supporting this. - There are possibilities... There is open space... There is the horizon and the option to go beyond...
The tough reality is, that nearly all people prefer to stay in their limited, narrow personality, not having a real urge to go beyond. Mostly people are just upgrading their self image by adapting beautiful spiritual ideas and then trying to live these, seeking confirmation for their dreams... 
We are urged to be extremely selective and these people will have to stay away! 
So we are just waiting for you!?! 
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