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We all watched the sun rise or sun set. There is no difference when doing 'SunMeditation' also called 'Sungazing'. It is said being best is to stand with bare feet on earthen ground or sit on a chair. Sri Manek, an experienced sungazer, suggests to start with 10 sec. adding 10 sec. each day of sungazing. I followed his suggestion in so far as I added after each week one minute. I never had any problem in nine months of sungazing. If you are watching the sun when rising up, then you can easily start with a few minutes and then after a few weeks add every week one minute. If you do it just after sun rise or shortly before sun set, then there will be no damage done to your eyes. This meditation is very effective and has a positive influence in many aspects. From my experience I can suggest to start the 'Sun meditation' even a few minutes before the sun rises and then watch as long as it feels right to you. If you are doing the 'Sun meditation', then be aware and sensitive about it and consult sincerely with your intuition. Once you have started then stick with it even some resistance will show up, coming from one's conditioning, listen carefully what your body tells you and don't force yourself.
When watching the sun, observe at the same time 'inside'. Do it without distraction! Be aware of tensions - let go of these by breathing consciously. Expect that old repressed emotions come up. I had heart reactions (pain and weakness) probably due to some closeness of the heart center. These are reactions which indicates that one's system is shacked up and there is a healing process going on...  While looking at the sun, feel gratitude for all that the sun gives and appreciation for life. This has to do with one's attitude - which is an important aspect when doing sun meditation...
'SunMeditation'  will further one's growing process essentially in all aspects: enhances intuition and awareness, deludes obstacles and blocs, widens one's horizon and opens new aspects, furthers healing and growing beyond one's personality.
Don't practice sun gazing without consulting with a qualified and licensed health professional. You might be extremely sensitive or you have a light allergy, so the sun might cause severe reactions.
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