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BeiYin: Anything is not 'really real', although the mass of people live with this illusion, they have no doubts about the set up in that they live and are used to and even defend what they feel and believe they are with 'teeth and claws' and that is in the first place: their precious *personality*.
Question: That means that *reality* and how it is understood depends on each individual and is influenced in how far one is determined by ones psychic condition? 
BeiYin: Yes, - every and anything is *real* because it exist. The question if something is *really real* includes an additional 'thing' and that is the person who is perceiving the 'thing' and then it depends totally on this person being capable to grasp the real situation and conditions of the reality of this 'thing'. 
Question: What is it that is conditioning a person in ones way to receive *real reality*? 
BeiYin: The ability of this person is conditioned by the state of having found ones own personal *realization*, what means having gone, at least in parts, beyond common established concepts and beliefs, that form the self image of ones personality and makes that the individual interprets the perceived 'thing' through the filter of ones conditions and being programed in a specific way. 
Question: How can one get over ones limited condition of *personality*?
BeiYin: Our evolution and growing process will bring us to a state of *being beyond*. 
Question: As far I can understand, this is then *enlightenment* right?
BeiYin: There are several concepts about this state of being, but as these are descriptions, giving a concept of this state, so they can't give a complete picture of what then is *really real* and only can end up in ones interpretation and then is integrated in ones collection of concepts into ones personal reality, - like many of the concepts that have built up the 'reality' of our society, that in fact is a 'fake reality'. 
Question: So then what is *really real* in my limited reception? 
BeiYin: This society is real, there is no doubt about it, as we experience on ourselves, being caught in it and our personality, suffering to an unbearable extreme. This fake reality we are living, - each of us, - is painful real and there is hardly anybody who is capable to step out of it and live beyond in a *real reality*.
Question: It obviously becomes clearer every day, that our life in this 'consumer society' is not the ultimate reality and many people somehow feel the urge to get out of it, because they are not really happy. 
BeiYin: It shows that people are carrying a *longing* within themselves, even though they are trying to fulfill it with all those substitutes that are offered in abundance from this society. 
Question: How can we get out of our 'consumer straitjacket' and find something more *real*, something *really real*? 
BeiYin:Very few individuals after gone a long way, when they have gotten really tired of all those many fake realities and have realized within themselves a state that finally let them perceive anything in its *real reality*. 
Question: What is the key then to free oneself? 
BeiYin: The *key* is *self knowledge* and that means becoming aware of oneself in ones whole existence and also in those parts that are until now unconscious. That is a life long growing and healing process. 
Question: In what consist our 'unconscious part'? 
BeiYin: Talking about 'reality' here, I say that our unconscious part is built up strongly by all the influences we have received during our life time, from the moment on we were born. These influences were coming and still are present, from our established society with all their members, mainly those with authority, our parents included. We are all manipulated into a specific attitude and behavior, that not at all is beneficial for our health and our growing. Looking at it even more critical one can state that humanity is stuck in their evolution because the established 'fake reality' has developed to such an extreme, that it not only destroys the individual in ones well being, but also the whole living space: our planet. 
Question: What can we do about it or better said: What can I do about it, so that a positive change can happen? 
BeiYin: We can't do much about it, only starting with each of us with oneself: Asking questions, - what you are doing now, - being critical about what we are receiving and seeking seriously about who we *really are*, - that means finding out by looking within ourselves... With one word: *Waking up*! 

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