To heal the world - we must heal ourselves     *BeiYin*
World peace will only happen when enough individuals have realized peace within themselves. War is the result of the state of consciousness that is represented by the majority of mankind. It can't be different. For this to be happen it is evident that not enough people have realized peace within themselves. 

Humanity is possessed by their images and what is the worst: These images themselves inhibit to realize them! Every body is fighting to reach goals and this doesn't work! 
There exists no real Peace, Love or Harmony! These are beautiful concepts and people try to live them somehow, but their personal experienced daily reality is totally different. We all are longing for love and peace and we are clinging on concepts about it, without being able to bring them down into our daily life. We have the hope that one day in the future to fulfill our dreams and until then we are fighting to survive. 

Soon this dream and the hope to fulfill our longing will collapse when war will spread out across the countries. Are we helpless victims because of the decisions of 'mad politicians'? It might look like, but it isn't! Our responsibility for the world situation and what we can do to have a true affect rests in our individual responsibility to realize peace within ourselves! Targeting and giving the fault to an outside institution or an enemy will have zero affect to change the situation. Nobody is a powerless victim! We CAN change something: Ourselves and nobody can inhibit this! But where do we start? It is clear that participation in mass demonstrations or lighting candles in the window doesn't change anything. It might give the feeling having done something but in reality nothing changes.

But what can we do then? You might say: "We just want to live in peace, doing our daily work to earn our bread. We vote for the most convincing politician, but more we can't do." It is obvious now that this is not enough! What we can do is that we actively do a step to realize peace within ourselves! How? By questioning oneself. Questioning one's position and one's motivations, one's attitude and one's goals. Also questioning whatever is presented from any kind of system that is manipulating us to reach their goals or to keep their established power and to widen it out. For them all means to defend are justified and it is not possible to trust anything coming from somebody who feels threatened. This is valid on all levels, from the single individual like you and me up to the highest power levels of countries. 

Is there any doubt that this world is governed by a mankind that possesses a strictly materialistic world view? This state is the current situation of humanity, being still identified with materialistic goals. World peace will only happen when enough individuals have realized peace within themselves. The result of the materialistic world view is predictable, the only desire is to grow stronger to establish more security and power for oneself, out of this comes the desire to eliminate everything that seems to be against it.

There is no doubt that nearly all of the idealistic images and concepts in this society, serve to enhance the materialistic attitude. Traditional religion gives an additional security to the personality, but doesn't change the underlying materialistic behavior. Images of Love and Peace serve to feed one's longing, but don't have influence to affect the materialistic goal. Spiritual images serve to manipulate people to keep them quiet and in dependency. For example: 'God as an image taking care of us', allowing us to believe that everything is okay exactly how it is. This attitude keeps us in dependency offering us security so we don't have to question our own position...

But we need to question our position and become aware that we are in dependency. We have the image of 'freedom' written on our banners, but we are not free. We have the image of love, but this is dependent on conditions and the fulfillment of our personal needs, that are in any case the most important! We have the image of harmony, but we are confused and insecure when our material base is threatened or our personal frame of emotional property is reduced. Our self-knowledge is rudimental and our life is full of fear and the need for self confirmation. 

We are  looking constantly for more security and fulfillment by striving for more property on all levels. Let's be honest: It doesn't work. In the first place because every body is doing the same and so the interests are clashing against each other. One tries to eat the other and fight is inevitable. "Who is not with us, is against us!" We can't stop this destructive attitude on the big scale if we don't stop it beginning with ourselves! 

Bringing down peace into our life can only happen in our daily life right now. This can't happen instantly how we would like it. This is a long process and there is a lot of engagement and personal work connected with it. We need to question ourselves and we need to observe our reactions when our personal interests seem to be threatened. This is the moment to observe and then maybe we can understand and act, by loosening our attitude and giving space to the other. This is the key! Understand that the person in front of us wants exactly the same as we want:  Firstly, confirmation of one's own position by getting attention and secondly, strengthening one's property which includes one's opinion, one's beliefs and one's images. Getting this, then one's self image is reinforced and there is felt well-being. If not there will be frustration and disappointment, and as further reactions anger and aggression and finally as a result violence and destruction - on the big scale WAR. Can you see that to avoid this one has to start with oneself to break out of this vicious cycle? Personally, within your family, your group, your company, with what ever shows up: Now! You personally will have to make a decision to take the first step. With this you will enter a process, which will bring disturbance and insecurity in the beginning, but you will find tranquility and a new space within yourself...


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