Why the world is in such a mess?  BeiYin
Why the world is in such a mess? Why is there so much violence, corruption, crime and contamination? The world is that what humans have made out of it. Even without humans, there would be the same natural system of survival, where one eats the other and is eaten by a bigger one, the same how it still happens within the human system. There is the same violence in nature between animals and plants. There is also some corruption and crime but this is kept only as traces,  because in its excess like with humans it needs a bigger brain capacity connected with more 'ego' and will power. But for sure there wouldn't be so much self destruction and contamination without humans having conquered and dominated the earth.
But why is it like this? Why are humans using their capacity of higher intelligence so negatively?
They are not using their energies negatively, only just like it is given in the natural frame of abilities. What is negative is the result of this use, and this is because the human race in its state of development and as a whole, is still nearer to the animal behavior than to advanced capabilities. Humans are still in development of their individual personalities and this includes the eating of every thing they can reach and swallow. If something grows too big, then it destroys itself from the inside. The same if these are dinosaurs or the power structure of a multi national company, or people who eat too much and gain too much weight, destroying their system... The company bosses know this, so they split their imperium into smaller parts. The dinosaurs couldn't do this so they distinguished. And the individuals of humans? Look at them! There is one part of the population who have overweight and are sick because of too much food and an other part who are starving to death, often living one beside the other. So is it surprising that there is crime? Crime it is called when a behavior goes against the laws, but what is it called how people behave even it is within the accepted 'normal' behavior like not taking care of their 'fellow human being'?
Humans are not limited anymore that much to their instincts, they are able to go beyond using their will power and imagination. On one side this gives the freedom and possibility to make decisions, on the other side they are loosing the protection which was given through the instinct. In nature the instinct protects one specie in so far as they are not eating each other, with a few exceptions in special circumstances. Humans have mostly lost this instinct and they are 'eating' each other as much as they can and are allowed by others. The only instinct which still is there is the mother instinct and this is protecting the child, but this seems also to be reduced more and more as we can see in growing number of abundant, maltreated, abused and killed children.
Because of the problems the loss of instinct is causing on one side and on the other side the urge to grow by gathering and collecting and by 'eating' the other, so humans had to protect themselves against themselves and so they made laws and rules and they punished those who were breaking these rules. Or better said: who were not clever enough to find the space between the laws to do anyway what they want or who don't have the power and the money to have specialists to defend them after they have done what they wanted. Part of the 'eating the other' is that laws and rules are mainly made by those who are the most clever and the strongest anyway...
Yes, but where does the spiritual aspect fits into this?
Obviously religious and spiritual rules made up by humans doesn't protect humanity from being distinguished. The announced punishment for breaking those rules doesn't make much effect.
Are we in a one way street without exit? How can we find a way out of the mess? Our 'way of life', our behavior, our goals and values are making us blind, are confusing us and are driving us more and more into disease and depression. There are people desperately calling for a solution. They are expecting help from their authorities, they expect to be healed by doctors or they ask for help and solutions from their government. What an illusion! As long as they are dependent and not capable to look through the game of this world, they will not be able to make decisions for themselves. They will stay in dependency, manipulated from the more clever... 
We only can expect that help will show up, when we start to help ourselves!
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