Why there is so much fighting?      BeiYin
Why there is so much fighting? This has its roots in the need to survive from the beginning of life. It starts with the system of one cell and it doesn`t end until the system grows so big that it goes beyond every thing and all. At least this is the in built urge and all alive systems strive towards this. From the cell or amoeba on, to the flea which bits you in this moment, to your husband, to the company, to the multies, to the country, to humanity up to the planet, the sun system and galactic systems. Looking at the cells we can see that their need to survive is causing cancer because of the lack of oxygen, with the fleas the fight against them never seems to end, with the husband - well that you known best yourself... Companies are growing bigger and bigger, swallowing other companies, etc. But let's look at one individual of the human species. This individual does exactly the same: Having the urge to grow bigger and bigger, for this purpose gathering whatever is available. Property of all kind: Material stuff, intellectual property, and enriching one's feelings, and then the body: more muscles, beautiful hair, white teeth, etc. There is no doubt that in our society the materialistic aspect is the most important and the body is mostly seen in its materialistic aspect and as such treated, that's the reason why our health system is failing, but this is an other subject.... The materialistic aspect is promising security and fulfillment of all wishes, - of course only to be able to survive. So the common goal is to get as much as possible and the means to reach this goals are only limited by the other fellow fighter who has the same goal. The result is that one has to use all one's force and all tricks possible to reach one's goal, who's the strongest, the most clever, wins the game. It starts by bargaining about the price of something on the market and goes up to gain the most influence about the petrol sources. When it goes up to the pique of the gatherer then we can't do anything to influence them if they even use war to reach their goals. Then it is too late. Could we have done something before? Maybe yes. We can even start NOW. How? By being aware of the same tendency about we are complaining. We are all gathering property!
NO, NO, I am a spiritual being, I don`t do this! Really? Or is this just the image you have of yourself? Isn't it that you have chosen to be 'spiritual' because you failed in gathering enough on the materialistic level? Are you sure?
We can observe it every where: If on one level one can't survive, then one chose another one: Not being able to survive emotionally one finds one's satisfaction and self confirmation on the intellectual level, etc. Not being able to survive with one's feeling of existence on daily life level one goes to spiritual levels...
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