Defense - a natural inbuilt survival mechanism     BeiYin
A well established defense system is essential to survive, it protects us from any kind of influence which is not  already part of our individual property. We are immune against any attack. We have built even special 'anti-entities' which eliminate intruders already known. Unwanted known  influences and also anything unknown will be eliminated, because the defense system feels threatened in its survival. This process of defense is provoking reactions, which are called infection or on another level of the system it's called anger or fear. So basically, the in-built defense system is unconscious, meaning we are not aware of it's functioning in the background to take care of our survival needs. There is no real openness, the system is closed and every influence coming near is filtered. This very basic function is developed from the first beginning of life for all existing systems from the most elemental to the most sophisticated.
But how can there be development if all systems are closed? Are all influences from outside felt as invasion? Probably that's what it is if the influence is new and not known. The 'growing' in this state happens by multiplying and reinforcing the already existing. Obviously this gives a certain security and builds up the well being - by furthering the identification of the personality. It is strengthened through confirmation when the system proves its strength in a fight with unwanted influences. Or other systems with the same defense program strengthen each other because they have the same belief and concept, (like minded, etc.)  and so they are supporting each other in building a front against intruders.
But then after some time there happens stagnation and with this regression and degeneration. This weakens the whole system and it becomes vulnerable for invaders, other concepts enter the established belief system or on the body level viruses, bacteria, candida, etc. finding their way into the system, because intruders on all levels have adapted themselves and through a long chain of mutation they have learned to camouflage  themselves perfectly to be allowed to enter the system.
What is the similarity between the immune system of the body and the protection of the personality? Individual personalities and with this humanity as a whole in its momentary state of evolution obviously are in stagnation and regression. One of the many signs for this is the rapidly growing number of diseases and on the body level especially those connected with the failing of the immune system. Often these diseases are resistant against the usual medication. And then there are the rising number of mental problems, depressions, addictions, perversions, violence, suicides, etc.
Modern medicine is failing. The reason seems obvious: The health system is stuck in old ways of thinking and behavior, it is part of the same human system. How can it be different, being so closely connected with the 'personality' and the established way of thinking? If there are showing up some genius healer with uncommon attitudes and new ways of treatments then the whole established health system stands up against them. And of course this not only happens with new ways of healing. It is the same on all levels. For example: If there is an invention with a new source of energy which can avoid contamination then this disappears for ever...
The established system is defending itself, this is the way how it is built by it's nature, it is immune against influences  which are not part of it. Sometimes, although very seldom, there are appearing individuals with new viewpoints as an expression of their personal evolution, but they are treated like intruders. The easiest as a common reaction is that they are ignored, but when these 'intruders' insist because they have a 'vision' and are strong in their position because they were grown beyond personal and common images, so then they are eliminated by the established system. (Socrates, Jesus, Galileo,... Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi, Wilhelm Reich, Kennedy, Martin Luther King, etc.)
What can make a change in an individual system? One thing is very obvious: It can't be done by force because this only will strengthen the resistance, but is looks like that something has to break down before there can be an opening for new influences.
Is it really necessary that the established structure has to break down before something new can be integrated? Our mind is so much filled up with concepts, images, dreams, opinions, beliefs, experiences, etc. and all this is strongly defended. Being identified with the content  the personality is gaining one's feeling of existence out of it - so there can't be space for anything new. Is this the real reason behind why there is disease and also all the other conflicts and dramatically happenings???
Which then in one's daily life causes a break down of the individual, not only in one's body system but also in one's property of mind and the established frame of being, when parts of the self image can't be kept. Causing disturbance on al levels. If this happening is seen as something negative and not as part of a growing process and only is 'repaired' or suppressed in the traditional way with pills, just treating the symptoms, then the growing process gets stuck even more and will find another way which might be much more destructive by going on another level or dimension... From the body level to the mental, etc.
What should be clear by now is that the defense mechanism works very effectively on all levels and also can switch from one level to another, automatically and without the individual being aware of it - only the disturbing symptoms, as an result of one's reactions, are showing up. This inbuilt mechanism is totally unconscious and works even in highly developed individuals who are far more conscious than the average. The very tricky thing is that the self image is so dominating that it is rejecting all influences which might diminish this specific self image. There are a lot of justified arguments waiting to reinforce the defense: "I respect your opinion when you respect my opinion; your truth is your truth - my truth is mine; do you pretend you have the only truth?; we are here to support each other; we are open minded, we have no time for rhetoric arguments; we have no time for fighting. Peace to you and yours; we wish you a pleasant day and a wonderful life...."
Is there a nonviolent way to go beyond the defense? If part of the self image is the belief that one is 'open minded' then the very first step would be to be open for the basic information that there doesn't exist 'openness', that this is an illusion because it goes against the inbuilt primal survival necessity. And then maybe being aware and with this realizing that believing oneself to be open minded is part of the defense system. The next step can happen when the next unwanted influence comes, then being aware and alert how this 'open minded' defense reacts, which means that it is used to reject the unwanted information, which in this moment is treated as attack.
Probably the best defense is the self image of being a 'spiritual being'. 'Being One with every thing and all' and having 'Love with all', creates a bastion which is untouchable. The represented and demonstrated security by the 'image holder' draws many confused and insecure people towards such a group or an individual and so reinforces them in their belief and their images and they are willing to defend 'theirs' with all their strength for ever... until they are destroyed from within, often through a disease or an inside or outside (bellicose) conflict...
- - -
For sure it is not my intention to offend anybody. If this happens and there isn't the ability for a creative reflection about one's reaction, then indeed there is no sense in continuing to read. What I would like is a creative exchange which is not limited to personal reactions... If this is not possible because of the reasons described in this article, then there might at least appear some questions...
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