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History: All my life I had fairly good teeth, the last twenty years there were showing up the usual caries with the following root treatments. I lost two teeth but I refused a 'bridge', because I believe that this is the beginning of the end and then soon I will be left with a plastic denture. I go once a year to the dentist for a checkup. My last visit was about one year ago and he made three fillings. I refused any anesthesia and I had insisted on this the last twenty years, even when a root treatment was done. (This time he used cement as a filling and not amalgam like the years before, but last year when I had Fibromyalgia and found out about the toxicity of mercury, I had asked him to remove all the amalgam fillings. (What he has done, although without the necessary protection for himself and me!) I don't know what he has done in his last treatment repairing my teeth, but for about one week I felt really sick, so bad as it never has happened before. One of the fillings felt out the next day and another one three days later. Then the third of the teeth he had repaired broke down totally, so that only the base is left. 
I swore that I never again would go to a dentist in my life and with this I started to investigate about teeth and an alternative way to heal teeth and to keep them healthy.

With this I don't want to say that my teeth problems are the fault of the dentist. I'm convinced he is a good dentist and does his best, but he is part of the established health system and I see now quite clear that this were going into the wrong direction, probably since a few generations with the development of the health industry.
I started to search and was surprised how much information there is and not like with hernia, where only the established medical view is available... I will need some time to go through all the material...
Meanwhile I continued to do ten minutes mouth sufflation with ozone every second day. What means that I put the hose of the outlet from the medical ozone generator into my mouth, avoiding to breath the ozone by only breathing through my nose. When there is building up too much pressure, then I let out some of it. I do this together when I take my ozone sauna. Obviously this works well because since one year I have no teeth problems. But I am going much further now. I have two missing teeth and I am using EFT so that they might grow again! 
Update: Surprisingly I found a post in a forum about teeth treatment with ozone, it is called healozone and this works similar as what I am doing myself with ozone. 
Since about two months I haven't done the ozone treatment of my teeth because my ozone generator broke down and I had to send it to be repaired. A few days ago a piece of one tooth broke and yesterday a had very strong pain and in the evening three teeth were hurting and were loose. I don't understand how this can be caused by the little broken part of another tooth. Maybe there is no connection. 

Now I'm waiting urgently for the ozone generator, but meanwhile I will do the EFT, what I'm doing every day, but I became aware that doing it a longer time then it becomes a routine and then it is not so effective. It is important that when repeating the affirmation phrase it has also some emotional input. So this morning I changed the phrase I was using. Now it is: "My teeth are in perfect health: My missing teeth are growing, the rotten ones and all infection and caries are completely healed-!-!-!"
I am convinced that will make a difference. 
I decided to do a juice fasting. After three days there was no pain anymore. 
Update: To remove the amalgam fillings the dentist should be extremely careful not to expose himself and the patient to the poisonous mercury vapor. Useful advise is given at: http://www.iaomt.org/articles/files/files288/Safe%20Removal%20of%20Amalgam%20Fillings.pdf

Update: My last update was more than two years ago and I didn't think about my teeth anymore as there have been other more urgent *projects*. But yesterday there came a visitor and we had an interesting exchange and I was so animated, that I talked for more than an hour. With the result that after this my tongue hurt so much, that for the rest of the day I couldn't and didn't want to talk anymore, because of the pain in my mouth. With this I was reminded to the four broken teeth and that there are only the roots left with some sharp edges showing up. I had smoothened them with a file and with sandpaper and as I'm not talking very much, so it had worked, but now talking more than usual, the unsolved problem in my mouth showed up. - 

Update: Since more than one year I haven't updated this page. Meanwhile I have some doubts about EFT and I'm not doing it anymore. I'm convinced that any kind of manipulation is not good because it is not doing anything about the cause and is just dealing with the symptoms. In so far not different than what the medical system is doing. 
I haven't had problems with my teeth and that might have been the reason why I didn't investigate more, - other things seemed to be more important...
I went to a checkup to an other dentist and he repaired one tooth. Again, - the filling fell out after a few days... I am doing the oil pulling every morning and that feels good and I don't have any problems with my teeth, although most of the upper teeth, apart of the front teeth, are missing and I have some difficulties to chew. So it would be the moment that new teeth would grow. I urgently need to investigate more,  but at the moment there are other things more important! 

Update: My dog Borris had serious health problems and I was giving him every day an anema with ozone, so at this occasion I also treated my teeth with ozone and at the same time I treated my ears, because lately my hearing was so much reduced that I had difficulties communicating with people. So I did this for several weeks until my dog died... But because of him I started this ozone treatment and I will continue with it, being thankful to my beloved dog... 

Update: I started my investigation again and I just realize that I have started already six years ago, but then always something else more urgent had happened. As a first thing I ask the question: "How can I grow my third teeth?" at Yahoo Answers. There was not given any real answer, but I was reminded that I started a transformational process already more than fifty years ago, when I had investigated about the alchemists process to change lead into gold. Understanding then that this in the first place has to do with ones own transformation of ones whole being and not as the change from one state to another just on a material level, emotions and mind included. The result of ones work would be the 'stone of wisdom'. My resume at this time was, that I didn't need to go into such a process as going into a ritual 'making gold', but that it would be more direct working on my own personal transformation. So I started meditation as a mean for this - and I have been doing it nearly all the time with only some interruption. Now I can see and understand, that all my life was a transformation. It was intensified, when I had disease conditions, that I healed myself. Like Fibromyalgia that I healed myself after I could not find help from the medical system. Then I rejected surgery when I got an inguinal hernia and healed myself. Then I rejected surgery with a broken food and leg and healed myself. Then a 'frozen shoulder' and the last was high blood pressure and heart problems about half a year ago and that I healed. Lately since about three months my hearing got worse and also my short time memory. It is better now, but I am still working on it...

Now I will intensify my search and work about my teeth and it feels now as the most important project for me. Not just because of the need to be able to chew better, but to have the result of my expanded *transformation*, that will help me to resolve the challenges I have with my outside intentions, like this place 'FalconBlanco', that has been my challenge during the last thirty five years! 

Update: Until a few days ago I would have agreed with "accept what can't be changed", knowing that when one accept something, then one is capable to deal with it openly and that this is probably the only creative way. Then not needing to defend oneself by fighting against the unwanted conditions or ignoring what one doesn't like. But when 'dealing' with a situation or condition, having done every thing possible for a change, - might bring one to the point of total helplessness or even desperation, because one 'knows' somehow that the presented condition is not right or one even might sense, that the base is fake and just coming out of the commonly established reality, that is just the erroneous result of misinterpretation of conditions. And then even knowing that so much, if not most, is the result of manipulation from clever power guys during history of mankind... So how can one deal with this? - - - One can't!?

When one comes to the limit of ones personal knowledge, even though one has searched and investigated deeply and can't find any alternative answer from within the established common mindset, - then one reaches a kind of 'vacuum' that is frightening and so people try to avoid this with all means, mostly going into various belief systems. But if one has looked through and has passed all this, what is left? Nothing? - - - NO! What is left is ones *awareness*!

At this point I became aware where and how one has been programed from the common mindset and that all the goals and values has been set up from just there. Now when I encounter situations, conditions and people in my daily life, then I can experience, that my
reactions are caused from my unconscious background program. Because one is always wanting that every thing confirms ones established image of this world and so - of oneself. Then when realizing that this is part of the fake reality we as humans are trying to live and that we have made this pictures to our own, then we can decide to cling on this or let it go.
Then when we are in a serious and difficult life situation, when we have the urge to do something, because there must be a change, - then we might reach this kind of 'vacuum' where we can't find any answer out of the common knowledge, but one desperately feels that a change is needed to be able to continue...

What then? - - - I will give an practical example, coming out of my personal life situation:
Some years ago I had problems with my teeth and came to the point, where I decided not to go to any dentist anymore, - after the fillings of several teeth fell out during the next few days after the treatment. After investigating, I could clearly see the fake reality that has developed during centuries and has established the 'knowledge' of repairing teeth. The dentists do their best out of the education they have received, but this is just part of the established world view with all their limitation and erroneous conclusions.
So I searched for alternative methods to heal my teeth and came to the surprising result, that indeed it is possible to *heal* ones teeth and even regrow them! But I was very occupied with other aspects in my life and as I had no acute problems in my mouth, so I 'accepted' the condition for the moment. In its time my damaged teeth brake down one after the other, but I also accepted this...

Several years past without serious problems, until recently I got an infection of one of the teeth that broke down to the root. Within days my face was swollen and even my alternative way to heal the infection did not work. So I got an appointment with a hospital dentist in ten days. When I went to the hospital, the infection meanwhile was nearly gone. The dentist just looked a few seconds into my mouth and said the tooth must be pulled out after a treatment with antibiotics. I told him that I don't want to take any antibiotics. He reacted angry and told me that an x-ray must be made. I got a new appointment in ten days. That gave me some more time to think about it. I wanted the x-ray to have a proof of the missing teeth, when I would have grown new teeth. But then with the doubt if it is really necessary to pull out the tooth, I decided not to go to the appointment with the dentist.

Meanwhile I treated myself with 'oil pulling' and 'tongue cleaning' and so there is no infection left. But the situation is still not clear. I have an email exchange with several friends and I received information about all kind of alternative treatments and new ways to let new teeth grow. The new kind of manipulation, like implants, stem cells etc. I reject. All the other treatments with plants, supplements, etc. might help, but doesn't make new teeth grow by itself.

With this I come to my limit of knowledge, that can't be changed through any kind of available information. So I am reaching the state of acceptance and *emptiness*.
What to do now? There seems nothing left.

Back to my *awareness*: I go deeper... Realizing that this is an important step in my personal *growing process* and that this is the most essential in my *healing process*.
What has been the steps in this process? After many years of being treated, that means disturbing symptoms has been eliminated, without healing the cause, - I came to the state of being critical and questioning the established health system, so out of this attitude I could heal my Fibromyalgia and also an inguinal hernia. The basic condition was, that I stepped out of the dependency from authorities, who all told me that a healing is not possible. The next step was that I connected with my 'inner healer' and let myself be guided. In this the practice of meditation was of essential help.

Now I'm back in the same situation, not knowing how to continue. But I'm open and I trust, that the help, whatever this might be, will show up and so I will be able to use it.

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