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Testimonial about my personal healing process updated:22.1.04,11.9.11

After a few months of ozone steam sauna treatment  I have not only the hope but I am pretty sure that with the help of ozone and sauna I will be healed from Fibromyalgia. So obviously this is an important part of the healing process. It needs some time and effort, but also it is pleasurable!

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Since I am doing the ozone-steam sauna treatment every second day, I feel much better, there is much less pain and some energy came back. It is said that there is no cure for Fibromyalgia, what makes one feel helpless, now I have the hope that I will recover. There is a lot of information available, but in the searching for the right treatment one is pretty alone and so it is obvious that finding a cure will be a long process...
When I look back in my life I remember that when the few times I had taken a 'Swedish Sauna' I always had felt good after. Now I am sure that if I would have taken at least once a month a sauna for the last forty years, then probably I wouldn't be sick now. My system wouldn't have accumulated toxins all the time of which I have to get rid now. So then it looks like that I have to take now all the sauna sessions I haven't had. That tells me that I shouldn't expect miracles within the next few weeks... But this also tells me that I have to be patient and stick on it and do it regularly. As I have build my own steam-sauna box and don't need to go for a sauna treatment to another place, so it needs not much more than half an hour. Not counting the time necessary for resting after the sauna and if possible also before, which is important otherwise the stress is adding to the fatigue.
I have made a page where I describe how to build one's own steam sauna. It is easy and one can do it all from recycled material. In a few hours it is build and it didn't cost me any thing! This is not possible with the ozone generator one needs and which cost quite some money, but it is worth the investment because the generator can be used for many other applications, to run it needs oxygen in bottles or an oxygen generator (which on the long run is much sheaper...)
I am convinced that the ozone treatments with ozone steam sauna and ozone insufflation helps me to recover from Fibromyalgia. One can go for an ozone treatment to a medical doctor, but that means to go every day there for three weeks and then the series of treatments has to be repeated quite often. I'm convinced that to have one's own ozone generator is much more comfortable, apart of the money savings and the need to use one for the ozone sauna. 
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