Periarthritis Frozen Shoulder
Testimonial about the Intention of Healing myself  BeiYin 
Nte: This report was written when I still had this disease and was investigating about it and then started to heal myself until finally I was completely healed. This is now four years ago and no symptoms have been coming back.
My report: About three months ago there started pain in my shoulder joints and I had difficulties lifting up my arms, especially the right one. Lifting weight became more and more painful and was hardly possible, so I had to reduce my recycling work with pallets, what I was doing for the last seven years; loading every day by hand a big van with pallets . - The physiotherapist gave me something to hang around my neck to immobilize my arm and told me to keep the arm like this for at least three weeks. But how can I drive the van with one hand and do all the things that are necessary every day to maintain FalconBlanco? Impossible! So I used the 'thing' from the health specialist a few times but gave it back after some days. The exercises he did with me were painful. I'm convinced he did his best, but it didn't help at all, so I gave this up as well after a few weeks of treatment. During daytime I could manage somehow, but during the night it was a real torture: I could not sleep. Even being really tired, I woke up after fifteen minutes with extremely strong pain and there was no way to sleep again, so laying there for hours until falling again into sleep, to wake up after very short time. I reject any kind of medication and so I didn't take painkiller or sleeping pills. I'm convinced that covering up the symptoms only can make the underlying reason worse, whatever these are. But then I found a way to get a bit more sleep: When I wake up, then massage my arm and after a few minutes the pain is reduced and then laying down, I can fall asleep, but still having not enough rest and my sleep is not very deep. This went on now for several weeks and my energy is going down more and more and so also my concentration and awareness... One day when loading the van, wanting to step out of the back door, my foot got caught by a piece of plastic follies, I lost the balance and fell on the street, - with my right arm onto the border stones. It was hurting incredible and first I thought my arm was broken or the joint had dislocated.

I went to the same doctor who had helped me in the beginning with my Fibromyalgia some years ago. He diagnosed that my shoulder was not broken but seriously hurt, he said it is 'Periarthritis'. He treated the inflammation with laser beams, homeopathic injections into various places of the arm and also with injecting ozone into the joint. He also put me in a kind of magnetic chamber and there at least I could relax for twenty minutes, although the treatment for some weeks didn't make any change and I couldn't sleep any better or had less pain. As the treatment also is pretty expensive; understandable as all the machinery must be amortized; so I stopped the treatment now at least for some weeks and will try to do a step out of any expectation and the dependency of a medical helper.

Yes, this is my conclusion: I was hoping that I could find help because I need to use my arms to be able to keep going with this place FalconBlanco and my intention, - what is the most important for me,  and so when I had this accident then I was falling into the common dependency and didn't take responsibility for myself in the first place. Oh boy, I should have learned from my experience with healing myself from Fibromyalgia and also from healing my inguinal hernia! Was it because I came down so much with my energy? Or have I fallen into the usual attitude to expect a change from outside help? Probably. I guess also because I don't want to go again through such a tough process  like before, but there seems no way around and so now I will do an effort and find out myself and then do what seems right to heal myself, - tough or not...
As a first step I will search the Internet because what I need is more information, even though my doctor had told me about my condition, but I need to find out a treatment that I can do myself and as the most important to find clearness about the root cause of the symptoms, being then able to do something efficient for a change.
I am exhausted and don't want to do anything, not even talking with people. I experience that having strong pain for a long time is influencing my personality in a very significant way, it's very irritating and I feel like loosing the ground under my feet. Again values are changing and what was important for me for many years, seems to have no interest for me anymore. Yes, still I'm interested to use my condition in a creative way, not just wanting to get rid of the pain or other symptoms. When I read that 10% of all people in the world get these symptoms of a 'frozen shoulder' in their life and that half of them need to go into treatment for a long time and that these treatment often has no result and people must suffer even for the rest of their life! Reading those information from health professionals, gives me motivation to make my own investigation. After my experiences with the medical system when I had Fibromyalgia and Inguinal Hernia, I can't trust this established system anymore. I'm pretty much out of this dependency and will take self responsibility. It is a challenge! OK, now in the first place I need to do heal myself, without those chemicals that just suppress the symptoms but don't heal. When it shows that it is possible that I heal myself, not depending on medication, then my testimonial might help to transform the attitude of  helplessness of people, who depend totally on help from the established medical system. Then people might get motivated to take self responsibility getting out of dependency and using their pain and suffering in a creative way to transform themselves within their individual growing process. This thought gives me strength and I will continue...

The following is what I found out so far when searching for information:

Periarthritis or Frozen Shoulder
Periarthritis of the shoulder is a chronic, retrograde and inflammatory disease of the shoulder joint, capsule and the soft tissues surrounding it. This pathology is mostly due to exposure to cold, trauma, or chronic strain of the shoulder. The main clinical manifestations are soreness and dysfunction of the shoulder. The disease is usually found in patients above the age of 50.
#  The diagnosis of generalized periarthritis is made from the characteristic X-ray picture in conjunction with the clinical findings and, on occasion, the demonstration of hydroxyapatite crystals in the affected tissues.
# Calcific periarthritis is due to hydroxyapatite crystal deposits in bursae, tendons and ligaments (Bonavita 1980) with characteristic radiographic appearances of opacities of variable density and shape around joints (Hitchcock 1959).

Peri Arthritis:- Acute pain in Shoulder Joints with Tenderness, Stiffness, Difficulty in moving the shoulder joints are the common symptoms of Peri Arthritis. In the advanced stage the patients can not abduct the upper Limbs - Hands i.e. the rotational function of the shoulder joints is very much restricted in some cases. This may be an abrupt onset in Diabetic patients and is described as “Frozen Shoulder”. Manipulation therapy, Interferential therapy, shortwave Diathermy, Ultra Sound therapy and other Physiotherapy prove useless in majority cases. Local injection of Hydro-Cortisone can relieve pain for a fortnight or so.

Frozen Shoulder from:
A syndrome in which a stiff shoulder is restricted and painful in both active and passive movement. Also known as adhesive capsulitis, periarthritis, and pericapsulitis. The involved joints are the scapulothoracic and glenohumeral. There is no bony ankylosis. Causes include any type of pain in the shoulder upon movement, and immobilization from shoulder injury. Frozen shoulder is seen most often in patients with tendency to tension, anxiety, and passive apathy (termed the periarthritis personality), combined with a low pain tolerance. The pathology of frozen shoulder is believed to be as follows: pain in the shoulder (neurologic, vascular, musculoskeletal, or referred visceral): causes vasospasm which leads to congestion, and myospasm which leads to disuse and further vascular congestion. This  initiates  the  development of fibrous tissues that are responsible for functional disability. The untreated course ends in total immobilization of the shoulder joint. Prevention is the best treatment. Once the condition is established, cure becomes increasingly difficult. It is unusual for a complete recovery to occur in frozen shoulder patients. Conventional treatment consists of drug therapy (muscle relaxants, sedatives, tranquillizers, analgesics); manipulation of the shoulder; passive and active range of motion exercises; ice; physiotherapy; and psychological counseling to dispel any anxiety and dependency that may be primary or secondary to the frozen shoulder.

Painful limitation of the glenohumeral joint which gradually becomes less painful but more restricted in motion. Abduction is normal at first and then, as the condition progresses, is restricted because of pain.

Advanced states: no pain with immobilization but pain in all range of motion of the shoulder; patient carries the
arm in adduction and internal rotation. 

Periarthritis humeroskapularis
In German. Mostly written from an allopathy view:
University of Queensland:  Acute shoulder pain - Evidence-Based Management
My comment: A very systematic investigation with some important information ...

Possible Remedies:
Name: Chuan Wu
Other Names: Common Monkshood Mother Root, Aconite, Radix Aconiti
Description: Properties (characteristics)? acrid, hot, toxic
Channels (meridians) entered:  heart, kidney , spleen

Actions & Indications: to restore yang, to improve fire, and to disperse cold?
Being used in: Sweating profusely with body temperature dropping; muscle spasm in cholera; instant sweating, afraid of cold in cases of yangxu (yang deficient); pain and cold in chest and abdomen, chronic diarrhea due to pixu (spleen deficient), chronic muscle or joint pain due to wind cold dampness, tightness and pain in joints and muscles; edema and coldness in the lower legs due to shenyangxu (kidney yang deficient).

Medical Function:  sedative effect analgesic effect anti inflammatory effect anti cancer effect heart stimulating effect

Chemical ingredients: Chemical ingredients of fu zi: Hypaconitine, aconitine, mesaconitine, talatisamine, chuan-wu-base A, chuan-wu base B, carmichaeline, atisines, aminophenols, demethylcoclaurine, higenamine.

Dosage: 1.5 to 12 g per day. Boil this herb first before adding other herbs.

Cautions: This is a very toxic herb, especially in raw form. To lessen toxicity, soak herb in water till thoroughly wet and simmer herb in water for 4 to 6 hours.

Nutrients Involved
Bromelain, vitamin C in high doses, vitamin E, flaxseed oil, calcium, magnesium

Suggested Nutritional Supplementation
* Bromelain 1400 - 3-4 tablets 3 times daily between meals.
High potency bromelain.
Each tablet is pH sensitized to assure release in the intestinal tract.

* C Aspa Scorb - 1 teaspoon in juice or water 3 times daily. High potency Vitamin C/magnesium combination.
* EPA-DHA 6:1 - 2 softgels 2-3 times daily with meals (see EPA-DHA section in appendix). Anti-Inflammatory essential fatty acids from cold water fish.

Apple vinegar (more about it later...)

Dietary Suggestions   * Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Harpagophytum procumbens (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)
also called grapple plant, wood spider and most commonly Devil's Claw, is a plant of the sesame family, native to South Africa. It got its name from the peculiar appearance of its hooked fruit. The plant's large tuberous roots are used medicinally to reduce pain and fever, and to stimulate digestion. European colonists brought Devil's Claw home where it was used to treat arthritis.

H. procumbens are mainly found in the eastern and south eastern parts of Namibia, Southern Botswana and the Kalahari region of the Northern Cape, South Africa. H. Zeyheri is found in the northern parts of Namibia (Ovamboland) and southern Angola. The active ingredient is harpagoside with values ranging in both species from 1.0% to 3.3%.

The name "devil's claw" is also used for several species of North American plants in the genus Proboscidea, as well as urtica dioica.

Medicinal Uses
The two active ingredients in Devil's Claw are Harpagoside and Beta sitosterol. It is claimed that these possess anti-inflammatory properties. The British Herbal Pharmacopoeia recognises Devil's Claw as having analgesic, sedative and diuretic properties. Most studies involve chronic use rather than acute treatment of pain.

Devil's Claw is also claimed to be beneficial for treating diseases of the liver, kidneys, gallbladder and bladder, arthritis and rheumatism. It is said to help alleviate problems with and improve the vitality of the joints, as well as stimulating appetite and aid digestion, increase cholesterol and fatty acids in the blood. Devil's Claw has been recommended for treating diabetes, hardening of the arteries, lumbago, gastrointestinal disturbances, menstrual difficulties, neuralgia, headache, heartburn and gout.[1]

Several studies have been performed using Doloteffin, a standardized preparation of Devil's Claw.[2] A series of small-scale studies completed in Germany found that H. procumbens was indistinguishable from Vioxx in the treatment of chronic low back pain,[3] and was well-tolerated after more than four years of treatment of H. procumbens alone.[4] H. procumbens also seems efficacious in the treatment of arthritis-caused hip and knee pain.[5] An author involved in several studies on Devil's Claw and pain relief had the general conclusion that a minimum 50 mg per dose standardized extract was an alternative to synthetic analgesics with a low risk of adverse events.[6] A separate 2006 systematic review of herbal medications for low back pain reached the conclusion that a standardized daily dose between 50 and 100 mg of harpagoside performed better than a placebo, and an unspecified dose of harpagoside demonstrated relative equivalence to 12.5 mg per day of Vioxx.[7]

Devil's claw can also be used externally to treat sores, ulcers, boils and skin lesions. 

Treatment of Frozen Shoulder Using Chinese Medicine
Frozen shoulder is the commonly used term for adhesive capsulitis, named for thickening and contracture of the capsule, the connective tissue surrounding the bony structures of the shoulder joint. The disorder was originally known as shoulder periarthritis or periomarthritis, because the inflammation surrounds the shoulder joint, but those terms are no longer preferred. Frozen shoulder is usually painful, but stiffness and restriction in movement are the primary characteristics resulting from the capsule contracture and are often likened to the immobilization of freezing versus the loosening of thawing. The disorder primarily affects people past the age of 40, particularly women; certain diseases increase the incidence of frozen shoulder, especially diabetes and thyroid diseases. Injuries are a common cause of frozen shoulder; for therapeutic purposes this condition should be distinguished from other injuries causing shoulder stiffness and pain, such as a torn rotator cuff. Range of motion tests (or, if necessary, x-rays or scans) can reveal the site of injury.

Frozen shoulder will often resolve gradually without intervention, but this can take many months (up to three years). The pain associated with shoulder movement is often relieved by use of ordinary anti-inflammatory drugs*; in severe cases, steroids* may be used temporarily. Physical therapy, based on stretching or range-of-motion exercises for the shoulder may hasten the improvement considerably and are the current standard therapy. Chinese medical interventions, especially acupuncture, have been claimed to be helpful.

The first description of frozen shoulder was provided by the French physician E.S. Duplay in 1872. During the 20th century a corresponding Chinese term arose: "50-years shoulder" (wushi jian), referring to the typical age of onset of the disorder; the term frozen shoulder (jianning) is also used in China. While there are numerous references to traditional style Chinese medical treatments for problems of the shoulder area, investigations into the use of the therapies specifically aimed at frozen shoulder have only been described in the last few years.

* = Remark: This for sure has nothing to do with 'Chinese Medicine'!

Video about the anatomy of the shoulder:
In Spanish:
In Englisch:
or the same also in English at another place:
About exercises:
The patient is encouraged not to be afraid of pain, but to do active functional exercise on the shoulder joints. he should, under the supervision of a doctor, perform activities of abduction, external rotation, extension and raising of the shoulder joint. The range of the movement should be extended gradually. The exercise can be aided by pulling a pulley, or climbing something. above so as to extend the range of movement of the shoulder joint. The patient must be told that the exercise should not be given up because of the pain that it creates.
Cupping points: 
Resume and Conclusion
Just so much for now: I found out that touching my arm in what ever way, releases the pain. So when I can't sleep in the night, then I sit on my bed and make strokes on my arm and also massaging the points where it hurts most. When touching myself I noticed that also other parts are hurting, like my neck and some points on my back I can't reach myself. So it is obvious that the shoulder is connected and influenced with other parts and treating only the shoulder will not have a lasting result if there are interference from some where else. With this I come to the feet and the reflexology. Having a massage of the trigger points at my feet feels very relaxing and for sure will have an influence on my shoulder. Also the points at the hands can be used. I will try do it myself. What med. doctors write about reflexology one better shouldn't read, they make it sound ridicules and suggest surgery saying that this will solve the problem for ever... Oh boy! 

A friend, the owner of a health food store, gave me a 'medicine', a liquid extract from Harpagophytum procumbens that might help to reduce the inflammation. I will take it, although knowing that this is only one of many things I will need to do or not to do...

Doing exercises for the shoulder helps and I'm doing these twice a day: in the morning and before I go to bed. I noticed the same as with the exercises I have done for my inguinal hernia: When I do too much, then this makes  the condition worse and if doing not enough, then it doesn't help to get better. So one has to find out oneself and needs to be very sensitive about it...

In all what I found during my search, there was very little about the psychological reasons, the root cause, that what might trigger those symptoms as an reaction of the body system, manifested as 'Periarthritis'. Only at this Web site I found one sentence: "Frozen shoulder is seen most often in patients with tendency to tension, anxiety, and passive apathy (termed the periarthritis personality), combined with a low pain tolerance." When the body symptoms are 'reactions' caused by reasons like tension and anxiety, then I am convinced that these are 'healing reactions'. What means that the whole system tries to balance itself and then when in one of the different levels there is a lack then this provokes the other levels and these are reacting with symptoms... So it seems obvious that it is necessary to dig deeper...
Yes, in the investigation done by the University of Queensland, there was mentioned that the Periarthritis appeared more often in workers who didn't like their job. So with the attitude of these workers towards life and their work there were created tension that were adding to the tension of the work caused by itself and this causing too much stress to the system and then having as a result  symptoms in the part of the body that is most forced. So I will have to check in how far this is my case...

What I'm doing now to heal my 'Frozen Shoulder':
  • About three times a week an ozone sauna for 25 minutes.
  • Twice a day exercises: In the morning the same as I did to heal myself from the Inguinal Hernia, after that shoulder rolling  and also with my head, then exercises for my back spine.
  • Massage of my arm and neck and also a hurting point at the back near my shoulder blades. (The massage technique is described at this Web site.
  • Massage of the trigger points at my feet, especially those of shoulders and neck.
  • Trying to be conscious about building up tension in my shoulders and neck.
  • Being aware of thoughts and reactions that are showing up that might give me a hint of the root cause of my shoulder problem.
  • Being conscious about what I'm eating, avoiding all kind of junk food, avoiding to mix food that can't be digested easily. Drinking plenty.
  • Drinking at least one glass of fresh made Aloe Vera juice.
  • Taking three times a day the Harpagophytum procumbens  drops.
  • Taking a homeopathic medicine a friend from India told me about: 'Chelidonium 30'.
  • Doing at least once a day meditation or the 'StressReleaseExercise' and this without doubt is the most essential and important to stay as much relaxed as possible in spite of the pain, to be able to go ahead...
  • Reflecting about possible psychological reasons of my 'frozen shoulder'.

  • As a first response to this page I received today the message from a friend who has gone through a similar process with her shoulder and suggests that I make a checkup of my spine because there might be found one of the reasons for my health problem now. She suggests also reflexology and gives some more useful hints. Read her entire message. That would be great if more people respond and tell about their healing process... 

    Today I found an article about 'Oil pulling therapy' and I will try it right now...

    Last night was the second night that I could sleep a few hours without getting up because of too much pain. There was still pain in the shoulder, but when waking up because of this then a few minutes massage was enough that the pain went away and then I could fall asleep again. Last night I only woke up twice and slept several hours, so this morning felt like a different person! After doing my morning exercises I did the 'Oil pulling' treatment while reading my email and then I had a kind of 'insight': It might not be that important what one is doing to heal oneself, in the first place comes the fact that one is doing something, because this shows that one doesn't feel as a victim and now is doing something out of ones own initiative and responsibility. Probably only with this attitude a real healing process can start and when one is relaxed enough about what one is doing, having trust in one self and what shows up, then ones intuition can start to work and one can follow this and make the right decisions, by choosing the right exercises and then listening to ones body, one will not overdo it or do too little. That will also show in ones eating habits, but in fact this will influence ones whole life in all aspects and that shows clearly that one has entered a real healing process. 

    I just read in my email an offer from one of those big successful health supplements suppliers. Of course a doctor and if one looks at his picture then one can only have trust in him and his announcement is done in such a clever way that a normal person can't resist. He offers 'massage in a pill' if one has muscle tension. 'Easy to take, easy to swallow, totally natural' and he gives you 1 package for free if you order three, and only for 150€. What a temptation! After several weeks of not being able to sleep and having constantly muscle tension, I should be ready to embrace this offer, but I'm not! I am disgusted of such manipulation to get at people's money.
    At least those pills will not poison the body as they contain only harmless natural stuff and not chemicals that produce other symptoms that then will need more chemicals...
    Oh boy!
    As a consequence: Better not to trust anybody, especially when money is involved!
    Update: In my ebook that I have just uploaded to my Web site, I have one question about 'Scams' you maybe should read:  It is question number 232.

    I didn't visit my doctor for three weeks now as I'm slowly getting better even without treatment. Yesterday I wanted to visit him, not for a treatment, just to talk with him. But I couldn't find a parking and then it was too late.
    I'm just moving into another house and so I need to carry a lot of boxes, this is more work than moving to another country because the new place is only one hundred meter away from the old. So this is a lot of stress for my arms and today it was hurting like hell, telling me clearly: That's enough!
    Tomorrow is Sunday and Monday is a holiday, so I will try to relax and not carry heavy things...

    It is so easy just to suffer, getting lost in it! This keeps one busy and occupied and one can avoid to dig deeper, to maybe find out about the reason and root cause of ones health problem, holding ones 'status quo'. I don't want this and I will check out more about psychological background reasons...
    The last days my energy went down, not only because I sleep not enough, but many things happen in my surrounding that gives me a lot of stress. Just to name a few: Our dogs killed seven of our nine geese and also several chicken. One little dog died, we had found and taken care of. He was old and blind and had serious health problems and probably was left to die. After one week of suffering he died. Yes, we did our best and it is natural that he died, but this gave me emotional stress. Things like this happen nearly every day and with people it is not much different. So the last days I felt a kind of depression, although I haven't had this for the last fifty years. Or has it to do with my seemingly hopeless intention to continue with FalconBlanco? Or the lack of response to my writings and self expression? I will need to go into this...

    Some 'irrational' reflections: Is it the case that I have a periarthritis personality?
    Do I have "the tendency to tension, anxiety and passive apathy, combined with a low pain tolerance?" I don't think so, although it might be that I'm totally unconscious about it. What I know is that I'm normally not tense at all, only in extreme stress situations, like in the last time, when there was a lot of trouble around, then I felt that tension was building up specially in my neck. This for sure has an effect also on my shoulders.
    Anxiety and passive apathy? I can't even find traces of this in myself: Even though my energy has gone down quite a bit, I have more esteem than people fifty years younger then me!
    Low pain tolerance? I never in my life have taken any painkiller, not even wanted anesthesia when the dentist treated a root channel. Now with this shoulder pain, especially during the night, I come some times to the limit and I can experience that extreme pain over a long time has a strong influence on ones personality.
    Some more thoughts: What is 'to embrace'? Isn't it wanting to unite with something or someone? And this of course happens on the outside? What also could mean to grab someone or something, sucking and swallowing something because this confirms ones self image and makes oneself stronger and richer? More complete? Doesn't 'embracing' also mean 'holding' and then this includes the 'not wanting to let go of one is holding'?
    What has all this to do with my 'frozen shoulder'? Yes, there is something... I do want to embrace the whole world and every body in it, but then it shows that people and things doesn't want to be embraced, they react mostly defensive, not even sensing the intention and expression of love. So then it is that I feel like I have been with open arms all my life and hardly there was the occasion to embrace what I love. Then after so many years my arms give up and the function is reducing itself. Could this be the reason? For sure it is painful wanting to embrace and feeling rejected.
    I see similarity in other functions: My eyes are getting weaker, because I'm tired of seeing so much misery around in this world. My hearing is reduced more and more, because I don't want to hear all the abundance of nonsense all over. My teeth are falling out, because I don't want to chew anymore all this what I must take in. I don't want to swallow all this and so I have a chronic infection of my throat. I don't want to digest what I must swallow, so my stomach is sensitive and gives me problems. My intestines can't digest properly what comes half digested from the stomach and so this goes into fermentation and produces a lot of gases, what might have been also a cause for the hernia I had.
    Conclusion: Instead of wanting to embrace the world and everything in it, I should embrace myself in the first place and then from there just enjoy what I encounter on my way. Knowing that what I see on the 'outside' is just a reflection of myself, but shouldn't be the main way to use my energy to feel my existence and being alive. Then when living my life the outside will not become a substitute for the joy that comes from within and I will not depend on the happenings and conditions that I'm encountering. Realizing the position of all parts of my being and so being able to change conditions, that seems an important step in my healing process, because then I will be able to relate and respond to life in a more relaxed way, not building up tension but having just more fun... (Spaß an der Freud')

    My search continues: I just found an article that goes in the same direction as my thoughts, but written by the health professional Bodo Koehler: "Where is Natural Medicine Headed?"
    The article is pretty long but worth to be read...

    One might find it strange, but watching the TV series "The dog whisperer" with Cesar Millan, there opens a new field. The energy represented by oneself causes significant responses from others and the outside (not just from dogs) and then has a feedback reaction comforting (healing?) oneself. If you have the possibility to watch this series then do it, you will understand what I mean... 
    I had some doubts about the exercises I'm doing: although I can move my arms now nearly without pain and even work lifting heavy things, during the night I have incredible pain and can't sleep. So I investigated the Internet looking for exercises for Periarthritis, but I found only two clever money maker, who are selling books about it. No thanks! I will find out myself! 
    I decided to make the ozone sauna every day for one week. To see if it can change my condition. I started and after two days the pain during the night became even stronger, but I went on to do the sauna every day. The pain during the night continued. Then I talk with my friend for many years who has a health food shop and he suggested that I take the sauna in the morning instead in the evening. That's what I did and indeed I could sleep much better, but still waking up at exactly 4:30 in the morning, but now it needs only a few minutes of massage and I can continue to sleep. So for me it is clear that the daily sauna had provoked a healing reaction. In daytime it didn't effect me that much, but enough in the night. Understanding this calms me down, because a few days ago when my energy went down so much because of the constant pain and little sleep, then I came to the limit and I started to feel desperate and then of course people around me reacted and then my energy went down even more. But now again I feel like coming out of a dark hole and I can go ahead with new esteem... 

    Since a few days a friend, living in the US, is sending me as a distance healing 'Reiki energy'. I had asked her to send it at 4 o'clock in the morning, that's when I wake up every night because of pain and then can't sleep again. It seems to work. I sleep better although there is still pain, but what I notice is that my energy level in daytime is much higher and that for sure helps my healing.

    Update: I continued with my shoulder exercises and after one month there was no pain any more. I can work, move things and lift heavy stuff. But I am doing these exercises every evening before I go to bed, it doesn't matter how late it is. - I didn't go back to my doctor... but I can understand that people with so much pain are looking for a fast way to get rid of this and the usual way is to use the offered health system. They often succeed to eliminate the symptoms, but do they really heal? I doubt this, as the underlying cause isn't touched and then probably will cause other symptoms some where else and maybe on an other level, even more difficult to treat.
    Update: I need to make a remark about our established health system: I am convinced that medical doctors and all who are involved, are doing their best and what they have learned. They are just the victims of a system that has develloped during history of humans and is the result of interpretation and  misinterpretation of what seems to be reality. There is a lot of manipulation involved out of power or money interests. In fact our society is sick and it shouldn't surprise that most members are also sick. I have written more about this in my ebook, with the intention to find ways out of this dilemma.
    Conclusion: Better to see a disease as a challenge and finding out about it. To become aware of the reason can be hard work, more difficult than work at the outside to reach a certain goal. But this *inner work* is worth the effort because it is part of ones learning and growing and that means it is *healing oneself*. 

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