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There are about fife thousand people visiting my health Web site daily, more than hundred fifty thousand in 4 weeks. Isn't it surprising that only maybe one person in a week gives a feedback? What is it people are looking for? I can understand: People probably are tired and feeling desperate, so they are looking for an instant advice to be healed or they are just looking for 'cleansing'. But there is no miracle formular and I am telling that 'healing oneself' is a process and one has to engage oneself and that it is hard work! And when on top of this I am saying that one needs to take self responsibility, then they leave... not even being able to enter into a thought which might go beyond the daily suffering... It seems very much that people want to stay in dependency, they don't want to grow  up, but this would be urgently necessary to enter into a real healing process! A real healing!
There was a man who used to play with his young daughter every evening after work. One evening he was tired and just wanted to sit down and read the newspaper. He found a picture of the Earth globe in the newspaper and tore it into small pieces and, giving the pieces to his daughter, he told her when she had put the puzzle together they would play. He thought he would be able to relax for a while, but his daughter was back in a very short time.
He asked her how she was able to put the picture together so quickly. She said, “It was simple - on the back was a picture of a man. I put the man together and the world took care of itself.”

This sounds so easy, but in daily life, and Internet is no exception, this seems hardly possible...

3 months later:
Testimonial: My intention to share...
This is just t much!! I'm kicked out for the third time from a Fibro list. (Always different one's) This last one is called ‘FibroHugs’, which seems to have little to do with ‘hugs’, its just a cleverly selected name for a list which is pretending to offer support and help, but in reality is stuck in established ways of thinking and doesn't allow any space to express oneself. It happened twice in the past that I was kicked out of a Fibromyalgia mailing list when I was really feeling bad and needed help, but was questioning the established way of treating disease. Now I am healed and I thought that I wanted to share my experience with other people suffering from Fibromyalgia. So I subscribed to the list ‘FibroHugs’ and sent my introduction and the next day I made two comments to other posts and also posted an article. A few days later I could not post and the message showed up “membership suspended!”
I investigated about this ‘FibroHugs’ list and read their ‘Rules’, (and I urgently suggest that everybody who wants to subscribe to this list reads it carefully!) these Rules indeed are unbelievable, you must read this to see that something like this is possible. They claim the total power for themselves, the total control about everything! I even would stay in a prison voluntarily if my presence makes sense, but in this list you can't open your mouth to express yourself. They kick you out immediately if its not in the line of their rigid worldview or they will charge you, up to 5.000$... Apart of this everything one posts automatically becomes their property! I am not surprised now that this list is dead, there are no creative comments, no questions, no exchange, apart of the usual ‘how nice to meet you, how beautiful that you found us...’ in the welcome messages. This list is so false, pretending to give a safe space with loving people, but in reality they are cheating themselves. This list, like others, are a clear representation and demonstration of the sickness of our society and having ‘Fibromyalgia’ is only one sign of it. Wanting to have total control over everything, believing to create ‘security’ in this way, is one of the many errors of this totally materialistic society. People are stuck in this and to be healed, this is my personal experience, one has first to question oneself and one's surrounding, but this is not allowed, not in this list and hardly in other places. So being in such a ‘safe’ space is the best way to stay sick.  I investigated also about the members of this list. As I have no access to the profiles, I went to the Web sites of the members: 70% are commercial and the rest are 'cake Web sites' of housewives, some artist's Web sites and also several porno Web sites. Extremely few are dedicated to report about their healing process and most of them use it to sell some dubious remedies. These Web sites are accepted and exist since many months - and my Web site, which is absolutely noncommercial and in which I am trying to question things and to investigate about it, is banned and eliminated! Isn't this sick?  I want to shout: Wake up! Get out of your sickness - which mainly means that of one's limited world view.  Open yourself, get out of false security and rigid rules!  But of course this in an illusion. If people are not ready for it then nothing will make that they wake up. Disease could be a trigger, for a few it is, but only first it breaks down the system on all levels. Maybe this is inevitable for the next step...
I see it as the same way of defense to survive for all systems, just that this way of a group confirmation is more effective for the individual than being by themselves. I suppose also that's why it is harder to penetrate with any information into these groups, it is rejected very quick and strong, because the defense is stronger. 
Anything not asked for is not wanted. So it does seem that there is a problem offering information in ‘groups’ where it isn't wanted. First people have to be looking for it, then that makes them open to receive it. They don't see it, but being in the groups they have selected, so they are getting what they want: Confirmation. Reading the book: ‘Happy To Burn’ , I see much of what I have written about it, but I suspect that more are able to receive what is written in a book, because they don't have to take it so personal. There is the safety felt of being able to read it and not having the feeling that it is directed at oneself. That seems to be a basic requirement, otherwise the defense response is too often provoked or too near and nothing can be received. So somehow information has to be offered/posted in a non-personal personal way. Or it has to be made clear that people need to ask to receive. But then nobody asks... It's a difficult subject. How can one give information about something that nobody wants? Yes, all want to get rid of their disease, but they don't want to do something about it, what means to work about it with themselves. The main reason might be that people feel like victims and see disease as something coming from 'outside' which must be eliminated as quick as possible and the medical profession is in charge of this. That's the usual view and if now somebody comes and says something different like disease is part of one's growing process and should be seen as a challenge to be investigated, then this person must be crazy and other people like in a list must be protected, so this person must be eliminated...
Maybe with ‘proofs’, clear cut examples of the defense mechanism in operation, with comments describing what's happening, like Galileo presenting evidence that the earth is not flat... (Even though he was banned!) 
What appears clear from this experience, that  it seems not possible to tell people directly something what effects them in their belief system, even they are missing the chance and possibility to heal themselves...
Now what is your position in this? Do you believe people must be protected? Must I be banned from lists and my Web site must be eliminated? That people don't need to think for themselves, that they go on following the herd... Tell me what your view is!

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