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Always I thought that the best cleansing is to stay clean. But how can one escape from being contaminated when there is hardly any place and any thing one touches or takes in, that is not contaminated? So even watching out and being aware what one eats, during years there will probably accumulate toxic stuff, which the body stores in the safest places and these are tissue, fat and muscles, so that more important parts like heart and head are kept clean. But even so, with some decades passing by, the toxins will splash and overflow the system. Probably this has happened with me and my immune system has crashed...
About forty years ago I had a friend, a yogi from India. His guru had send him to Europe to teach and to learn. He was a real good yogi and he was very much into healthy food and cleansing, apart of that he was a master of Hatha Yoga. So from him I learned about cleansing and now when I am investigating several methods are showing up from those old days. Memories are coming back and I must say that Swami Dev Murti was right and if I would have done what he was teaching, for sure I wouldn't have become sick. So that pushes me to make the decision to do a concrete next step in my healing process and that is obviously the cleansing.

Reading all cleansing information I am just wondering: How is it possible that in all those years of my life, - it is now more than half a century -, not even one of the medical doctors and healers had ask me about my bowel function or had suggested a cleansing? I guess it has to do with the medical's education in university and also with the whole structure of our society... I was lucky that I never had really serious diseases in my life, but there were enough problems and looking back even those minor symptoms seem to be now as a chain which finally resulted in the more serious problems I have right now. I see more clear now and realize that all those symptoms before were signals, telling that the system was lacking something or was trying to balance something which was weak. Indeed those symptoms were signs that the body was trying to heal itself. So these were no disease, these were part of the healing process. But I was treated with antibiotics or chemicals to fight the symptoms! And so the healing process was suppressed and the accumulation continued ending up  in such a serious disease that 'there is no cure' and so it will end in destruction of the system!
But even now having serious health problems and consulting several doctors and healers, they all want to treat the symptoms, none of them suggested a cleansing. Even the one who was treating me with Ozone did not mention the need to clean the system first or at the same time, - or at least to take an enema before doing the ozone insufflation. Probably they don't know it better and I am not the person to change the whole medical and social system...
I have to make a decision: I don't want to depend on a health system which was misleading me all my life and which can't really help me now when my body after all the treatments I received during my life time let me be in a nearly total invalidy with the future view of agony and a painful death, accompanied by the ironic remark of the doctors: "There is no cure..."

It seems that I have to find a way to heal myself. I must be responsible for myself and do all the necessary steps. I have investigated until now enough to understand what might be possible as treatments.

I will do cleansing as the next step, I just don't know yet where to start. I think it is necessary to make a plan. Should I start cleansing the liver? Or first the kidneys or the bowels?
Although this is the next step, there comes up another aspect: I just read in the cleansing information I found in the Internet:
"Many professionals giving colonics today are getting successful but temporary results.  The reason for this is that just getting rid of the toxic waste in the bowel is not the complete answer, although it is the first step along the correct path. Unless proper exercise, diet and right living are practiced, good and lasting results will not be achieved."
That is true also for the ozone treatment  I am just going through, indeed it helps, but "good and lasting results will not be achieved."  That means the cause of the symptoms is not yet treated. Toxic waste, parasites, viruses might be the cause and can be eliminated by ozone treatment and with cleansing, but the cause then as a next layer might be that the immune system is weakened and so is vulnerable. So something has to be done about this. But I guess I shouldn't worry about it now. One step after the other. Now the cleansing... go to the left index.
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