Reiki   BeiYin's Health Testimonial  updated 17. Nov.08
1. Part: Investigation
About twenty years ago when my healing journey started, I was also interested to learn Reiki, but when I found out about the hierarchic structure and all connected with money, then this turned me totally off until lately when I received an offer with Reiki teachings for free, I subscribed and was told that the 'attunement' was send to me of all degrees up to the master level. I had no proof at all that this really was done, but it could be possible and as there was no money involved, so there seemed to be no risk. But the instructions what to do with the received energy was not enough and the whole thing was pretty obscure. But there was a complete manual offered, included a certificate of being a 'Reiki Master'. The manual could be downloaded for only 50$. So I did it and when I read it, it looked very much like that this book was a composition gathered from several other manuals. Quite a lot of information about rituals, secrete symbols and every thing a 'Healing magician' must know. Just that I was not interested in it. 
After this experience I was not too much disappointed and went on with my investigation. I subscribed to several Internet Reiki groups, read a lot of posts and also posted some articles, but the response was so poor that I gave up. The majority of posts were healing requests. The received healing was consumed like medication: not even traces of 'self responsibility' or entering into a conscious healing process were visible. 
I am especially interested in Reiki, because it is not colored by religious or spiritual beliefs, even though it is still stuck in parts in a hierarchic system and still connected with money. 
The 'pure Reiki' is the direct source of pure energy and this is 'healing energy'. Free available for every one, it needs only the intention to connect. There are no rituals, symbols or whatever necessary.
If this would be known worldwide and to every body, then all those millions of sufferers could connect directly and enter into a growing process, which would rise their consciousness and so the collective consciousness. This would be real healing and could be the key that a change worldwide could happen and this would be a 'transformational change', that means the whole being is included. How to give out the information about Reiki is a question of organizing it and to invest some energy into it. The Internet could be a good medium ...
Update: I found the following in a book published about eighty years ago:
Chapter: "The Secret of Spiritual Healing:" 
Mind and soul must be in a condition of perfect serenity and peace before they can receive the wireless vibrations of healing power from the source of all life. This is the modus operandi of true spiritual healing. It means the opening of our souls to the influx of almighty love from the source of all life and love in the universe. 
Life and love are identical in nature. Love is the highest vibratory activity of the human soul as well as of the universe. 
Why should we depend upon spiritual healers when within ourselves we have the shortest wireless connection between the human soul and the oversoul? A spiritual teacher cannot help us more effectively than by showing us how to establish this wireless connection and how to operate it. 
Full text at: Practice of natural therapeutics  by Henry Lindlahr M.D. TREATMENT OF CHRONIC DISEASES.
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