Recovered from Fibromyalgia!
 a disease, medical quote: "for which is no cure"
Testimonial about my personal healing process  BeiYin
    What have I done to heal myself?updated 18.5.03 -  22.2.06  -  2.9.06  14. April 07
I would like very much  to offer a system out of 'a nut shell' instead of using so many words. That 'healingOneself' could be done more easily, but in fact, it's pretty hard work. What I am sharing in my writings will not suite every body. Evolution of a whole system starts with a few... Who are ready.


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important Healing



Half a year has passed since I started this Web site in which I tell bout all what I have done and what I am doing to be healed.
I can say that I feel much better: The strong pain all over my body in all muscles, joints and organs is nearly gone. There are no cramps anymore in my feet and the best: I have no headache anymore, what before I had for many days. My head sometimes is still dizzy and it still happens that I can't read long articles or messages. 
I recovered part of my energy but it is just enough to take care of myself and my horse and even this sometimes is too much and I have to watch out very carefully not to come too near to exhaustion. When I pass this limit then I need a few days to recover. What makes that I have to be aware how I spend my energy and make precise decisions even this seems sometimes insensible and egoistically to people. 
So what is it I'm doing now for my healing? I will list it up, the most important first:
  • Twice a day 20 minutes of 'Stress Release Exercise'..
  • Being aware of the healing process and taking care of details.
  • Questioning myself and being self critical to whatever shows up.
  • Being aware of my resistance to recognize old patterns showing up.
  • Being aware of the tendency of falling back into resignation.
  • Being aware of the density of my mind and feelings.
  • Being aware of my identification with thoughts and feelings.
  • Being aware of my need to get confirmation for it.
  • Being aware of my clinging on material stuff.
  • Being aware of my reactions if there is not enough confirmation.
  • Being aware how I provoke my surrounding to get confirmation.
  • Being aware of my established measurements of habits and values.
  • Being aware of my clinging to worn out habits and values.
  • Being aware of my eating habits, realizing that often eating is a substitute.
  • Being aware of my pseudo security and realizing how much resistance and disturbance it creates to let go of it.
  • Being aware of my established defense system.
  • Being aware of my reactions triggered during the day.
  • Being aware of my identifications with reactions.
  • Being aware of my dependencies... and the resistance and reactions it creates if one tries to let go of it.
  • Being aware of my fear to allow silence and emptiness.
  • Being aware of my reactions if coming near to what might be felt as 'void'.
  • Being aware of my fear when being confronted with chaos around.
  • Being aware of my fear when chaos shows up within oneself.
  • Being aware of my self image. 
  • Being aware of my identification with concepts about everything.
  • Being aware that I am not open for something which doesn't fit in my established  concepts.
  • Realizing that objectivity is an illusion.
  • Realizing that I am trapped in my 'personality', being governed by this, observing that most humans are like zombies walking through life, being attracted by absurd goals given by a corrupt society whose values are in the first place materialistic.
  • Being aware how much we are manipulated in all fields of life through the established system.
  • Being aware how much this has built up one's personality in a determinated and limited way.
  • Allowing to see how absurd and chaotic humankind is dealing with life and problems showing up and how absurd daily life goals mostly are.
  • Allowing thoughts about death and the feelings this triggers.
  • Allowing all kind of strange and unknown states of being within myself and being aware of my defense reactions.
  • Being cool enough to observe myself and making decisions which feel right.
  • Not worrying about daily needs. Having the trust that the right thing will show up in the right moment.
  • Being critical and open to what shows up, being able to improvise, making my decisions to choose what feels right, even with the risk to make a mistake.
  • Being aware of feeling often like a victim.
  • Changing my attitude of being a victim of circumstances and people by understanding that we are all in a process and there is no punishment for what one might have done wrong. Our 'growing process' is also a 'learning process'. But not how to learn to defend ourselves better or to survive more comfortable, but to grow into unknown spaces...
  • Having the complete trust that 'existence' and together with it also one's disease is not a negative happening and knowing that we are NOT the helpless victims of it. 
  • Understanding that 'disease' is a process which is positive and helps us to grow, what means that we overcome our limitations and stuck position, being trapped in a construction of established images of this world and ourselves. 
  • Seeing disease as a challenge which moves towards transformation and evolution.
  • Accepting that I'm ready for life's offered challenge, even I don't like it and have the tendency to stay in the old form, behavior and attitude.
  • Being aware that I'm trapped in a social concept of life in all aspects.
  • Being aware that I'm wasting good part of my energy in following what is offered around. From common goals in general to daily behavior, alimentation or entertainment. I'm observing that we are so much used to it that it is very much like an addiction. We need to realize that we are manipulated from people with materialistic interests, who are not only brainwashing us all life long, but we also need to realize that this comes out of a long tradition. First we need to see this, then maybe fully understand it and then we might be able to make decisions and so getting out of it.

  • So with the above I have created a positive attitude and I will not waste my energy anymore in negative reactions when there are showing up circumstances which are in contrary of what I want or of what the image is how I would like it to be. With this I will stay more relaxed and will not build up and accumulate tension. Then with whatever will show up I will more openly examine and decide and also check out possible solutions. That would mean in the view of disease, to find the adequate treatments.
    After gathering a lot of information, I'm convinced that the cause for Fibromyalgia and probably most of diseases, at least in a big part comes from accumulated toxins, which are weakening the immune system and so the body is invaded by fungus, viruses, candida, etc. So the first goal might be to get rid of this accumulated waste and clean up the system. The following serves in the first place for this purpose.

    Update: My latest discovery tells me that probably parallel with intoxication comes the accumulation of stress, causing diseases. I'm convinced that the 'Stress Release Exercise' takes care of this aspect in the most efficient way. Recognizing this fact, I see clearly, what my future work will be...
    For myself I'm doing the following:

    Always check if it might serve yourself and consult first your medical doctor before you do any treatment on yourself! You need to inform yourself about every aspects before you start anything, although nothing of the following is dangerous or has any side effects. But there is always the risk that you do something wrong or something happens to you, as a healing reaction or apart of it. And I can not be responsible for it. -  This is important!
  • Ozone sauna every second day. (25-30 minutes)
  • Within this sauna session I use a funnel to direct the ozone to specific places which might need it most. For this I use a ozone generator which produces a flow rate of 1 liter/minute and a concentration of 60 µg/ml. At the same time being in the sauna, I am doing ear and then mouth insufflation with a second ozone generator with a low flow rate of 1/16 liter/minute and a concentration of 20 µg/ml.
  • Rectal ozone insufflation every second day. (250-500 ccm)
  • Before this an enema with ozonated water. (2 liter)
  • Using an Air Ozonisator in the room I live.
  • Drinking daily about 2-3 liter of herb tea or ozonated water.
  • Drinking daily one glass of water with a few drops of hydrogen peroxide H2O2. (Horse 3 x 6 drops): (Horse: A second bucket of water with 1 spoon of salt.)
  • Drinking one cup of Olive leaf tea daily.
  • Drinking three times a day a cup of herb tea with three teaspoons of apple vinegar and one small teaspoon of honey. (Horse 3 x daily two spoons mixed into his food)
  • Taking about 8 gram of MSM daily. (Horse 30 gr. daily)
  • Taking daily one table spoon of fresh Aloe Vera gel.
  • Being strict in my selection of alimentation. (About this later more...)
  • Doing a fasting of at least two weeks, better three. This has an enormous healing effect and is probably the most effective one can do and it costs nothing! (Except you do a lemon juice and marble syrup fast, the syrup is pretty expensive.) About fasting later more!
  • Doing daily some exercise / moving the whole body, the best in fresh air and if possible in nature surrounded by plants and trees. 
  • Update: (Two years later!) With fibromyalgia it is extremely difficult to make body exercises because every joint, muscle and nerve hurts. But it is very important to do these exercises every day and enough. Now I see that I haven't done it enough and also not when I was recovering and was without pain. The several years of not using my muscles at all had caused a weakness and also a accumulation of fat. With the result that when I was recovered  and was working like before, then it happened that lifting some heavy stuff, I got an inguinal hernia. I have made a Web page about it and suggest urgently that you read it carefully. It might motivate you enough to do exercises having fibromyalgia even if it hurts, because then you can avoid a hernia and so the need to go into another long healing process...
  • Taking a rest after each activity not to come too near to exhaustion. 
  • Using a vibration massager for hurting muscles or just for relaxation. 
  • Using a foot vibration massager.
  • Using a ultra sound massager for my finger joints.
  • Switching off the electrical current  when I go to sleep during the night.
  • Allowing ventilation during the night when I sleep, even when it's cold outside.
    Somebody had asked me for an advice more descriptive and systematically. OK, here it is: 7 Steps for Recovery

  • I just found an article from Guy-Claude Burger. It is the best I have read for a long time and it confirms all what I have felt about diseases and their cause.
    For about two months I have done the Candida diet. I was feeling then much better but I was not sure if this was due to the diet. So I decided to be not that strict anymore and included again fruits and some of the other forbidden food. After one week I felt bad again and when my liver was hurting for several days, I decided to do a one week fasting with a liver cleansing. That's what I am doing now. Several months ago I had done a fasting with a following liver cleansing with Epsom salt, apart of that it didn't work for me, I felt it as pretty disgusting...
    I thought that maybe I should try more supplements apart of the MSM which I am taking since several months, so I ordered a selection of them from the USA. But when the supplements arrived they got stuck in the customs and they told me that they would not allow the importation because they call supplements also medicine. So I can forget about it. Anyway I think it is better to stick with the remedies I can pick around my house like the olive leafs,Aloe Vera, etc...
    Yesterday I made the first batch of 'Collodial Silver' and I took 1/8 liter right away, that was half of it. I will make every day one batch. The generator I made myself with what I found around here in the store room with old stuff to be recycled and I have described how to make one. It's really easy and it works without problems. I will take the CS from now on for about three weeks and report about it... 

    There is a Web site about CS Philosophies - Determining Dosage Levels for Colloidal Silver Use, etc...
    The last few weeks I felt so much better, mostly without pain and with much more energy, that I had the feeling nearly to be healed. I was wrong, because since a few days I feel bad and today I felt so miserable like I haven't felt for several months: Again pain all over, extremely tiredness, dizziness, diarrhea, vomiting, etc. My shoulders are hurting so much that I couldn't brush my horse today. The reason for falling back is probably that I wasn't that selective in my diet anymore and ate things, somehow I had felt that I shouldn't eat it. Also I haven't taken my sauna every second day, I skipped it several times, no massage anymore, no collodial Silver, no Hydrogen Peroxide, no Aloe Vera, but what probably caused it mostly was that I didn't drink enough and that I have eaten some junk food. The consequence is:
     Although feeling good, stick with your diet, supplements and treatments you are taking and you are convinced of. Don't fall into temptations, don't drop treatments, don't eat what doesn't feel completely right! Also: Don't over estimate your energy, don't work too hard, don't carry heavy things, don't get into stress! Keep cool, meditate and observe!
    So I will need to start again with a more strict diet and I have decided to follow a Fibro-Diet which is in parts described by 'Ed the Netherlands' and with supplements from 'Captain David Williams'.
    Today I received an email in which was mentioned that the cause for Fibromyalgia might be a chronic nasal/sinus infection and so with my horse. "
    Bacterial infections of the nose and sinus are difficult to get rid of because inflammation in the protective membrane in the nose and its poor circulation. These bacterial infections, usually staph, produce powerful toxins which damage muscle tissue and cause fibromyalgia. I don't know why this seems to be a secret.  34 million Americans suffer from this, so its very common and very poorly treated by doctors.

    I remember now that two or three years ago I had some problems with my nose/throught and also my horse had these. I will look into this and maybe do some nasal cleansing with 'Neti' what my first yoga teacher Swami Dev Murti forty years ago had shown me...
    I did the nose cleansing for a few days now with salt water and this feels good. I will continue with it...
    I just read a page about making sprouts, but it is much more: it is the best about nutrition I read since a long time and feels totally right to me. You will see, read it yourself: 

    Tomorrow I will get the necessary seeds and things together and start to grow my own sprouts! I will report about it later on...
    What I just found about Apple Vinegar seems to be important and reminds me that my mother was very found of it and used it at all kind of occasions. I didn't take her very serious about it, probably because in those days I had no health problems, - this was twenty years ago... When I read now about all the good effects the Apple vinegar has then I ask myself if I could have avoided my disease by taking my mother more serious. So at least I will start now to take Apple Vinegar and I suggest that you read the information about it.
    For many years I have taken Kefir and Kombucha every day. I was in a good health in those days... Looking back I see that some time after I had dropped taking Kefir and Kombucha my disease started. I had totally forgotten about it, but now I will start again. First I will look for a source of fresh milk for a Kefir culture and try to get the Kombucha culture, with this I could start then immediately.
    By the way: I believe strongly that writing or reading poetry has a very efficient healing effect. I suggest that you try to write poetry or at least read some. There are a lot on my poetry Web site, best you read one poem before you go to sleep... Enjoy!
    The influence of what one takes in is much more important than we are aware of. That our alimentation is building up the physical body, nourishing it and also is poisoning it with all consequences, this is pretty clear, but we are often not aware that what we allow to enter through our eyes and ears is of strong influence to our mental and emotional body. Also here we should select carefully. Just one example: How often we are watching in TV movies in which people are killed and tortured! Often more than a dozen people are killed every day and this in all television stations all over the world, watched by many millions of people, children included! And this every day! No wonder that then more and more crimes happen in real life. Humans are used to copy what is seen outside and the step from being violent in one's fantasy and then to a realization is not that big. Enough aggression accumulated  by frustration is present in nearly every body and is waiting for a occasion to come out and this will be much easier if it has happened in one's fantasy many times nourished over a long time and so is established in one's own system. A few days ago I read a little story about native americans: A father said to his son: Inside we have two wolfs. One is aggressive and bad and the other is friendly and good. 'Which one wins?' Asked the son. 'The one which is fed', answered the father.

    The consequence is that one should select carefully what one takes in and if it is not possible to avoid something then one should be aware of the influence so that there is no imprint left which can influence unconsciously. 
    In the same way we should be aware of the influences we cause on our surrounding and other people, because the surrounding will react and so it will be reflected to us and so produce a chain reaction... As a first step to be able to select influences, we should be aware of our tendency to reject anything what is unknown to us. I wrote an article about it: "Immune System and Personality". This article was rejected by the list owner of the mailing list I was subscribed to, because of exactly the same reason I am describing in my article.

    The last three weeks I was subscribed to various Message Boards, so called 
    'supportive' groups for Fibromyalgia, chronic pain, etc. I spent more than 80 hours working on these groups, every day about four hours. Reading and writing with a good part of the time waiting in front of the empty screen when the pages were loading boringly slow... The result of this experience would be shattering if I had taken it personally: Within two weeks I was kicked out of four of these lists, and another one I left just before they would have banned me. During two weeks I had posted about ten articles and ten poems and a few comments within other threads to each of these lists. In two of the lists the owners had given me special spaces "Healing Lodge" and "Healing Corner" where I posted my articles and where I was expecting to have an exchange with people. Then I was observing the lists and just waiting: Nothing. Not one response at all! When I posted a comment after two weeks about this phenomenon, then finally there came reactions: all defending their beliefs, mostly religious and then the next day I found myself in front of the closed door of the group. After this happened four times then I had learned from it to see it coming ahead of time and left the remaining lists before I was kicked out. 
    Were the three weeks I spent with these message boards wasted time? I don't think so. I got another important insight about reality which for sure is of great value for future activities - or non activities. 
    I tried to offer a key to these people for their individual healing process. Expressing my insights coming out of my life's experience, forty years of meditation and my personal testimonial going through the healing process from Fibromyalgia myself. This was totally ignored and when I asked about it then they felt offended and attacked me, finding a reason to impress the list owner to kick me out. Then they explained it by telling on the board that they didn't understand anything what I posted - not one of them - and that they felt invaded by me because I was imposing my opinion on them, but that they wanted to keep their place safe which they had created with a lot of hard work, etc.
    (Who wants to know more details about this phenomenon, which indeed can give a strong insight about human nature, can go to the 'documentation' I will select for this...) Update: I haven't done this because I thought this is wasting energy as there is nobody interested...
    About the insight as a result of these three weeks I will write more, here only this much: The attitude, the behavior and the ignorance showing up in these groups is exactly the same as in each individual, the same as in all established systems, these might be families, companies, parties, or countries - or humanity as a whole. Exactly in this attitude, which is mainly based on survival and defense, we can find the reason for all the problems we are encountering on this planet - war and diseases included. And if somebody openly comes and offers information to get out of all these disasters, then this person will be ignored, attacked and finally eliminated. see comment
    The experience with the message boards also makes me understand why there is hardly any feedback for this healing Web site, although there are now about 3.000 visitors daily. People come to my Web site with the hope that they will find an easy way to get rid instantly of their disease and then they are disappointed when they read that one needs self responsibility and that it is necessary to get out of dependencies! It is hard work and needs an engagement which includes all levels and even more than a person has at hand... Many people might not understand what I am talking about and they are not interested to go deeper into it or ask about it. That makes me think... It is very much possible that my intention with this 'Healing Web site' is a failure. My intention to make the inside available that disease can be used in one's growing process in a positive and creative way, hasn't yet a place in this society. So then the suffering continues and the dependency from authorities and a system which is based on a total materialistic world view...

    see comment
    I read in an article at the news group >< from Jan Drew (Subject: One More Reason To Turn To Alternative/Complementary Medicine):

    "Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity syndromes are beyond the medical education and intellect of the present generation. The medical textbooks which properly deal with these diseases medically and scientifically will be written by the next generation.  The present generation  of sci/med professionals generally will protect its intellectual turf until it retires, and these patients will be scoffed at, ridiculed, marginalized etc. until fresh young minds, which will not find these diseases to be strange, will give these diseases the study and respect they deserve."
    But I can't wait and so the only way is - having suffered enough, - to find out myself and of course I would like that the platform Internet could be used to come together with other who are motivated to search and seek, not being impressed by authorities and established viewpoints! 
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