What moves and motivates this world, what holds it together?
Is there a doubt about the obvious fact that this is Money? Isn't it absolutely clear that this world and society is in the first place materialistic? This behavior and world view has been established over thousands of years and has grown to such a perfect functioning state that there is hardly any space left for doubts or questioning it. There have been individuals during history who, due to their individual growing process, came to the point where they were going beyond the established system and tried to share their experiences with others. But as this was in opposition to the system, soon they were eliminated. Afterwards, what they expressed was integrated into the material concepts as a kind of 'spiritual-material concept' serving mainly to feed people who might otherwise show their disagreement with the leading materialistic view. The target population to satisfy is people at the end of the scale: the slaves, workers and all those not capable to gather material property and power over others.
The history of humankind is a story about manipulation, in which everything available is used to gain personal power and more and more property. Let's have a closer look: It started probably when people were claiming the right to use a certain part of land, what then turned into their 'property'. Then other 'poor' people without land had to work on the land of the 'rich' and got some food in exchange for it or they could work for themselves but had to give a part of their harvest to the 'owner' of the land. Like this it started, but has anything changed about it today? The farmer today has to work hard. He has to buy the seeds (which are manipulated hybrids to keep him buying more!)from big companies. Then he has to buy fertilizer and pesticides from companies. When he wants to sell his harvest, he depends on other companies who pay him as little as possible and as the farmer has made a contract with these companies and often has a loan to pay his tractor, etc. he is a slave and depends totally on others. We are even more dependent today, than we were before!
The food produced today is enriched with chemicals to ensure we buy more and is being sold by big companies in chains of supermarkets. There is no doubt that this kind of food is posionous and makes people sick. But this is part of the well established system: Sick people are taken care by another Multi-Billion money making company the 'medical health system'. Our health system today doesn't heal people, it functions mainly to sell medication from the next Multi-Billion money making companies: the pharmaceutical industry.
Like this it goes on and on and everything is well organized: The entertainment industry, the transportation industry, insurance companies, etc. All is fitted nicely (?) together by the politicians which of course need the defense industry, another important Multi-Multi-Billion money making part of the system. Who is paying for all this? Of course the slaves at the end of the scale: the consumers, the followers, the brave numbed citizens, not questioning anything, being used to depend on authorities and what they are told that they need to do. Everything has it's place, everything is well organized, everything functions well. It's all democratic! But, does it really? Do you have any doubt about it? If not then Okay, go on and don't give it any further consideration... Or might there be a good reason for us to discuss this subject?
800 million people worldwide are undernourished - one-quarter of whom are children under five. Source: World Food Program
The world's seven richest men could wipe out global poverty. Their combined wealth is more than enough to provide the basic needs of the poorest quarter of the world's people.