Sitting under a cyber fig tree - listening to the birds ...
   In front of the house there is a huge fig tree. When I came to this place 25 years ago, this tree was already old and looked like it was going to die soon. But I felt this tree was a kind of 'guardian of the house' and so gave him my respect and attention. I cut the dry branches and watered a lot, put supporting pools under his long branches and moved the earth around the trunk. And short time after he was full of leaves and from September until December there were so many figs that my horse had every day a whole bucket full of them. 
   During the last 25 years I had a lot of animals: Dogs, cats, birds, chicken and a horse. I were not looking for them, they just came to me. - And as they don't live that long as we humans, for many years I buried many of them under the fig tree when they had died. The tree has gotten bigger and bigger. Under the branches around the trunk there is space for about twenty people to sit in a circle, - it is like a natural dome, people sitting under there can't be seen from outside.
   This morning I imagined that the people of the discussion pages were sitting under this fig tree. We don't know anything about each other. We just came here for some reason. Whatever this might be, we sit here and listen to the birds. We are sitting in silence and from outside we can't be seen so we are one with the nature and doesn't cause any fear. So birds come and sit just around us, communicating with each other and including us. We can stay like this and we must not talk at all. Maybe this is enough and that's because we came together. I don't know. I don't feel like talking.
   I am sad. My dog 'Argus' died yesterday morning. He was my best friend and we were together for 13 years. I don't want to talk. Words seem to be useless and empty. OK, they might serve to express what I think and feel, but who cares about this? We can sit here in silence. I can't offer anything, no wisdom, no beautiful words people want to hear. We might use the given space for something: I can't really say for what. We might express ourselves and the other will listen. Even if nobody is responding, we know that all are listening, - - - .
   If we express ourselves or if we are just present in silence, we have created an 'energy field', it is our 'silent space' in midst the chaos of this world. It is there, no doubt and so it will take care of itself. So we just can allow to let it happen. We will see... This our place under the fig tree is a private place, we can trust that there are only people who belong to this circle. Even if it might look like that there is somebody disturbing, it is not like this: we may have the trust that every person and all what happens fits and is exactly what the circle needs to be creative and to go on the way it ought to be. We don't know where we are going. There is no given goal, no rules, no fixed pathway. We are open to relate and to respond to whatever shows up and whatever this might be. Each in one's own way. This will be respected. 
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