Money gives security? Or is there another source? 

Quote: "You don't appear to be a person without some financial resources. And seems a beautiful property."
It is not so much that it will be new, but it will be more essential, what means I will not depend on a group of people with the same vision. For sure it would be many times more effective if a few people work together, but I waited many years that this would happen and it might be that there is not that much time left. It is clear that I have learned a lot in all this time trying to establish a community, probably more than it would have been possible under other circumstances. With other words: I wouldn't be where I am without this time. And only now I am capable to realize my vision I had all my life.
Now you will probably ask what this vision is...
It is not a concept of something I want to do. It is more an attitude, coming out of a long history and being realized in my world view and how I respond and relate to whatever shows up at this moment. This might not be very clear, so I will give an example: You wrote::
"You don't appear to be a person without some financial resources."
Yes indeed, I have some 'resources', but these are quite different than that what you are talking about and what this society is used. About fifty years ago I had thought about the striving for money all around and I had 'asked' what I could do about it because I felt that there must be other things more important. Out of my meditation came the very clear answer: 'You will have always money for what you need and enough what is good for you.' So this was so clear and no way to misunderstand it. And so from then on I had complete trust and never worried about money. It worked perfectly. I never had too much money, but enough to be able to do what I wanted to do. I also worked for money. When I studied, I worked in the evening for a company as a designer and at the weekend as a waiter in parties. In my vacation I could go three months to France, then living in a cave near the sea, after I worked a week at a fair in Marseille. Later when I was married, we opened a shop nearly without money... But I didn't worry. In the first few days after opening the shop a lady came into our shop, looked around and said: "Beautiful shop you have, do you need some money?" I said: "Well, - - - yes." She said: "How much do you need?" And then gave me a check about this amount. Sounds incredible but so it went on the next forty years. I never did something only for money. I did what I wanted and liked to do.
Many things I did not at all connected with money and especially the last thirty years working in this 'Intentional Community', sometimes feeding more than twenty people and always having abundance of everything.
Yes, I own this place, but what does this mean? That I have the legal paper? That doesn't mean very much, the government might change and take it away from me or if they want to build a highway going through my land they would kick me out. Anyway I believe that 'owning' land is absurd. I see it more as who takes care of the land owns it...
My trust goes so far, that I have no health insurance, no insurance at all, no pension and that what I have on my bank account is absolutely no insurance.
I know that from the view of a normal person in this society this is crazy but for me this is just a step in my (spiritual) growing process. What I see around me, is often people have a spiritual concept they try and pretend to live. How I know that they are pretending? Very easy: When they are obviously still stuck on the material aspect doing things only for money, or when they pretend to do something for 'free' then they expect donations and are disappointed when people don't donate.
OK, this might be enough for now.
But it goes much further: I also don't need any fulfilling and sense giving concepts in religious or spiritual aspects. Relating and responding to whatever shows up in my daily life is enough. About this I could write a book. But I know too well from long years of experience with people, that nobody wants to hear about it, they all prefer to hold on their well established concepts and they will defend these with all means.
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