Two theories - which might work?
Yes, there are many theories and most doesn't work. They might seem to work more or less if one is based in a materialistic world view, but observing from another level one will know that it only holds together somehow because manipulation and rigid force is used. Seen from there it might work but mostly for those, as a way to manipulate others, who have materialistic or power interests. To change this indeed seems to be impossible as long one stays on the same level of manipulation games, although it keeps one busy believing that one does something for a change. Probably the big manipulators know this and it is part of their strategy. 
So can we do something even though there seems to be no chance when looking nearer into the established social system? I believe we can, but not on the outside level changing the system. We only can start with ourselves, each of us individually in the first place. How? We can connect with our 'energy source' which is present in each of us. This is a 'life energy' which is not bound to religious, philosophical or other theories and concepts. This 'energy' or whatever one might call it, was channeled since historical times through an elite and also used to establish power positions. But lately about this there is known more and the access becomes direct for every body without mediators of any kind. For example 'Reiki'. During many years Reiki was controlled and limited by an hierarchic system connected with money interests, now this is changing and there is information available how to connect to this 'universal healing energy' without ritual or through 'masters' who kept it as a secret until now. So what is the most important and this seems possible from now on, more open and for every body available, that one connects consciously with this energy, the intention to do so is already enough! Then the 'healing' begins immediately and includes all levels of one's existence. One will get out of dependencies and take one's healing in one's own hands, not being hypnotized by authoritarian interest groups. Information can very fast spread out from one person to the other and of course without any money interest or being bound to a special group, - just with the wish to give to others what one has received and makes one feel good... 
OK, I can present a theory about it: If only ten people give the information about the free accessible 'healing energy' to five other persons within three months and these fifty persons then also give it each to five other persons within three months and so on, then only within two and a half year every body on this planet would be connected consciously to their own 'healing energy', including idiots, criminals, medical doctors, politicians and the top moneymaker of this world. And as this energy is healing, the measurements of values would drastically change and so the interests and the lifestyle of people, with this the result will be that society is changing. that's what you are wanting in your post. Right? 
Well, it is also a theory and will not work because people are too much clinging on their established 'personality', from there getting all their self confirmation and satisfaction... But as diseases are spreading out more and more and people see that the medical system is not healing, so there will be some openness and questions will appear... Then there will be information available which then makes sense and will be welcome and the 'theory' will be realized. 
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