Just switch on the light? An exchange between: Mica, Betsy, BeiYin, InkyPinkie, Ramon
24.03.02, updated: 26.03.02
InkyPinkie: There was so much writing in the last time and everything sounded so dramatic, serious and pathetic, that I had no occasion to jump in to give my cracked comments. But now this fear thing compared with darkness and love, mixed with light and boiled on the cooker of strong feelings, stirred with the spoon of sophisticated intellect, - this gives me the opportunity to spread my two cents of satiric pepper on it. Here we go: [*]
InkyPinkie: When I don't write any more comments in this exchange, only the most necessary, then because I feel that this goes beyond my intellectual capacity. I can't follow in all and I don't want to comment on something I don't understand fully or at least believe that I understand it. So I leave it up to people who are more competent, but I will go on reading and maybe I will spread a bit of pepper in between...
Mica: Fear is like darkness - there is none.

InkyPinkie: [*] Fear is like light - it shows up only in the darkness.

Mica: Light is either particles or waves. None of them is dependent on some dark surrounding to just BE. But investigating further on this I found on some astronomy- web site that the higher to contrast in the sky (or anywhere) is, the better you can actually recognize the stars - meaning to recognize their light. So there obviously is at least some truth in what you wrote. Reading around about types of fears as far as they can be defined as phobias, they are often connected with darkness, but they do definitely not only show up in darkness.

BeiYin: Now we can start to discuss about what means 'BEING' and we can be busy with it for the next twenty years or all our life... Instead of having the experience in this moment. What you write is similar to the view of two people looking at a bottle. One says: 'The bottle is half full'. The other says: 'The bottle is half empty!' And they can discuss about it until they fall from their chairs.
That fear can exist it needs some darkness, that fear can be recognized it needs some light. Within light there exist no fear. For someone who stands in the dark, looking into the dark, light doesn't exist, even standing in the light! Someone who turns around, looking into the light, darkness doesn't exist...

Betsy: Fear, a visible reaction coming from my system, allows me to see that which 'I' don't want to deal with. Isn't fear at it's most basic level always a symptom that there is defending going on? So to say there is no fear, is to deny that there is any defending going on. This concept could be a sophisticated way for the personality to avoid confronting itself, because not acknowledging the fear = not acknowledging the defense game = insulated personality protected via denial of visible reactions.

BeiYin: Fear is part of the way to survive and has it's place and value to protect the individual. As a reaction it is not always visible, but it makes the individual move in a certain direction, mostly away from the threatening danger. It does not show necessarily that one doesn't want to deal with something and it doesn't show not even on the most basic level, that there is necessarily a defending going on. It might be just the fear of something unknown, which is not connected with any old experience of something concrete. If there is no fear felt in certain situations, that doesn't mean there is denying that there is defending. It simply means that the individual hasn't had any experience about the situation and a possible danger. Of course it can also be a sophisticated way not to confront oneself. So the best seems to be to have a close look...

Betsy: What you say is more general. I can understand that 'fear as a reaction' is not always visible in the sense that one may not recognize it, but given that it is a reaction, then there should be the possibility of seeing it. I was thinking about fears that occur more frequently, having to do mostly with protecting the personality and thus being more visible. I look at some of my own repeating fears right now, and they don't seem to be based on any old concrete experience in this lifetime, but I wonder about the other ones...
Mica: Darkness doesn't exist because darkness is only a lack of light.

InkyPinkie: Light doesn't exist, because to be seen it needs something which reflects it.[...]

Mica: Lichtquellen strahlen entweder selbst infolge hoher Temperatur und dadurch bedingter Anregung der Atomelektronen oder nach anderer Anregung, oder sie werfen das auf sie auftreffende Licht zurück. The only really necessary thing for light to be seen is that there is somebody watching.

BeiYin: To be able to 'watch' one needs 'awareness' and this is only available if there is light. It is the light from 'within' which is reflecting the light from 'outside' so that it can be seen. Light is beaming from a source because of 'high frequency' (temperature) which in a nonscientific way could be called 'love' and this triggers reactions which provoke the 'growing process' in which light is reflected, more and more, - until there is no darkness and no fear...

Betsy: To see light one needs light. All forms have light as source. The light from within us reflects the light from 'outside' as it encounters whatever, being visible to us as a reaction or anther form of some type. So it looks like the observer or watcher is aware of this process of reactions coming from one's source and being reflected to the outside, and is then able to look at what is reflected in a neutral way.

[...] So there is no sense in searching for light if one is not acknowledging the dark, being willing to be a representation and part of it and so giving the possibility to reflect the light and with this bringing it into existence. [...]
Mica: I do not quite agree with you. The light exists without you. It is there. There is definitely light in the universe we live in. You do not need to bring it into existence. Maybe we were just talking about two different shoes: I might have been talking about step one: acknowledging that there is light.When you imagine yourself and some source of light, it can look like this: Or it can also look like this:My suggestion was to look at the light first. Because, and this would be step two, and I think this is what I think you were heading at, because: Lichtquellen strahlen entweder selbst[.] oder nach anderer Anregung, oder sie werfen das auf sie auftreffende Licht zuruck. So step two was to get yourself shining. But for this you need to load up with energy from somewhere, meaning collect light inside of you, or also reflect light that is shining on you. In both cases you have to expose yourself to light, otherwise you cannot shine. So you have to turn towards the light. So you have to turn away from the darkness.

BeiYin: You say that the bottle is empty and needs to be filled, I say the bottle is full...
Now we can discuss the next twenty years or all our life about the subject: 'What is existence?' Doing so we will experience and proof our existence, because by talking, fighting and reacting we will be engaged with all our senses and abilities and as we are identified with this, so we feel our existence and make the experience of existence. But this is through the form being identified with and not the 'pure existence', which is out of reach as long we are bound to body sensations, thinking and feeling. Then we are turning our back to the light and even being nourished by it, we don't see it. I don't think we need to 'load up' with energy from somewhere, collecting light inside of us. There is no 'inside' or  'outside', this is the view of somebody who is still turning one's back to the light. Existence by itself is full of light, it is not necessary to 'load' it from somewhere else. To 'shine' you need just to allow the light of your existence to beam, not enclosing it into the cage of your 'lousy personality', but this is not a technique, this is a process and to let this happen, without manipulation of the many kinds we are used to, this is the most difficult.

[...] (Now: if you think this is ironical then you are off... I'm seldom so serious like now!)
Mica: I noticed that you were not kidding from the very first words of yours on. This is a serious thing we are exchanging about. Seeming to be very much essential to me, too. And I have not found the only one, eternally nourishing fruit of wisdom about it yet. Maybe with trying some bites from each other, chewing on it for a while, tasting and sensing we'll eventually discover something as yet unknown.

BeiYin: Now YOU are kidding. You have found the fruit, the most essential and the only one. You have tasted it, or at least you 'know' that you are carrying it within yourself...

 Betsy: This reminds me of the concept that is so prevalent in 'spiritual people' everywhere, they see themselves as 'light'. The phrase 'I am light' is nearly a cliché, it is heard so often. I think this is because there exists a strong desire to ignore the reality and this concept gives them that possibility. Isn't it that everything is light and dark, the dark is the expression of the light, demonstrating it's existence? Isn't 'fear' a visible entity, showing the reaction or what already is the past? Doesn't the root of the fear have as source light, being that which is the current reactionary defense due to what the system thinks it needs to defend against? Doesn't it take energy to create this fear?  Seeing the fear or the dark, allows that one can look at the reaction and find out what is causing it. Knowing and understanding the cause then, one can detect it again in the same circumstance, and then make the decision (energy expenditure) to not give energy again to maintain it, allowing subsequently for a new response beyond that of the old worn out fear.

BeiYin: There was written something what easily can be overseen: "...the possibility to reflect the light and with this bringing it into existence." This might be interpreted that we with our existence, growing out of a dark unconscious existence into a lighter more conscious existence towards the light which is the whole, so we are reflecting the light being within it (it's omnipresent reach). Isn't it a fact that in cosmic space there is no light
visible, unless some object in the space is hit by light, which is coming from a source but stays invisible until this moment.

Betsy: So I see your words above as objects of light, giving the possibility to reflect and bring light into existence. My existence demonstrates that I'm visible light. Being also a reflector, via my own reactions to this light, then this looks to be the process which is growing one's consciousness. Observing these reactions then seems to be light reflecting light, or bringing light into existence.
Mica: So there is no sense in fighting darkness - the more you concentrate on it, the darker it'll become.

InkyPinkie: For people there is a lot of sense in fighting darkness. [...]

Mica: My dear InkyPinkie, we both are not striving for what people do in general, are we? That is where we came from, where we hopefully already passed by or in my case are still working on getting by.

InkyPinkie: Your opinion honors me, but I'm not so sure that I am that much different from people in general. I still like to fight, although I prefer that it is creative and moves something, maybe with the intention to get out of the dark...

[...] They fight against anything, it doesn't really matter what it is and as there is that much darkness everywhere, so this is the most approximate to fight. Because when fighting they use all their senses, all their capacity, all their strength and with this they feel themselves. As they are identified with their mind, emotions and their body senses, so they experience their existence the most direct way and so this confirms themselves.
Mica: This really hit me because I remember a time in my life where I did just this. The scary thing is that there still are moments when I remember this time and the feeling I had about it, and kind of really liked it. There were situations showing up not too long ago where I just fell into this old mode again. I noticed what was going on and I drew myself out of this pattern again. But what remained then was not as enlightening as one would have imagined. What stays always after giving up the fighting is just  ordinary life. Nothing challenging. Just being. No more strong world-saving visions that enable you to easily get to all your resources,  walking like in trance, flying above it all. I found myself rather sitting on the ground, feet stuck in mud, muscles being underdeveloped or sore, feeling tired of all the fighting, finding it hard to barely walk. But still I think it is better than hamster wheeling on and on and on into which direction ever.

InkyPinkie: Dear Mica, you are pretty developed for your age, but don't forget that you still have some egg shells behind your ears, so don't expect too much from yourself!

[...] This is the most important and mainly the only thing which makes sense to them, so don't try to take away anything of the sense of their fighting, otherwise they might turn up to you and fight against you as a welcome target and reason.

Betsy: I see that the main game is defending the personality, and fear is just one strong defensive reaction coming from that system. To defend the fear or in other words to fight it, there are two basic methods. The first is to deny that it exists and the second is to justify it, giving some logical reason for it's existence. It seems then that the only way to fight the fear is to look at it, to try to get to it's root and understand where it comes from.

Ramon: I have learned recently that sometimes it is important how we express ourselves. We can do this spontaneously and out of our experience and knowledge but if we want to reach a person with this information, then we should carefully relate to the other person, keeping in mind that the other person might come from a different upcoming and reached one's position in a much different way than we. So being aware of this, I would not pronounce it just spontaneous.

BeiYin: Maybe better to say that all existing systems and so also the human system has as it's base the urge to stay with the state one has reached in so far and the system will defend this position. Fear is part of this inbuilt tendency and serves to make the individual react without needing to think or to plan it's defense. There is no need to justify one's fear under these circumstances, the most important will be to find the reason outside and then to try to avoid this influence, by escaping from it or eliminating it, physically or by ignoring it. If all this doesn't work, then comes the next step for trying other methods... This we know but we can remember it because it is also applicable to more sophisticated ways of defense.

Betsy: Fighting is defending, and all defense is to protect an existing system, realized or not realized. People will defend their ideas even though they have no concrete basis. Yes, fear serves the physical system to help that form survive, but we see that it can be blown out of proportion when it is protecting something that doesn't have to do with our physical survival. I see that justificiation of one's fear is the same as finding the reason outside, so it is always with defending systems: fight or flight. This brings up another question, is there any way to express oneself which is not of necessity being defensive?
InkyPinkie: Black is black... Darkness is dark, there is no doubt about this, but how you think it is possible that there might be darkness which is darker than dark? You are trying to put nothing into nothingness? So that there is more nothing than nothing? Huh! What a silly game, isn't it?

Betsy: I agree in so far that I don't see that anything is increased by fighting, just that the 'desired system' is maintained. However, I suppose that the defense mechanism of whatever is being protected could become stronger.

InkyPinkie: To me it looks like that the personality becomes like a chicken wrapped into earth or aluminum to be baked in the heat of the coals: It cooks in it's own juice, there doesn't need to be added more from the outside...

Betsy: But isn't it true that the expression coming out of our own growing process, provokes or asks for that which we need in order to grow?  Then our own responsibility is to relate to those reactions that are provoked from that which we encounter (inside or outside) of what now is this moment, as best as we can. Then it doesn't look like there is an outside or judging framework into which it all fits or needs to make sense.
BeiYin: Yes, the tragical thing is, that we all turn around ourselves, even knowing about our silly games and still continuing to look outside for a guilty one. Our armors thickens and separates us more and more from that what we are longing for. So indeed we are frying in our own juice. (And indeed, that hurts pretty much!)

Betsy: It is so easy to revert and to react in a blaming way when things don't appear to be matching our expectations. As a system interested in our own survival, we don't want to change and we want certain things which we currently don't have. So there is much fighting or defending going on to protect those interests. Also it doesn't look like there is any state of peace in this reality.

InkyPinkie: But that's the sense of their life, so it is important and legitimate for them. You are right, this fight is strong and that what people fight against is even stronger, so they are sucked into it and it is wearing them out, until the moment comes that one feels weak and gives in. Obviously a step of growing, although it can't be seen like this, because people feel reduced and so their existence seems to be threatened.

Betsy: We really don't want to surrender. Even when we get to those weak points and believe we have surrendered, what has really happened is that we have just dreamed up a new way to survive and are now clinging to that, defending it. What I see is that with repeated episodes of surrender, the techniques do get more sophisticated and also much harder to see. When I see so many people who have had valid experiences yet have trapped themselves in a high level concept, it just makes me feel sad. It reminds me of something from the bible, I don't have the exact quote but it's from Daniel and goes something like this:
      "Many who are asleep shall awaken, but most of them to everlasting shame."
I didn't really understand this the first time I encountered it but having been through my own experiences of grandiosity and being caught in conceptual survival games I now understand what it means. If there wouldn't have been some good reflectors around me at the time I went through it, who were able to help me see these problems, it is quite possible that I could still be stuck there today. The newsgroups and Internet are full of these zombies, trying to live a concept and/or a high image of themselves, believing themselves to be the next Christ, etc.

BeiYin: One might come to a desperate feeling, seeing all those 'survival games' around us, which are using so much energy and keep away from something more essential, something more authentic and direct. But no, people clinging on their way to hold what they believe they are and they do all these silly things to defend it. There seems no way to avoid their suffering. We should give them maybe more credit by understanding that they do as good as they can and are capable of. There will come the moment when they wake up and quest themselves and their situation. Then they might ask questions and if it happens that one is there in this moment, then one might be able to respond...

InkyPinkie: But now shows up the incredible ability to survive and in this the human species has developed the most sophisticated technique using their mind to find the final trick:
    [Mica:] "And the only thing you would have to have done was to switch on the light."[...] .

Mica: Now I do not think that this was the right words to wrap it in what I wanted to say. I would rather say: turn around towards the light. Because the light is there, and although there indeed is some parallel to our sophisticated easy-healing-anything-pill-mentality, it is a fact that there is light. And that this light is what gives us energy. And to get this energy we have to get to the source of it, so we have to turn to it. [...]
InkyPinkie: Without doubt there is some truth in it what you say here. But it is obviously a concept although a more 'spiritual' one, what still makes that people turn around themselves just with a spiritual attitude...
[...] And when I write this I do not mean to turn on the outside to southeastern direction or so, I mean to turn to the light - the light inside of each and every life. And without doing so - not even you InkyPinkie. - could  get so far, so we all need to do it and most of us know how to do it, to find something which keeps us going.
InkyPinkie: How we can 'turn' to the light if we ARE the light? We need to stop this 'turning', which will be always a turning around ourselves. But we can't just stop it out of a decision coming out of our will. We must acknowledge that the 'turning around ourselves' is the inbuilt mechanism of our system which makes us feel alive and is a proof of our existence. I just see that we can't stop the spinning, it only turn us to another dimension where the turning goes on. So I must say: I don't know, I only can watch the phenomena.

Betsy : I remember a time in my life when all seemed to be taken away, all that I thought was real and tangible had evaporated. For me this position was intensely frightening, there seemed to be nothing to cling to. But I found something, I couldn't just leave it like it was - void and nothingness. I suppose to have just allowed myself to quit clinging at that time it would have been like the experience of death.It looks like you're saying that we need to recognize our true nature. But I don't see that most of us see how to do that, except maybe as a concept because that is what we are used to. Isn't it the process of intense observation or looking at ourselves and  questioning our internal  thoughts and feelings that leads us to this eventual recognition? I see that our mental reactions combined with our strong need to protect what is going on within - maintain that sphere. Everything is so inter-related and chained together that is is hard to step back from it and just watch it.

[...] Of course it is so easy. We are all used to it. We don't need to go again through the whole process of inventing the fire, finding ways to lighten a medium which burns permanent to give us light. No this is not
necessary anymore, we just switch on the light. We are so used to use instant means, that we want to applicate it to everything. The tragical thing is that it works. People have found the trick to switch on the light in their head. But is it really light or is it just a new concept of light they are using to survive? [...] .
Mica: For sure there are as many sources of pseudo-light as there are stars in the sky. Substitutes leaving you just as blind to the light as you were before. But I did not mean to propagate one of those. They are just hot air - tasty maybe, but they do actually harm you, not to talk about that they do not nourish you. Did you know that the hypophysis regulates your appetite according to how many vitamins and minerals you have taken in? You will not stop being hungry before you have taken enough nourishing stuff. Same with the longing for light - you will not stop longing for it before you have not been loaded up with real light.

InkyPinkie:Yes, this is probably the main reason why there are so many fat people who are overweight because they don't stop eating due to the junk food they are consuming which doesn't contain the essential substances the system needs. With 'longing for light' you are right, only that people go on stuffing themselves with substitutes. Can you tell me please where the supermarket is where I can get the 'real light'? There are several religious/spiritual Organizations, who claim that they offer 'real light', but I investigated about it many years ago and I found out, that mostly this is another trick to get to the money of people or to use it as a power game, so I still haven't found any representative or distributor of this 'real light'. .

[...] Not acknowledging the whole process...
So what do you suggest? To switch out the fear? Or do you mean when you have switched on the light that then there is no fear anymore? Is this the new technique? Without doubt you are right that when you fight the fear, then you will come to the moment of total helplessness. Now you come with a new advice and you announce that this is simple. You suggest that it is only necessary to love, then all fear will go away.
Betsy: For sure it is not easy like walking into a dark room and turning on the light switch. I can sort of see some sense in this comment in that the will can be turned to confront that which is visible or dark, which is like using light. But it doesn't look like that is what is being suggested here.

BeiYin: Now we come to the most difficult subject: 'love' which is even more difficult to explain than 'light' which seems to be much more objective than love being in it's nature the most subjective we might know, going through all levels of existence. And by being so extremely subjective, every body puts all into it coming out of one's needs, wishes, dreams, images, etc. Indeed a big soup of hopes and fantasy, mixed with some beautiful experiences and a lot of suffering around it. I don't think it is possible to separate the ingredients right now.

Betsy: You seem to be saying that love is a subjective expression of light?
Mica: Same with fear: the more you fight it, the more helpless you will feel. And actually it is so simple.
Fear is only a lack of love.

InkyPinkie: I must assume that this is something which comes out of your own experience and that you are practicing it, so I don't doubt that it works for you.

Betsy: Now it looks like you're being ironic.

InkyPinkie: No, honestly, I was not pretending to be ironic. I really believe that Mica has some realization in this field and that it is not only true for her in a kind of 'wanting way' but as a step in her growing. .

Mica: Well, it worked for me this time. At least I think this was it what worked. I learnt it from Betsy, although she might not even see it this way. But when I felt stuck, and read about her doubts on what Ramon and Falcon Blanco is, I just purposefully turned away from my nasty fear, looking into the light of the love that you all have sent to me, let my fear go and love triggers love, at least it was so this time, or better, I think it was. And when I looked at what Ramon had communicated to me with more love for him, I could see everything without the filter of fear. Well it might be that now I saw it maybe through the filter of love and also not really real - but it helped me to continue, to continue to walk where  I will eventually be able to leave all filters aside. .
 BeiYin: We all have realized at least something from all these concepts around us and this is authentic and part of our being. It might be hidden and we don't show it all the time, because this we might see as the most precious we own. The difficulty can of course be that the authentically and the conceptual is mixed and probably most of the time we are not conscious about it and not able to distinguish one from the other...

Mica: You only need to love more.

InkyPinkie: This is easily said, but with this you are triggering a whole bunch of questions:  How can one 'love more'? What do you mean by this? .

Mica: Well, InkyPinkie, honestly speaking I do not know. [...]

InkyPinkie: Wow, this sounds refreshing!

[...] It is a concept what you read there and thus it seems to be pretty much worthless, so I'll suggest we put it aside. [...]

BeiYin: We are dealing here in the first place with 'concepts', because even our words are concepts and represent a 'meaning' behind and this meaning is very individual and subjective bound and limited to the individual who are using them.

[...] What I could say about it is that in the situation of fear it helps to turn towards the light. Not meaning to ignore the darkness or not acknowledging that it is not there! I believe that surrendering to the fact that darkness exists, and is concrete in that your personal fear is there, is just as important. But it does not heal you to just stay then where you are, staring into the darkness. To do something creative with the whole situation you would need to free yourself of staring only there, studying your weakness over and over and over, not letting an eye off it. [...]

BeiYin: So here the 'FalconBlanco Concept' shows up and within this there is given information which might help in this very moment: To be aware and understand one's position and situation and giving the tool to be able to handle a conflictive dilemma in a creative way. With other words: To give the help for self help.

[...] To be able to shine again you have to load up with light. So what could be is that to relate to life you need to look towards the light after facing the dark. So the art of living could be to find the light around you or/and within yourself.

BeiYin: 'The Art of Living' is in the first place the ability to deal in a creative way with conflicts, by relating and responding in a conscious way. Out of this appears light, but there is no other way to 'find light'. .

Betsy: Fear exists because there isn't love? Fear is clearly a defensive reaction to protect a system and has the form of fight or flight. Love being energy, is also the creator or that which is behind the fear, is it not? How can
one have more love or more energy? Isn't there just energy, or is there a way to increase it?

InkyPinkie: How can we empty an ocean by drinking from it? "You only need to drink more?" Or can we just stop thinking that we need to 'do' something, to struggle to gain something, or to fight against something what seems to hinder us to reach our dream? Probably we can't 'stop' this, it might be a long way to go to become able to just jump into the water, letting oneself be carried, being part of the element water?

InkyPinkie: That shouldn't be so difficult: We are about 80% water, even our
brain contains mostly water! We can remember this and just see the similarity in
all around us. Although for fruits and vegetable this is easier because they
contain up to 98% of water! Oh, - so as humans we have a handicap it looks like! .
InkyPinkie: This doesn't make more sense like when you say:
   [Mica:] Darkness doesn't exist because darkness is only a lack of light.[...].
Mica: I checked it out thoroughly - I could not find any definition of darkness. Since it is not a prerequisite to see light, and since light does exist, I do not see "what" darkness could be at all except from that characteristic that light is missing. .
[...] So then it is the same: No-love doesn't exist because No-love is only a lack of love.[...] .
Mica: Now I got you better. So what was meant that darkness is not as existent as light because it is just nothing "there". Of course there is darkness, but to me it is a situation characterized only by that something else is not there. .
[...] But how can there be love if there is no love? There are some concepts of love, coming mostly from religious traditions, but where is love in reality? In my daily, personally experienced life? Who is loving me? Or is it only necessary that I love? But how can I 'do' this? Haven't we made all the experience that when we love somebody that we are rejected? And so we are thrown back to ourselves. So then you might say: First you have to love yourself!
Then tell me how can I love myself when I am mostly only judged from every body around and that I don't feel that I can do anything right. How can I love myself if I feel like a total failure in life, not being acknowledged by other people, because my way is different than what they like? .
Mica: I thought about it very very long. What you describe is a situation where (at least according to my former explanations) light is missing. So there would be no way to be able to shine. But then I remembered what happens when I meditate with closed eyes. I look into darkness the whole time, and when I get up and open my eyes I still feel like now I would "shine" more. So what might be possible is that when you do not expose yourself to light from the outside - after a while there comes light fromthe inside. That is one theory that would justify staring into the darkness. But on the other hand - isn't meditation despite of the fact that it is dark when you close your eyes (which is not essential to meditation anyway) looking to the light. I might even be that it is something different to me than it is to you. But I feel like connecting with the One, when I meditate, with kind of the source.  And writing this I wonder why we are talking about light and darkness anyway since we both might actually think that there is only one. But: it still does not mean that it does not matter how you are moving within that one. Isn't relating to life about the right way to react on what is presented, adapting your behavior in a creative way to which side of the One you are being presented?
Betsy: As I see it 'relating to life', is relating to the reactions that are visible to us: inside and outside. These reactions are continuous and come from life in every moment of our existence, giving us many opportunites for reflection. Relating I see as non-judgemental, in that it is just an observing process of what has occured. If we can look at what has occured in a neutral non-defending way then I would compare this to 'shining light on the dark'. This subsequently allows for inspiration because we aren't attached to what has past, allowing for us to do something more creative subsequently rather than the old reaction pattern we just saw. So I don't see it as 'adapting our behaviour', more like stepping back and letting light do the work.
Mica:  As you can see, InkyPinkie, I have just as much questions left as you have. After the stuff has been cooked it is just not so easy to sort out what is valuable and what is just rubbish, maybe triggering some bodily or mindly sensation while actually harming you. Maybe we can clear up more together. I have also always found it interesting that light behaves as particles just as waves. Did you know that it's behavior depends on what the people that do experiments with it expect? So there is one thing where expectation is not different from reality. It becomes reality. How would you explain this?
Betsy: Just take a look at the world outside, what really is there all around, and then you can see what is being created. Is the situation that is the world today planned by a loving Creator? The reality we have results because the majority of humanity are reacting and responding from thier primitive need to protect their personal property, keeping everyone separated.
Betsy: Yes, it doesn't seem possible to have love unless there is love. And if everyone is giving all their energy to defending their own personal position, then there is no light reflected. Too much this 'love' is just a concept coming from one's thinking of oneself as a loving person, which in reality is just another way (and commonly used one) to allow that one can continue the survival game. So if one did have the capacity to give real love yet there was no-one to receive it, I suppose it would cause a great loneliness.

BeiYin: As the feeling of 'loneliness' is a reaction of one's system, it will give the opportunity to reflect about it and to find the reason. This will guide to the connection on a level which does not depend on being confirmed in one's existence or self expression... Does 'light' withdraw oneself if it is not reflected? Of course not, it just beams into the open space and whatever shows up, will be lightened...

Betsy: This should give everyone something to reflect about...
InkyPinkie: Now this soup is becoming more and more confusing, who is going to eat this? Who can possibly digest this? I guess it needs some more ingredients or maybe less, or it needs a clearing up of the main parts. At least I don't feel like eating a soup which contains so many things which looks (sounds) nice but I don't know, so even I like to trust you, I would like to know more about the ingredients you are throwing lightly into the pot.
I admit, even being extremely hungry, I have too often messed up my stomach, so I would like to know what I'm offered. [...] .
Mica: Leaving now the field of food, turning to the one of stability, balance and fundaments, I can tell you just that much: There are not so many things static yet in me. There is a lot moving around. Something of it is good material and eventually I find a way to use it to stabilize the house I am living in. But I do not know so much about the laws of static, so I am learning them, sometimes by trial and error, so that what I managed to built up so far is again threatened by everything that I only considered to add. Building a whole first floor upon my so far rather tiny shelter could indeed be dangerous for you InkyPinkie. [...] .

InkyPinkie: It is not dangerous for me because I'm just a fiction, I'm a virtual personality which might be destroyed but can be rebuilt in an instant. I don't need any house or shelter, because I live in the open space and this is the most stable way because it is the most flexible way and can't be broken down...

[...] Maybe you can rather built something together with me, somewhere near to the ground, where we both can have a look that my hut gets neither blown away by some strong furious wind nor washed away by an emotional flood nor is falling apart into pieces because the single parts could not be connected. I am still at the very beginning of my learning process. But I can assure you that there is a strong fundament underneath where you are walking so cautiously now. It is the basis of my willingness to grow.

InkyPinkie: I can see this and I appreciate it. You indeed, because of your willingness to grow, inspires me and triggers the motivation to write and so being able to enjoy the flow of my own self expression, so thank you for coming out, appearing in the virtual space and expressing yourself with your honesty and intensity which in my view is showing a pretty developed 'learning process'. Anyway it will be interesting to get to know more about your 'strong fundament' underneath and share it with others... .

[...] It might sound that I am not serious about it, but I ensure you that I am and my way to express myself might be a way to survive, not to go into traps anymore of which I'm tired by now. Not turning around myself in despair and endless intents to find something which is essential, what makes real sense... .
Mica: I cannot assure you that you won't get legs broken nor nose smashed when you walk into my house. I myself get bruised in here, and I do not think this will change when you are with me. When you are really too tired to have to fight hard for your survival, then better do not enter. I cannot - although I would like to sometimes very much - guarantee your safety in here. Maybe I could if I would only have to switch on the light next to the door, but there is no quick switch inside this hut, and I would not want one, but I also do not know how to make and maintain a fire..
InkyPinkie: Meanwhile I'm clever enough to avoid situations where I might have encounters with the obvious possibility that my nose will be broken by somebody who is using me as an outlet for his/her unconscious accumulated anger. I don't need to defend myself, I just don't go into such situations anymore. And due to the fact that I don't exist, I can enter into the most dangerous house, so even into yours and I don't need any kind of guarantee for safety. By the way: You should take part of civilization and call an electrician! There are contradictions showing up: You seem to like nostalgic attitudes but then you don't know how to make fire which even the cro- magnum people were knowing... .
Betsy: It is difficult to receive what you are saying, perhaps because like you say, the expression is coming from a need to protect, but also because I have this tendency to look through my own images at all that I receive. Images relating to images, what a reality!

BeiYin: That's our reality and the only thing we can do is to relate to it in the best way we are capable, with responsibility and all the love we can live in this very moment!

Ramon: This sounds right to me and I'm trying to live it, but when my MD tells me that my physical problems are coming from stress, although I believe that whatever shows up in my daily life is a challenge and I'm trying to respond to this, so I keep in mind that I can't do more than my best. But maybe I'm getting into stress because I want to make it better... And also when I see all the suffering in this world, then I really want to do something effective to change it and when it looks like that all my trying has very little result, then this gives me stress...

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