"Steady life..."
Alex: People who have a steady life, kids and duties but who also want to strive for enlightenment seem to be the sort you are after but they have made their own lives already. Tough people who struggle do not need your environment unless they come from somewhere oppressive like China.
BeiYin: People who have an established, steady life, will not be interested to come to live at FalconBlanco and also it turned out that couples with kids form a nucleus which is not open to be integrated into an Intentional Community, that's at least our experience. They need another kind of security than we can offer. Having children is a responsibility which puts parents in a kind of spiritual strait jacket, which doesn't allow to move with much freedom, to change places, countries, going into unknown challenging adventures. That's just not possible for responsible parents.
Probably a Community with various families will work out well if it is a kind of coop, living together, having some common interests, sharing some space, etc. 
Why do you think people from China need our environment? They are pretty well established within their system and probably they don't struggle more than people in the golden West. 
Do you think life in China can be more oppressive than life in other parts of the world which are ruled in such a hard and cruel way by money and the materialistic goals, causing illness and depressions?
You are probably right, there are no people ready and interested in an environment like FalconBlanco. The fact that hardly anybody is responding to my articles tells enough. Our place is established in so far as we have no problems, there is enough living space, there is abundance of food, there are material and possibilities to be creative, there is enough space and time for individual activities and we don't need to struggle to make money or to survive. But to keep the established frame work going we need at least six people. We are now three, that means that there is too much work and we can't go on much longer. So if within the next two months there
will not come three people more to live here, we will close the place. I still have the trust that this will not happen. If the cosmos can allow itself to vast my twenty fife years of hard work, than who am I to doubt this? 
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