> Self-awareness appears in the age of 3-4 years and from then it develops. 
> It is very important for a human individual to be conscious of oneself. 
> Question: Are there troubles or obstacles in this development causing errors ? 
> What would be the results? 
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Answer: The present state of human evolution on this planet is in its early beginning and so as well 'self-awareness'
'Consciousness of oneself' is limited and always connected in this primitive state with the identification with one's body, the body sensations, emotions and thoughts, what mainly consist in any kind of reactions, although these are mostly unconscious, even though there is identification and then there is identification with all kind of property - inside and outside.
The 'trouble' starts with the early childhood reactions. When there is no response received, then there stays a lack, programed in one's unconscious background structure which can remain during all life time and forces the individual to a certain behavior and determinant doings, always looking for 'fulfillment' of one's needs and so provoking the surrounding and other people, in all this totally unconscious, but easily reasoning and finding an explanation. It is the common 'obstacle and error' of this society. People getting their feeling of existence from their identification with their properties: Body, emotions and thoughts and with this also with their wishes, goals, needs, beliefs, concepts, etc. then the same with all the other properties they are gaining and for which they work hard, getting sucked and lost by doing so. There is indeed hardly any 'self awareness'. Although humans are part of evolution and so in a constant growing process - as a whole and as well individually - the 'development' is hardly visible, in the first place because the 'obstacles' are inbuilt as part of human nature. To go beyond this would be a step beyond 'personality' and this is only in a very few individuals possible whose evolution is far ahead of the common... The majority of humans are in the process of building up their 'personality'. Enriching it with all kind of properties on all levels, until the individual - and this also happens with all kind of other systems - blows itself up to such an extend that it might collapse, then having the chance to go back and connect to one's essential being, having gained self-awareness which doesn't depend on personality games and identification and any kind of property. Then one can appreciate just 'being' and don't need to find satisfaction and fulfillment in other things less essential.
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