Searching for long term volunteers for the FalconBlanco Charity project! 
"Who am I to question the effectiveness of the cosmos?"  That's what was my resume after thinking about my intention of the last thirty years, creating an 'Intentional Community' and trying to live it.... But it is necessary that I explain a bit more.
As long as I can think I was imagining a place people living and working together in a beautiful place in the nature and with many animals. Growing their own food and being creative on various fields, expressing themselves freely and artistically. Doing meditation and other ways to find themselves and helping each other in their growing process, or with other words: healing themselves and so doing the best to help to develop more consciousness on this planet.
Even when I was a young boy I was drawing houses where such a group would live and when I studied architecture I designed round houses for the same purpose. About fifteen years later, after I had learned various skills, to be capable to survive and manage my life, I came to the place of my dreams. It happened that I was just in a transition of my life and had the vision that now my dream could be reality. I bought the land with a ruin on it and started to build.
This went through different steps: The first few years, this place was a therapy center, then a few people came together and we started a kind of 'community'. Also this went through various steps. FalconBlanco was open for visitors and volunteers. The image 'Intentional Community' came nearest to the way I wanted to live with others. But over he years it was showing that this image was too differently interpreted and the last few years to such an absurd extend that I had to cancel the name 'Intentional Community'. As there was no other name, I called it a 'private place' open for friends. (But I believe that the 'owner' are those people who take care...) It often turned out that people who were coming here as visitors, were bringing a very determinant image about an 'IC' with them, and then when this image wasn't confirmed, then they were disappointed and this created reactions coming out of frustration and with this they were not able to relate and respond to the daily reality, apart of that they were rarely capable to look at themselves to change their self images.
So then they left, not being able to get something creative and positive out of their stay. Of course there have been exceptions and some people felt really good here and we were content with their presents. Indeed there exist people who could form a group in such a project, but even those visitors who felt good here have been always travelers and they continue their journey after some time... With the result that there is a lack of permanent members and this makes it difficult. There are enough visitors, especially in summer time, but these are mostly not capable to take responsibilities and need to be supervised constantly so that their staying here is effective in aspect of the daily work which has to be done. There are several projects, which were started but can't be continued because the work to maintain the place comes first, like animals, plants and the daily routine.
There is living space (single and double rooms) and common living rooms for more than twenty people and also enough food and work, but now there are only five people living here. This makes that there is little time left for artistic activities or to develop new projects. If there are more people living here then this will change dramatically the situation and also the creative possibilities. So it is urgent that a few more long term members show up, otherwise I will need to give up the whole intention of FalconBlanco and close the place. I would like to continue, but only if a real sharing can happen (and I'm not referring to the material aspects!) To clear up the material situation and also to give a frame, that's what people need to feel kind of secure, so I have created a 'charity, a non profit organization'.
We need urgently more permanent members and also some long term volunteers. That's the main reason why I am posting here. Please visit the FalconBlanco Web site and inform yourself, about the place and our 'philosophy'.
PS: Coming back to the initial question: If I have to give up, then I failed in my intention, but I will not feel that I have wasted my energy. I have learned a lot about myself and human nature and this has help me enormously in my growing process and personal development. If I can't share this with people living here, in an 'IC' or whatever other form, then I will continue to do so on my Web site and where ever my path will go...

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