"Relating to Life - Art of Living" BeiYin
Mission Statement

That's the subject of my Home page. So everything written here will have to do with it. Which will include many aspects of life in general, always with the view, that human life is part of the whole, which can't be separated from it, even it might look to the individual as being of separated existence. Most of problems and unhappiness resulting from this illusion. 'Relating to Life' will delude this split during the growing process of the individual. I will try to contribute information to support this process so that it becomes conscious and more directed, by sharing my experiences and my knowledge, which hopefully will be inspired by intuition and connected with the whole. Information  will not only be given through written words but also through feelings, transmitted by images, sounds or other ways of artistic expressions... 
(I am working on new projects with this intention: Videos, CDs, sound, etc.)
Who wants to participate, contributing one's part to this process, in which consciousness and a subtle awareness will play the most important role, can be part of our circle of friends. Please don't hesitate to email me.
Maybe it will not happen during our life time that humanity will form a team. What can we do about it? We can do our best and try and at least we can start and also use the Internet in this sense.
You want to know more about "Falcon Blanco"? Where we are trying to live what this Web site is all about...
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