Reiki and money
Quote: The one thing I can never understand is why "healers" are singled out when it comes to whether or not people should be charged. Do people assume that "healers" have no mortgage to pay, no food to buy etc.?
BeiYin: There are healers and 'healers'. To make this clear it might be necessary first to clear up what 'healing' means: Healing in its essence should mean that it is a growing process in which the individual is reconnected with ones pure source of being, which of course includes one's whole existence and not only parts, like body, emotions or mind.
Treating symptoms and eliminating these is not healing, this is what is practiced mostly by medical doctors, so I would not call them healer, they are mostly slaves of the pharmaceutical industry and the established health system. But often also so called 'healer' only treat symptoms, alternative or not, there is not such a big difference, when they not include the whole. 
A real healer is doing the healing work because he/she is healed in the first place and so what is done comes as a result and self expression of one's state of being, - being connected with one's source. Isn't this what 'Reiki' is supposed to be? So if somebody is acting out of this state, then there is no worrying about money, mortgage to pay or food, etc. As being connected with the source, every thing what is needed will come without struggle for it, because the source is abundance and it is not even necessary to ask for something, it just comes when it is needed. If you worry about money that shows that you are not connected with the 'pure Reiki energy' and so of course you can't have trust. You are using a healing technique. That should be used in the first place to heal yourself, then every thing else will fall in its place... A real healer is the one who just helps the person in need to help oneself. 'The Reiki goes where it is most needed'  right? Then it will go there where the self healing process can start. Probably some information must be given to the 
patient. So that they don't continue with the same attitude as when they go to a medical doctor, whose profession and obligation it is to heal them. Self responsibility is not ask for. Never in my life any medical doctor, for example, has ask me about my eating habits, there maybe could have started my self healing... I had to go through a lot of health problems caused by wrong alimentation, but I found out about it by myself and now I avoid nearly all food one can buy at the super market. I doubt that the junk food offered there can be treated with Reiki to make it healthy.

Quote: [...] We don't expect doctors etc. to do their work for free. Can you imagine how 
few of them would still be "in business" if they weren't able to charge for their services?
BeiYin: Indeed very few, as they would not even start with this profession! This would 
be a blessing for the whole world! But the established health system is so closely connected 
with the still under-developed consciousness and based on a mainly materialistic world view, that a change will need many generations... Although it doesn't look like that humanity will survive, they are destroying themselves as fast as they can... We know this and we close our eyes being fully occupied with our money problems. Isn't this ridiculous!?

Quote: And how many people wouldn't receive the help that they need?
BeiYin: I doubt that people receive the help they need from the established health system. Or do you really believe that medication, radiation or surgery is a help and has something to do with healing? Maybe the symptoms will disappear and then the side effects of the treatments will cause other symptoms, which are treated with other chemicals, when the organs are so much damaged that nothing can be done, then surgery will substitute them. This is 'help'? Of course not, but that's an other subject...

Quote: A vicar said people that charge for 'healing' were charlatans and should be avoided. 
BeiYin: Wouldn't it be interesting to know why he said this? He might want to say that if the 'soul' is not healed then all those healers are charlatans, charging for something minor and the most important is left out without healing. With this for sure he wouldn't be wrong, but then indeed there would be left only very few healer... I am convinced that with Reiki it is different, because the healer is acting and treating out of the energy he/she is connected with... And as this is part of one's own healing and growing process, so the money aspect will lose its importance.

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