What is Reality?
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Question: Can you tell me what 'Reality' is?
BeiYin: That you are asking this question tells that you are somehow irritated and not in balance with your feeling of existence. Something must have disturbed you and now you are insecure in your position. I see it as a positive sign and that you are starting to wake up. Usually people don't ask such a question. This is unthinkable for them because they have no doubts, not about themselves and not about the world that surrounds them. Reality is what they perceive through their senses - and that's all. 
Comment: There is no doubt that it might be different. 
BeiYin: People are limited in what they perceive, not at all being perfect even though that's how they like to see themselves. People have no idea that the interpretation they give to what they receive totally depends on their personal background. It is difficult to be aware of this because stored impressions, all kind of experiences and also traumas are mostly forgotten, even though they are all still there and always present, but unconscious and for the person like no existing. People receive a reality that depends completely on their own established reality and this is a composition from all those influences they have received during their life time. 
This reality forms the personality and is not very stable, it is easily influenced and needs constantly to be defended and is in a permanent need to be confirmed. 
Then there are a few people who had the experience that it depends very much on ones perception and that the personality works like a filter and interpreter. So it might be that their self image they had until now is shattered and then there comes the question: What is real? What is reality? Do you want to know what your reality is? You still have your reality in your self image you are carrying with you and you know what it is as you are living it. Or do you want to know what my reality is? 
Comment: Yes, tell me what your reality is, I think I can learn from it...
BeiYin: There is not much sense in talking about my reality, because frankly it goes beyond the experience of most people and can't be understood. My reality has grown up to this moment through all my life and it is what it is because of my life long experience and my personally collection of facts in my life, that are transformed into the picture of my reality. It is like a life long puzzle that finally makes sense to me beyond my personality. Not because I could place all pieces into the right place, but because I could bridge the missing pieces with intuition and insights. To tell you about what my reality is would not mean much to you. 
Comment: But at least I can try to understand you and where you are...
BeiYin: You might put what I say in the drawers of your understanding to make it to a part of your reality, but this has nothing to do with me or what I see. Reality has to do with 'self knowledge' and this can't be transmitted with words that mainly represent 'knowledge' and that means having established concepts. Every word represents a concept. A word without concept is meaningless and nonsense, - it has no sense. So one needs to learn until one understands and so the word has become a concept of what it represents. It is the same with the word 'reality'. Each individual has ones own concept about it. Some are very basic and others are very sophisticated. The person with the basic concept will have difficulties to understand a more sophisticated concept and probably not wanting to know anything about it, because the other concept might cause insecurity in ones established self image. 
Comment: You wanted to talk about your personal reality. Can't you explain to me what makes your reality so different from mine or others?
BeiYin: Let me give you an example: You are a fish living all your life in water, that's your reality, you don't know an other kind of reality, maybe you have dreams, concepts, beliefs and fantasies about other realities, but you live your life exclusively within the water. Maybe I'm a flying fish, able to live sometimes outside the water. You might ask me how it is to live not in the water. What could I tell you? Better not to talk about it because if I tell you then this creates a desire and you might want to be outside the water and this could be deathly for you if you are not prepared. Whatever I could tell the other fish would only feed dreams and images but would not touch the reality...'
Comment: But can't you tell me something more generally what reality is and how to explore an other dimension, becoming more real by getting over ones dreams and concepts? Isn't this growth?
BeiYin: Reality is that there are preferences and this is caused and depends on your personality. Now, - there's a dilemma: The personality as being an established system, does not want to change, only wants to get stronger. If you want to do something to get over your personality then this creates conflicts. Well, this is our daily reality in life... Comment: Right, that's what I'm experiencing and because of this I'm asking you. I don't want to continue like I did until now, running after dubious goals, being a consumer but never feeling really content or fulfilled. I feel desperate and want to do something that makes more sense and brings me out of this rat race...
BeiYin: There is a page in the FalconBlanco Web site that gives a practical exercise to go into another dimension or at least to make the experience of 'another dimension'. But that's not the most important, it is more significant that this exercise releases stress and so helps to be more aware of yourself, that means being aware of your reactions. Reactions coming from your system called 'personality'. Once you are aware of these, then you also will recognize what has triggered these. Then slowly and in a smooth way you will get to know yourself and you will expand your limitations, getting to know yourself. With this you are creating the condition to connect and live another dimension, growing out of your personality. 
This exercise I called 'StressReleaseExercise' and it is easy to do and you can start right now with the advice I give at this Web page:
Comment: Thanks, I will go there and do it right away. 
BeiYin: Don't expect miracles, better don't expect anything, just do it. If you have gotten little out of our talk, but starting to do the SRE then this is the most important and you will soon be able to answer your question yourself in the best way possible: By experiencing the answer! If there shows up something in your practice that gives you doubts, then you can ask me,  here or with my feedback form.
Comment: That I will do. - There is one thing more I want to ask you. It is said that 'people harvest what they seed'. Now after our talk I understand this in so far that people are living in their own limited reality and are totally programmed out of this. They see everything on the outside as a reality about that one can't have any doubt or question and they don't know that this is only the reflection of their personal and limited reality. Is this right?
BeiYin: That comes pretty near to the truth. - Cesar Millan, the 'dog whisperer' teaches this to people by giving them the experience and making them understand, that problems in the behavior of their dog are the reflection of their own condition. If they change this then the dog will change nearly automatically the bad behavior. One can learn from this a lot... We might talk about it later. - - -

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