Some good reasons to question one's behavior and the influences coming from outside.
We are where we are because our behavior and habits have caused the situation. We are not conscious about that we are the cause and the only way to change something is to question ourselves and what there is around us. This is something we are not used to and we avoid this as much as possible, but maybe we can't close our eyes any longer because the mud has reached it's limit and we are at the point to get drowned:
o Earth, water and air are highly contaminated all over the planet and humans, animals and plants are sick and dying.
o We are more or less are all feeling exhausted, stressed and sick. Overweight is becoming common, even 40% of our children have already overweight. Lack of concentration, depressions, aggressions are more and more common. Crime and corruption taking over more and more.
o Corporations have the absolute power and are exhausting all resources without taking care of life or survival needs of humanity.
o Corporations have the absolute control over all political institutions and all media, influencing the mass in the way they want it, using highly sophisticated trained specialists to brainwash people to make consumer and follower out of them.
o Money interests ruling the whole world and violence is still used to establish power, like it has been used for thousands of years, without respecting life in any aspect.
o Power interests are using religious and spiritual concepts to manipulate the masses.
o Basic needs of people are used to make them dependent and motivate them to buy articles and services offered from corporations.
o Food additives are used to make people addicted that they buy more and the same junk food from childhood on.
o Food, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, medication are promoted to keep people in dependency and numb them.
o All kind of entertainment mostly sex orientated, is promoted to keep people occupied and make them addicted.
As long people are sucked into the offered 'Way of Life' there is no way that they question it and there is no creative solution or a way out of it. The consequences are not seen and don't want to be seen. Suffering coming out of it is inevitable. The fault will always be found in outside reasons. The usual is to fight the symptoms, mostly with drugs or cutting off what appears to be unhealthy.
This list of results and reasons is much longer but meanwhile we know about it and there is no need to repeat it all here. We need to open our eyes and be aware of it and then question every thing around us and in the first place our own position in it.
But I have absolutely no illusions that this article might have an effect and that now the reader starts to question oneself and one's position or the world around. Habits and attitudes are the strongest part of one's personality and before one is motivated to change something about it the world must first break down. So forget about it. I have written this because I have nothing better to do... For me it is like 'painting reality'. Yes I know, you will call me negative and pessimistic. You know how to defend yourself and your attitude. So be it.