And in Practice?
Quote: What you are offering in FalconBlanco sounds logical and obviously it is urgent that something happens to save the planet. So it seems the only way to start to do something about the survival of the planet is to start with oneself on the smallest
scale. Your initiative is extraordinary and shows practical ways, without too much and complicated theory. Your 'pilot project' should be supported as much as possible. I imagine that people, once they have started with your 'survival training' they will be excited about it and see the progress very soon. Although I also believe that three weeks is a short time and it might be difficult to capture something essential... But also I believe it is worth the intention.
BeiYin: Indeed, sometimes I ask myself what I'm doing here in FB. Nobody seems to take something into account what I am saying (or writing). People are hardly listening, so sometimes I talk very little and only if somebody ask me, what is seldom enough. What I do now is that I write down what I want to say and I send it as email to the people here in FB, so they can read it if they want and also they can give me their comment, written or direct. [Now we have an intern computer net work and so we can exchange messages and pictures and chat with each other... That indeed sometimes is easier than to talk directly face to face...]
An example: Talking about survival I explained that it would be good to reduce what we are using  and only that much as we really need. What means switching off the light when we don't need it, closing the tap when we are not standing under the shower and simple things like this. Nothing changes. I have to go for a walk around FB when people are asleep to switch off the lights of the terraces and the kitchen, otherwise it would burn the whole night. 
Another example: People can drink and eat as much as they want, we have food in abundance. But that doesn't mean that they behave like mice and rats, opening a bottle or package, taking a zip or a piece and just dropping it somewhere and then comes the next person and opens another bottle or packet of biscuits. This is very basic, but it looks like that it will need several weeks that they change just one
simple habit. I'm not surprised that when I was talking about habits and that it is necessary to become aware of one's attitudes and habits to be able to survive and that it is important to save energy by changing one's (unconscious) habits. So I was talking about eating habits and explained that most are really bad and that since
centuries, so that makes it difficult to change something about it.
People eat fruits after their meal. That's stupid, because fruits need only a very short time to be digested, but if fruits are eaten after the meal then they will disturb the whole digestive process and so the food might be not digested but goes into fermentation and lays for hours in the stomach and then it needs a lot more energy to pass it through the whole process. The same with the bad habit to drink during
the meal. 
So what happens? People listen and then maybe for one or two days they do it differently and then they are back to their old habit, drinking Coca Cola, fruit juice, etc. during the meal, eating whatever comes into their sight without reflection. 
Pretty clear that if they are not capable to consider any thing on this primitive basic level, how can they be aware of their reactions and consider any thing I have written or said referring the mind and emotional level? Anything truly spiritual seems to be so far away that this can't even be mentioned. Every body knows that I am meditating each morning and evening in the big dome, I have offered them to join and that I would initiate them. Obviously nobody is interested, otherwise I wouldn't sit there alone since several months. I don't mind. I do what feels right to me but I'm not going to impress anybody to do the same, it has to come out of one's own motivation. Yes, you are right: It is a pilot project which is still waiting for the right people to show up that it can be practiced effectively...
PS: Support? Yes, I would appreciate it, sometimes it helps if somebody expresses one's sympathy.
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