Can there be 'Openness'?
Part of the self image of modern, spiritual or 'new age' people is, that one is 'open minded'. But looking nearer it turns out that there is no real openness, it is just a concept. 'Openness' should not just be directed to things which fits and confirms one's already established view to complete it, it should also include the allowance of information and influences which might question oneself. Openness is not part of human nature or an attitude of one's personality. In deed it is not. All systems are more or less closed and filter all influences strongly. This is part of the survival behavior and protects the individual. 
There might come the moment when this protection is felt as a cage and trap. To get out of the trap of concepts can be a long and painful way. Leaving one's identifications behind is not at all easy, as those give sense and fill one's spaces, which otherwise would leave one in silence and void and this would be frightening and must be avoided. But as we know all that the growing force is one of the strongest which exist, so every thing which makes it stuck will be broken in its time. We can observe this in nature when a tiny plant breaks through hard earth or even asphalt and finds its way to the sun. The same happens with humans, only that 'personality' is probably harder to break down than rocks. 
But life works like the ocean waves moving the stones, which become after some time nice round pebbles, - they need each other, they need the encounter with each other... The stones can't avoid this and it might be that they even enjoy it. The humans have all kind of tricks not to confront each other, by hiding, pretending or escaping or by using the confrontation to become even stronger. But this is not always possible and confrontations are happening in which one loses and the usually defense doesn't work. A certain feeling of being vulnerable might show up and leaves the person in a situation of helplessness and insecurity. The same happens if someone is very sick and the established health system can't give the necessary support to be healed. 
Then there might appear questions and the protective personality system allows that a door opens. A door which not only permits information to be received which confirms the established concepts and one's self image and world view, but also will direct the view to focus towards oneself, finding out about human nature and so allowing to get to know oneself and the tricks one is using to survive and to be confirmed in one's existence. 
The next step might be to be aware of one's reactions when confronting situations and people in daily life and not giving the fault to them for this but looking at oneself. Then indeed there starts some openness and one will be capable to use one's surrounding in a creative way for one's own growing process. Then real healing can happen, as one takes self responsibility and is not anymore the victim of circumstances. 
Then one can be open to whatever shows up, one is able to relate and also to respond, not being limited in this by being trapped by one's unconscious conditions... and protective personality.
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