What is meditation?   BeiYin
Comment: Words are clumsy things.  Some people talk about "getting past you" and others try to "stop the world" and yet others say that "it can be nice."  I don't think there is any pejorative to being "like Buddhist philosophy" although I am certainly not a Buddhist. 
BeiYin: Words are symbols for established knowledge. They are used to transmit
information or they are used to express an authentic personal experience, which
might be the repetition of something other people have had before. Those people
who had this experience themselves will understand the expression, others only
intellectually and often use the occasion to argue about it, etc. Then it is mostly a personality game which serves to be confirmed in one's property. Or it is used in power games to manipulate people for one's own purpose.

Comment: Meditation is not a single thing for all people, it is, in it's purest form,
intensely personal.
BeiYin: Right, like nearly everything, it is what you make out of it.
Comment: How can you possibly block out your own feeling and thoughts without 
knowing them intimately?
BeiYin: It sounds that you picked up this idea from some meditation technique with the goal to exclude thoughts and feelings. But this is not at all what meditation is about. Nothing should be excluded. Not having thoughts and feelings can be an advanced state of meditation, but to create this state artificial by manipulation will not further the individual process, it probably will result in 'maditation'.
Comment: And how can one person describe the experience to another or guide them?
BeiYin: A person with authentic self knowledge which is coming out of a personal growing process, when expressing oneself can indeed give a hint to another person who is asking for it. That means who is at the moment where the unconscious structure is striving to the surface.

Comment: Well, one answer is to follow/learn the nomenclature of traditional descriptions of the experience, and that will draw you into one or another of the worlds religions. How different is prayer and meditation? Another is to do what you can and follow your nose. If it "can be nice" well, then perhaps with practice it can be "nicer."A teacher may help you with some "tricks" but of course these tricks may not match *you* and a match is kind of important in my mind.
BeiYin: The answer for sure is not to follow any kind of descriptions of the experience. Also it might not be a good idea to 'follow your nose', because with this you will fall in the next trap conditioned by your needs. 
The difference between prayer and meditation? In prayer one ask for something. This asking comes out of your personal longing and so your energy is directed and limited to the fulfillment of these needs. One probably will receive what is asked for, there might be a high price  to be paid for it. But this is part of the learning... Until one finally comes to meditation...
You want a trick which matches you? Because you need to satisfy your mind at the same time? Is this the reason why you are posting here? Is this the way you are selecting? Do you want to use words as vehicles to go beyond that what you seem to be? Obviously you are identified with your mind and there is no doubt that this is important part of your personality. You want to hold on tidily on this or you are able and ready to loosen this up a bit? Then you would be a big exception among humans. 
Probably you will use this to counter attack and come out with a clever sophisticated defense. You will get out of this as a winner and feel good - - - for a while. Then looking for another occasion...
If the body system needs water, it will send the signal to the brain and it will appear as thirst. Indeed, the ways to satisfy this need are very individual: One will drink just plain water (which for sure is far out the best) another one will connect this need with another need coming from another level and drink sugar water. With this falling into a trap of manipulators, because the sugar drink will produce more thirst and more and more. 
(To satisfy the thirst produced by this kind of drinks it is necessary to drink twice the amount of plain water. But as hardly anybody does this, the system is damaged and the whole metabolism changes, which results into all kind of sickness, etc.) So if there is an urge coming out of a profound longing, one should be carefully select what kind of 'water' one will drink. A famous brand will...

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