Meaningful if understood... Daily life challenge as grounding exercise
The last few days several things has happened on the practical daily life level. Sometimes I thought that this is just too much. There are plenty of problems with people, animals, computer viruses, etc. etc. and being occupied with trying to heal my hernia, I have not much energy to spend on all those little disasters.
So let me tell you the story: On the neighbors land there was working a bulldozer and I walked over and ask the owner if he could come to my place to do some work. He said yes he would come 'tomorrow'. So I prepared the space where he was going to work. There was one small wooden house left, which had to be removed. For this I needed our fork truck, but when I crossed the garden, then I got totally stuck in the mud, because the last days it was raining a lot. Well, this has happened before and I know how to deal with it, only that this time I was handicapped due to my hernia. When I told the bulldozer man that my fork truck was stuck then he said he would pull out the fork truck easily and then I could use it to move what was necessary. But he didn't show up.
I got all the tools together and started. With this hydraulic wagon, which is used to move piles of pallets, I lifted up the fork truck, putting pieces of wood under it, so that the wheels would come up the ground to put some metal plates under them. I know this works, but when I went to the other side, the hydraulic break down. So I had to look for another solution. I took a long iron tube and used it as a lever. Well, to make a long story short: The bulldozer didn't show up for several days and so I worked to move the fork truck. I could move it nearly 360 degrees around and yesterday morning I wanted to drive it out. But the night before it was raining strongly and the earth was very soft. So it needed a different solution. I took a winch, which I had used to lift my horse up when he was laying down and couldn't get up by himself. But my horse only was weighting 500 kg and the fork truck more than 4.000 kg. I worked the whole day and broke down two trees which I had used as a fix point to pull. I gave up when a third tree made a suspicious cracking noise.
So today on Sunday I went by car to the house of the bulldozer man. I couldn't find his house and on one of these small dirt roads I got stuck in the mud. It started to rain and it was cold. Then there came a neighbor with his car who wanted to pass, but he couldn't because the road was blocked by my car. We tried pushing, but the car didn't move. So he walked over to his house and called his son who has a small tractor. He came and after some difficulties the car came out of the mud. OK, this was the story.
The whole mud stuck story isn't that funny, although not dangerous or serious, but I took it as a challenge and as an adventure. But then when I was laying pretty exhausted on my bed relaxing, I had some thoughts about it.
Was this happening senseless? What was the meaning of it? I looked back at all my life and then I saw it clearly: All practical work I have done and this is quite a lot, especially during the last thirty years, had to do with materials like stones, bricks, wood, sand, cement, earth, water, recycling, animals, etc. But this was only one part, I also was meditating, writing, painting, sculpturing and doing various artistic things and then I was thinking and searching. And for me there is absolutely no doubt that practical activities are perfectly complementing one's creative and more mental and emotional activities. Without the 'grounding' one might get lost into clouds high above daily reality.
Let's look at the average people all around. They seem to be little or not at all 'grounded', mostly those living in cities. People living in the country side, working on their land are naturally grounded. Looking nearer at the life of city people one might conclude that most of the problems are coming out of not being grounded. The lifestyle of society doesn't help at all. What people are consuming on all different levels furthers to make them space out. There would be quite a lot to talk about...