What is the meaning of life?
Life has the meaning we are able to give to it.
This  depends on our personal  realization, how  much we have developed our potentials.

you are asking for an evident meaning of your life
an  explanation  of  the  essence of  everything
the best would  be that  you just simply live
if you want coloured illustrations of live
you can find so in thousands of books
if you want a logic definition of live
you can find it plenty in Internet
no better explanation of live
than itself can give to you
but no substitutes of life
come to the essential
develop potential
realization is ask
life is what it is
it is your life
to be lived
life itself
just life
live it
we are one
within the whole
we are  awareness
buried in all creation
waiting  to be  awakened
 finding ways out of labyrinths
hidden secrets of  life  mystery
no one stays outside of the whole
parts meets parts + parts meets parts
longing  to reach  eternal  togetherness
time & space falling into each other in One
each of us individually has to proof the meaning
to find out about the essence of one's life and being