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Love & Light
Being free or...?
The first Step
"Pearls of Wisdom"
Right Attitude?
Help with sensitivity
"Zeitgeist" chat log
What is Reality?
What is the meaning of Life?
Indeed, we do have a Problem
How do you deal with attitudes?
Comments to posts
Comment to a Dalai Lama letter
Need to be accepted
Human cheat code
How to not identify?
Don't give up Hope...?
Living concepts
My match maker experience
Interview: Going beyond the Known
Meaningful if understood
What motivates this world...?
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Love your enemies...
Tai Chi and Meditation
Self  awareness
What do we sweep under the rug?
Oneness Concepts...
Life is Art?
Art is a state of Mind?
Meditation & SRE
What is meditation?
Sun gazing and personality
Meditation and Sun gazing
Going for "Enlightenment"
Steady life...?
Esoteric Prosperity
Just switch on the light?
Questions and Answers

Healing: A 'must read'
To heal the world - we must heal ourselves
Healingoneself article & email exchange
Healing Interferences
Defense - an inbuilt survival mechanism
Heading for big trouble...
Conflict and Solution
Why there is so much fighting?
Why the world is in such a mess?
Dancing at two parties at the same time?
Anger and violence
Unconditional Love
What is Reiki really?
Reiki and money
Two Theories, which one might work?
A Beam of Light comes through
Pulling myself out of the mud
Recovered from Fibromyalgia
Free treatment
Immune System and Personality
Healing oneself versus authority
Approach of 'curing' is lacking?
Desperate Suffering...
Dependency from Chemicals
TheMenacing Mathematics of MultipleMeds
Healing and Growth must be One!
How to end one's Nightmare of Suffering?
Community Living: 
Vision for Community
Search for Community
Comments under a fig tree
What is the condition that IC works?
Awakening into awareness
Coming together
And in Practice?
Different views
Stomach pain from daily stress?
People leaving - not being confirmed
Questions & concerns
Experiences with Volunteers
Making a Living
Accidents don't exist
Intentional Community - The idea is dead
The story of my intention...
Missing ingredients
Being Overqualified for Life?
Happiness and joy are causing anger?
Dreaming to live in an 'IC'
Searching for long term volunteers
You must be a liar because I don't understand...
Without questions - no answer
Personality - The Illusion of Existence
What is 'personality'? Why this is an 'Illusion'?
Existing through one's Intellect
The Onion of Personality
Intellectualizing one's experience
Reflections about 'Communication'
We are all liars
Leaving all lies behind?
Emotional reaction as daily Reality
Questions and Answers about Chaos
The History about Beliefs
What have Pictures to do with Reality?
Are humans degenerated animals...?
Forgive your enemies
The evolution of Humanity obviously is stuck!
Some good reasons to question one's behavior
Money gives security? Or is there...
Humans make money out of every thing
Transformation isn't easy?
Happiness and Enjoying Life
Happiness is causing Anger?
Intelligence and stupidity growing on one tree
Craziness is being out of mind?
I'm crazy or is the world crazy?
Are humans degenerated animals...? 1. part
Are humans degenerated animals...? 2. part
27,000 Miles to Buddha-hood
'Enlightenment' exist?
Human ways of survival - tricking oneself ...
Relating to Reality
Trapped in Concepts
Self-Awareness and its obstacles
I think therefore I AM...?
Can there be 'Openness'?
Survival Techniques - Observations about...
I am the Focus of my Existance
Human Evolution and Unconscious Sabotage
How do love and hate reside in the same person?
War is not the answer