Living concepts - seperated from oneself and reality
Quote:  " Love and Forgiveness is the Answer". 

BeiYin: There is no doubt that you are right. Maybe we should look at it a bit closer. Where does your statement come from? Probably from your concept you have adapted from a belief system you were introduced through your education or you might have picked it up when you were grown up and were looking for an answer to some questions about the sense of life when you came to a critical situation and so were searching for a way to survive...
The concept of love and forgiveness is beautiful, all Christians have it. But do they love and forgive? Obviously not, otherwise things would look much different and for sure there would be no war. So what is failing? Why we have adapted those nice concepts when we are not capable to live them? Do you know somebody who lives them? I don't know anybody. Yes, they live in a way that they try to be friendly and calm when they are dealing with people. But what happens if they feel threatened? Then they react and defend there properties, which are there money, their house, their family, there right to have a weapon, there right to have... whatever. And last not least they defend the property of their feelings and their intellect: beliefs, concepts, self images,etc. 
So what does this tells us? Probably that this concept to be or behave in a certain way, is much too far ahead of our real personal development. It is more like a paint and covers our real personal nature, which obviously is pretty far away from being 'loving and forgiving'. So we are pretending to be something what we are not. Isn't it time to go beyond all those concepts, christians or others, to look what is the cause of all the trouble we have and we are causing? Isn't it time that we search for the root of our frustration? Might it be that we are so disappointed because we want our life and the circumstances we are living in so much different than it actually is? Isn't it because we have an image how it should be and this comes from our concepts? 
Now this might be hard or even impossible to look at: Might it be that our beautiful beliefs are causing our desperate situation? Trying to live something we are not capable of? Wouldn't it be better to look at our reality and accept how we are, what might give us the possibility to find out about our background, guiding to what we might call 'self knowledge' and then in a growing process, which might need good part of our life, we come to a realization of ourselves where we experience ourselves, life and our surrounding in a new way and there appears what before was just a beautiful image. Then we might be capable to forgive - because we love.

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