A light beam comes through...
I haven't thought about it before and I haven't planed it in any way, it happened by itself as part of my growing process. The consumer and money maker attitude I had left already fifty years ago, when I had questioned it and had ask 'myself' about it and had received the clear answer that I wouldn't need to worry about it. I would have always enough of what I needed. So from this moment on I had trusted this advice and indeed from then on until today I had always what I needed. During the last years, living with other people, who were still in the usual consumer habits, it came some times to situations which reminded to the scene with Jesus when he made wine out of water and multiplied a few fishes so that a lot of people could be fed. For example: There were living ca 20 people at FalconBlanco and one day the person who was in charge with the kitchen, said that I should buy some cooking oil. I said: “No, we don't need to buy, wait a few days and it will come”. The next day we got a pallet with about 300 liter of olive oil. Far too much for the cooking, but we used it then to make bio diesel except what the cook needed. This happened many times also with other things, we have always plenty of every thing and what is too much we give to the neighbors, to the animals or it goes onto the compost.
But that's not what I wanted to talk about, although it is connected with it. As you might know from my other articles, we don't do anything because of money; we do things because it makes sense when we encounter daily situations. So we relate to it and then respond out of our responsibility. For example: We observed that every where in the street were piles of pallets, which nobody wanted because the work to take care of them and sending them back to the mainland is too much, so they go to the dumpster. What is really a wasting of energy: they cut trees, they make pallets out of them, use them only one time and then they go into the rubbish. Every body is talking about saving the environment and the only thing they are doing is to go once a year to the beach and pick up some plastic bottles. So I said that here we have the opportunity to do something practical what makes sense. So we collected the pallets from the street, organized the transport back to the mainland and found a company who wanted to recycle them to be reused. We felt good to have done something useful without thinking about any personal benefit.
But when the supermarkets and other businesses watched us taking the pallets then they ask us to come regularly, what we did. During the following time there developed a good relationship to the companies. They were glad and thankful for our service, what we did completely gratis. So then it happened more and more often, that they offered us all kind of food, drinks and other material, what was a little damaged or not possible to sell for some reason. So this developed so well that they called us when they had something and we went there to pick up those things.
That's still not what I wanted to talk about. It's something what came out of it as an experience: Sometimes we receive drinks that are totally ok. When in a six-pack one bottle is broken, then the pack can't be sold, so we get this, clean the bottles and then store them. But because we don't drink beer, there are accumulated a lot filling up the storeroom. I found a solution to get rid of these in a good way: As we drive every day to town, we have to pass a number of workers who are repairing the roads. So we take a cool box with us with cold beer and and other drinks and when we pass a worker, then we give him a bottle. You should see their faces! They are working hard and it is hot and then suddenly out of the nothing they get a cool beer, so a big smile appears! And it seems to last, because when we pass the next day, or a few days later and even giving no beer, they still smile and greet us waving their hand. Wow, this is just because of a simple bottle of beer? I guess this is not the reason. Probably it is more the fact that some body gives something freely without reason and no intention to receive something in return, this happening comes through like a light beam passing dark clouds. Then I went on with other people, I normally wouldn't approach so easily: The policeman standing in plain sunshine at the crossroad watching the heavy traffic. I take a bottle from the cool box and go towards him: “Buenas diaz, puede invitar usted a una cerveza?” He looked surprised at me: “Me?” I smile and say: “Yes Sir!” And then again it happens, suddenly on his serious, maybe somehow bored face there appears a big smile. A light beam goes back and forth, what a surprise: creating a good feeling between two humans who never met before… Well, this was just an example. Essentially what I want to express is that giving freely, much more comes back. By doing something because this feels right then there will come something else out of it, then this can be used to continue in the same sense, giving freely and then this will have an effect and so this might create a chain reaction that involves and invites light beams, because we are entering into a completely different attitude. But these are just words, one has to make the experience oneself and one can start with it right now with very little things, maybe just with a smile we might direct to somebody and this person might be waiting for it - being in need, so it will make something to this person: a tiny transformation will happen… and again there starts a chain reaction, this time positive and creative, made out of Light Beams!
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