You must be a liar because I don't understand you!
> BeiYin I do not understand you or your intention for your community.
> I read your web site and perceive that you too have a hard time    
> explaining your goals. If you say you have no goals that will be   
> untrue since you seem very disappointed with many of your visitors. 
> None of us has the answer. It's the discourse that helps us to     
> understand what we will want to build. 

To be able to explain something it will be necessary to squeeze thoughts into a certain form, even though this form is not complete and limited to 
the interpretation of the receiving mind. 

So let's say that Humanity is divided in three groups: 
One part is living in given conditions, being adapted and responding
to daily situations out of the used and common way. Not being content,
but accepting the situation without doubts and complains. 

Then there is another group which is more effected by influences,
reacting on this and receive manipulating suggestions more openly, so
that desire is building up. The first dreams are fed and people start
to live in fantasies. But still forced to live in daily conditions,
discrepancy is showing up and these people start to have stress to
deal with the unwanted daily reality, up to the point that they want
to escape, so they build a dream world with conditions they would
like, in this way being able to survive. They feed this dreams and
make concepts how this new world should look like and they discuss
endless about it, but of course not doing any step to bring down their
dreams to the earthen level. Quote: "It's the discourse that helps us 
to understand what we will want to build." These people need to 
defend their dreams and do not allow to look at them in a critical way,
as their dreams give them the means to survive and it is so important 
as  they live out of this identity. 

Then there might coming out of this group people whose dreams became  
a strong vision and they have the urge to realize it. They try to create the 
conditions to live their vision. First they start to built the physical conditions, in case of making a community, they buy land, build houses and create working conditions to survive. That's the easy part and people might work well together, the common vision draws them into the same direction and gives them strength. So far so good. They start to live their well articulated concept. This might function for some time and gives satisfaction enough to continue and to gather more people, but then after some time, there start the problems. Even thought there is  a common concept about community life, there are many individual concepts and these will clash against each other, so similar stress and disappointment shows up like before when living in the usual society, but this disagreement is still kept down because of the common governing concept, but the stress accumulates and the individuals need to find a way to deal with it to be able to survive. So at this point they might find out, that their problems are caused by themselves and not by circumstances or is the fault of the other members. If they are able to do this step, then they will continue, if not then the group will split or disappear. Unless there is also a religious or spiritual concept, then it might go on for some more time. If they continue in spite of all the problems showing up, then they will have learned that a concept has broad them together, but that it is necessary to find a new way to deal with each other and the daily reality and that the concepts doesn't serve anymore. They will find out that being identified with one's self image gives the feeling of existence, but going beyond this opens up total new fields of being...

What happens if individuals of the different groups come together and
try to communicate? Just a big mess and no communication at all. They
seem to have an exchange, because there is the strong need to get
confirmation from around and this somehow seems to work as long one
can interpret the expression of the other in the sense one wants it,
ignoring the parts which can't be squeezed into one's own view. But it
shows soon, that there is no real communication. It is just not possible. 
They live in different worlds. Like the fish will not be able to understand 
the goat who likes to climb the mountains, who will not be able to 
understand the bird flying high in the clouds. They all have eyes and a perception, but they see and understand differently.

Until one comes to an understanding of the underlying human nature, but even then it will not be possible to explain to a person  who lives a certain lifestyle the way of being of another group being in a different step of evolution. It is just not possible and creates only misunderstanding, endless defense games and violence, unless there is opening a gap and one is not totally identified and starts to question oneself, then maybe... 

In this Internet groups the boundaries are pretty clear and who doesn't 
fit in one group will only disturb and so will be attacked and kicked out. 
I have no doubt about this and you will see... I can give you a vivid 
example: After I was healed from Fibromyalgia I subscribed to some 
of groups, so called 'supportive' groups. I told them that I healed myself 
from Fibromyalgia and that I would like to share my experience knowing 
that it is very difficult for a person in this condition to have enough 
energy to do something about it. They didn't ask me anything, the just 
told me that healing from Fibromyalgia is not possible because every 
medical doctor will tell you this and so I am a liar and probably want 
to sell something. They didn't even visited my Web site, they just kicked 
me out without further notice. This happened again and after a while I 
gave up. If somebody is searching for an alternative healing way then will find my Web site. Similar reactions I received when I healed myself from an inguinal hernia, people just don't believe it because the established opinion is so strong and the dependency on this so complete, that whatever one might say, one will be ignored or labeled as crazy or a liar. 

There is so much suffering out there: 300 million people with Fibromyalgia, 
200 million people with an hernia, only 70.000 in the US with an untreated 
hernia because they have no insurance or money to pay surgery, all suffering and stuck on an artificially created concept. One can give an 
explanation for this, but nobody wants to know about it. So better shut up
because I'm not understood?

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