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Dan: [quote] I don't know anything about it.  And my life feels no less
rich for not knowing.

BeiYin: Not wanting to know, gives one the necessary stability to stay where one is. In case some information are coming near to oneself which are unknown or don't fit into one's established system, then everybody is using individual ways to avoid these information by not listening, misunderstanding, criticizing, hiding oneself or escaping...
A good example is what happened yesterday at FalconBlanco: During and after lunch we were talking.
Joel: Do you know the movie 'Star Wars'?
BeiYin: I know something about it but haven't seen it. Why do you ask?
Joe: Because it is a great movie.
BeiYin: Why do you think it is a great movie?
Joe: Because it had a lot of success.
BeiYin: That's the reason why it is great? I would assume that the movie was successful because somebody spent a lot of money and the specialists pushed the right buttons. It is in the first place to make money. If they spend two million Dollars, then they can expect to earn ten million, if they spend ten million, then probably will make one hundred million and it will be a 'great' movie. The recipes are well known: War, violence, crime, sex, mixed with some humor and a little wisdom, then if the whole mixture is spectacular enough, it will be successful. One can be pretty sure, if something is successful in this society then the level will be pretty low.
Joe: But there are art works like VanGogh, that many people like and they are good.
Betsy: Perhaps what becomes popular as good artwork is because within the artwork there is a space created which allows many possibilities for interpretation.
BeiYin: Why do they like these specific pieces of art? Probably because the artists are famous, accepted and well established. Really to appreciate art one has to be an artist. People are using art as
decoration because it is the fashion in this moment or they buy art as a representation, the most expensive serves best...
Betsy: I agree that this must be the main reason that certain pieces of art become popular, people collect it to impress others with their good taste. I can see the same with movies, people talk about what they've seen and even memorize parts of the movie, a whole lot of energy goes into it, to impress others with what they know about it.
David: But people put something on the wall they like, even it is not expensive.
InkyPinkie: Yes, one can get a lot of nice pin up girls out of one Playboy or Penthouse.
Joe: Most people like Shakespear and he is good.
BeiYin: How many of those people who like Shakespear are understanding what he was expressing with his writings? Shakespear is famous, well established as part of the culture. Why people go into the theater to watch Shakespear? Probably because it is a social happening where people meet and show themselves, Shakespear as a background makes them feel good.
Joe: This is a cynical view, I don't like it.
BeiYin: It is not cynical, it is realistic.
Joe: Then I prefer to stay in my illusion and you keep your cynical view.
BeiYin: That you will do anyway because you want to keep what you have, a strong defense system. Can't you see this?
The header of FalconBlanco is: Relating to Life - Art of Living. But to be able to relate creatively one has to be an artist. There are very very few artists and even less artists of life.
David: An artist also has to make money, he must eat and take care of his family.
BeiYin: One is an artist because one needs to express oneself out of an inner urge, this has nothing to do with money. When the motivation 
of an artist is to make money then he/she is off and what he/she is producing is not art. If the artist is already famous, he will sell and people will not distinguish that his production is just a repetition.
Art can only be seen by an artist. Probably one can only be open and relate to life if one is an artist of life.
Betsy: I don't see that an artist has to 'make money', but there are the basic survival needs of food, clothing and shelter. If one is
practicing 'relating to life - Art of living', then I can see that one
must be an artist. Also then the reason for one's doing can't be money focused or it will create a type of decision-making channel or dependency based on getting it which will ruin the art. Seems to be difficult to put into practice.
David: But still the artist has to eat and earn money.
BeiYin: Then he/she looks better for another means to make money and leaves his art as a hobby. Self expression is connected with one's growing process and this can't happen easily, especially if there is
so much dependency on outer circumstances and programmed conditions. We are here to learn how to relate to whatever shows up and this in the first place to our own reactions. This is the most important and
the most creative work we are doing here at  FalconBlanco. The space is made for this. What we are doing on the practical level, like recycling or taking care of the place or the animals, gives us the
possibility to relate, respond and react. But if we hide our reactions, don't allow to express ourselves, then we are not creative, we are not 'artists of life'.
Betsy: Is there any way to make money which is not a form of dependency?
BeiYin: The dependency results from one's attitude connected with one's personality which is bound to a materialistic view. People's basic structure is still so much hidden, what means unconscious, that even with the urge to reach spiritually realms, the materialistic dependency remains, so that people live double-tracked. Reflecting about my personal situation I must say: I don't know what I'm still doing here. Why do I talk at all? I just see that there is no openness, there are no questions, there is nobody who wants to know something about anything and the least about oneself. David, what do you think about this?
David: I'm listening.
BeiYin: Well, that's something. Most people don't even listen. The question is if you are listening because you are interested to understand or if you are just alert so that your defense system can work.
Betsy: I'm working on it. I can see that I don't express myself enough, still I hold back, but I don't want it to be just provocations and/or auto-pilot reactions.
BeiYin: Your spontaneous reactions are also self expression, you should allow them to come out. You may dare to do so, take the risk, here you have the space and the opportunity. Your silence might hurt
more than your provoking reaction and with this you have the chance to lighten up your background. That's our work, isn't it? In the future we will need to make this very clear, so that people who come to FalconBlanco know before hand what they might expect and not be shocked from the open space and what happened in it, so that they don't need to leave after a few days, what only creates tension and
unnecessary disturbance for the group.
- - - - - - - - - -
BeiYin: Well, this was our talk at lunch time. Joe left to go to the beach. In the evening David said that his dog got sick and he must return immediately to England, so he left to go to the airport with the hope he would get a last minute flight.
We haven't had any problems with him. He was here now for three weeks wanting to stay for three months. He worked a lot and was a real help in cleaning up the place after the forest fire we had. Also he was a  supporting friend when I was nearly killed by the fork lift. He never expressed himself, (except that he wrote a dozen of Tanka for two days, then he stopped this) he never showed his feelings or thoughts.
I initiated him into meditation and he was meditating very regularly twice a day. (I really hope that he will continue with it...)
This morning I saw Joe when he was eating his breakfast. He didn't answer me when I said hello and good morning. Later he ask me if I could give him a ride when I would go with the van to Ibiza. It turned out that he was leaving after only a few days without saying anything more.
We haven't yet finished to clean up the place and now we are only three people, but we have to continue with the daily frame work. So it is pretty clear that we will not finish before the retreat in September starts.
We will need to cancel all or find another way.
We will see...

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