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Quote: "Most cancer is very hard to cure no matter what you use."
Might it be that the approach of 'curing' is lacking?
Might it be that this is the reason why it is 'hard to cure'?
Might it be that 'disease' is not what medical science currently tells us?
There is something called: "Holistic medicine", but maybe this is not even whole enough yet. Maybe any aspect of healing which goes beyond 'repairing', that requires some kind of self responsibility, is not wanted at all? What people are mainly asking for, is the miracle pill for 
an 'instant cure'!
By now it should be obvious that looking for a cure to eliminate symptoms is not enough. If 
one symptom is eliminated (cured?) then another one shows up sooner or later, not to mention 
the new symptoms that are caused by the side effects of the medication. 
Why are new diseases appearing (a syndrome of symptoms with a new scientific name) with constantly changing appearances and then medical doctors can't find any organic reason for 
the pain, tiredness and suffering? Not being able to find the reason, they call it 'symptomatic'. There are given explanations for everything, but this doesn't help and it doesn't cure. The 'managers of disease and promoters of medication’ are more interested in preserving their self-image and that of the established health system.
Why won't doctors admit that they are helpless and their knowledge has come to an end? How long will they continue to hide behind their mask of 'authority'? Can't everyone see the result when blind people lead blinds?
Wouldn't it be a first step towards healing to give the space that people get out of dependency? Shouldn't they be encouraged to take self responsibility and question authority and their dependency upon it? For this to happen, might it be necessary that doctors come down from their authority platform to start to question themselves? Probably this is not possible because it would need a kind of value that goes beyond the evolutionary state of humanity.
Might it be that because money reigns this world, disease is the only way to make us think about ourselves and make us question what is offered from the established system, in order to be healed? What is produced from our so-called 'social' system makes us into puppets to consume whatever is offered. Then in turn, these products poison and contaminate our whole existence! The manipulators and moneymakers don't mind that people are getting sick and are staying sick, because this keeps everyone in dependency as helpless victims and consumers of never-ending medications.
This dark situation with all its happenings contains one aspect that is unwanted from the established health and social systems. In the long run this scenario will cause a backlash and will bring people to the common and individual end of the cul-de-sac. Not relating to the underlying cause, will accumulate suffering and desperation to such an extent that any sense of life will fade away. When the personality that is fed and supported by the system, becomes so tired of endless identification and confirmation games, it will break down and deep depression will take over. This is the moment when the crashed individual prefers to die instead of going on in the common way.
This is the moment when one will seriously question oneself and one will dare to look at the reality of oneself and all around oneself. This is the moment when it will be possible to be aware of the truth: that this world is a chaos and held together by concepts, mostly created by those who are using them to manipulate others for their own purpose. The breaking down of worn out concepts is indeed a 'dying process' but at the same time it opens up an individual to enter into an unknown field of existence, what could be called to be reborn.
In other words: Being 'reborn', reveals new aspects of life and the experience of a 'self confirmation' which is not based on identification with 'properties' on whatever level.
There is an 'alternative medicine' existing as utmost essence, inbuilt in each of us. For a real healing we will need to discover and realize this field each of us within ourselves. Then we might find out, that disease is not something negative and we are not the victims of bad influences coming from outside.
We will find out that disease is a challenge we need to confront, to get out of dependency, to take self responsibility for our condition and position. That will be the moment when we will understand that healing means to become conscious about all the different aspects of our existence. Then we will see that we are being asked to respond and relate to life, to all that shows up in our daily circumstances, around and within ourselves. Then we will be thankful for the grace that is offered to us in every moment. Then we will realize that there is much more 
we can receive, if we are open to go beyond ourselves and give less importance to our carefully pampered 'personality'. Then a new sense will open up, and healing will be a creative process in progress... 
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