Going beyond the known.
A philosophical and practical System in a nut shell. - An Interview.

Q: What is spirituality for you?
BeiYin: Spititutu- -  what? I have never heard about it.
Q: Really?
BeiYin: Don't ask me things like this. I might as well answer you, but you probably would not like it. You can read about it in the Internet, it is full of this, in news groups and many mailing lists you can read and discuss a lot about it, endless and for ever. Ask me something more concrete.
Q: Recently I joined a workshop with the subject of gaining one's goal by using imaginary techniques, what do you think about it?
BeiYin: You can join all kinds of therapy and spiritual growth workshops and you can learn a lot of techniques of how to develop your personality, but I can only laugh about all these intents. These workshops might be done with the best intention, but they serve mostly to confirm each other in one's existing structure and so the turning around oneself goes on, although maybe more sophisticated and spiritual. These are games, entertaining and confirming each other, apart of the money making aspect in it...
Q: But doesn't the technique of imaginary that one can learn help to reach one's goals more effectively?
BeiYin: Why do you need a special technique for what you are doing anyway the whole time? You have your desires and wishes and your thoughts and fantasies are turning around this... Then when you reach your goal and get what you want, you find out sooner or later that it is not really what makes you happy and then you go on to the next desire...
Q: So what can I do to get out of this endless striving for satisfaction?
BeiYin: A good question, but do you really want an answer from me? Probably you and your audience will not like what I have to say.
Q: Yes, tell me, I will take the risk.
BeiYin: What you think or believe you are - all about your existence - is formed and established during your past, during your education and with all your experiences. This was established, through all you have learned, through all influences, what you read and the encounters with the people you met. The result is an image of yourself, this is what you believe you are. You are identified with it, - totally. And also you are identified with your thoughts and with your feelings and of course with your body and last not least you are identified with your reactions. It is part of your survival need that you are looking for confirmation for what you believe you are. To get this confirmation you need the attention and the response from people. You are using people and your surrounding for it, also you get confirmation with every thing you do and what you express. You need constantly to feed your mind and your feelings, so you are using excitement and entertainment for this; the most exciting is the best and it is mostly the excitement of your reactions. Then you feel yourself in an increased and intensified way and also your mind is kept busy. With this you make the experience of existence and are satisfied, not bothering to reflect or being conscious about it. Selling this excitement is a big market and moves a lot of money, keeping people busy and numb. You want that your self image becomes true and as your wishes are coming out of this imaginary being, so this seems the most important for your realization. You are trying to manipulate people to get what you need. You are using all kinds of tricks and techniques and this is mostly totally unconscious. But I tell you: The image of yourself is an illusion, it is false, it is an artificially constructed card house. It is only real in your dream world and then confronting daily reality you are getting frustrated, insecure, even depressed, because your self image and also your image of the world does not fit to what is actually there. Your self image gets scattered and your card house might collapse. To hold your images, you need to ignore reality and keep yourself blind. So you see only what you want to see. Everybody is pretending and lying - to oneself and to everybody else. For example: In our society money is the most important because people believe if they have plenty of it then they can get all that they desire, they will have the attention from every body because they can buy the most beautiful dresses, the biggest and most powerful car, etc. and all the world will look at them and admire them. People believe with money they have security, but somehow they also know that this is false because at any moment they can die,  get sick, or loose all their money, but they still cling on their belief because it is injected into them, they are all brainwashed and programmed from the beginning of humanity throughout many generations. So our society is based on this false belief and everybody moves around it. Striving for money doesn't give security and doesn't make us happy is pretty well known, even so people give most of their energy to it. One or the other might find out more concrete - after working hard for it most of one's life – that money is part of the illusion.
Q: This is true, but hasn't humanity developed the aspects of religion and spirituality, and don't people live this at the same time?
BeiYin: These concepts were developed by individuals to survive or probably by clever people to offer something to customers who were starting to get tired and unsatisfied by material aspects. Obviously striving only for material security and satisfaction doesn't work, so people are susceptible for metaphysical concepts as a kind of life jacket. When the material fails then they can put this on and float. But they don't use these concepts for their transformation, instead they cling to them in their usual material way and only in case of emergency do they grab their life jacket. This need of people for security is used by many clever people to make money and to manipulate people, not only from insurance companies... Just observe what happens around you and all over the world...
Q: Are you referring to political aspects?
BeiYin: There are conclusive evidences. You are capable to observe, I don't need to point out every thing.
Q: Hm, yes I understand, things are often or mostly not what they seem to be and people are normally not interested to do the effort to look behind happenings.
BeiYin: Another aspect, I mentioned it before, is that People are asking for attention from others, so what they do is provoke every body around, all the time, of course mostly unconsciously, and then their surrounding is reacting and then this reaction gives the opportunity to react back. So people are constantly in a game and in this they feel confirmed - more or less. If it is not enough, then they provoke more intense, until they get the attention they need. It depends how one started as a child to receive attention from one’s parents. There will have developed many different techniques, for example: one tried to get attention by being brave and friendly and by pleasing others, or the opposite technique might have developed by acting in a naughty way, so being the 'bad guy', continuing with this 'technique' all one’s life... A wide field of behavior is programmed within us, coming from our early days from the lack we experienced from our world and parents, which today is left over and still present by unfulfilled needs. This will strongly influence the reaction pattern for one’s entire life and determines the survival game of the individual.
Q: But there are not only games between people, there is love and understanding and people meet and have an exchange...
BeiYin: What you call exchange is mostly confirming each other by finding out that they have the same concepts or images, or their reaction pattern completes each other. Then they will feel comfortable being together and then they are happy, even they might feel something they will call love. And because they feel so good together then they want to stay with each other and form groups or if they are a couple then they marry. And after some time, because daily life is demanding and causing changes in one's images, so they don't confirm each other anymore and then they are unhappy, getting depressed and sick. Then comes divorce and one goes on to the next better fitting confirmation partner or they punish each other for not completing one's expectation.
Q: Yes, but how can one get out of these games and the disappointment that is happening?
BeiYin: You can't get out of it. You have to go on and on with it all your life. This is your life. Every body is using the other for these games. The other person is not seen, only in so far as he/she can be used for one's own needs. People are lying and pretending, attracting the attention of another person to get what is wanted. A simple example: You can go into a shop, and see so many attractive articles to fulfill your desires. The seller is friendly and gives you attention, every thing is presented to satisfy you so that you leave your money in this shop. Observe the advertisements: they promise you every thing. First they catch your attention, then they show you images you can identify with and then they show how happy people are using this specific article, etc. So then you buy it. Probably you will get angry if somebody would question your behavior, so how can you get out of it when you feel so correct with it and are defending your position?
Q: I think you are right: All kinds of manipulation and tricks are used to get to one's money - legally and illegally. How can one avoid being used or falling into the trap of a fraud?
BeiYin: Don't trust anybody if there is money involved. Don't trust anybody if there is an interest involved. To not fall into any trap, you need to question everything and everybody.
Q: This means that I can only trust myself?
BeiYin: Not even yourself, because you are driven by your actions, your desires, your reactions, your feelings and thoughts, your expression and your decisions, your attitudes and your behavior, which are all influenced strongly from your unconscious background structure. You might believe that you know yourself, but you know only your wishes, your images and your concepts, you don’t even know where all these comes from. Who programmed you? Strongly your parents, then all the influences you were taking in. By eight years of age, a child has already watched around 30.000 advertisements, so how can you trust yourself? First you need to know yourself and to do this, you first have to question yourself. This is a long process... and on this path there are so many traps which are mostly possible because you are still trying to find satisfaction. If it is not money then it is spirituality...
Q: That means that I must be without desire and concepts, but then how can I live with this?
BeiYin: Yes, not being prepared now, you would fall naked into a void. But you don't need to think about it. You are doing one step after the other and in the same time you are developing new abilities and a new sense of life, every thing else are reactions coming out of fear and wanting to hold onto your old image.
Q: Then I ask: Who I am?
BeiYin: This conglomerate, shaped out of concepts, images, thoughts and feeling - called 'personality' - is an illusion, but it has it's own dynamic and this has the tendency to protect itself, wanting to survive and trying to do this by growing bigger and bigger, accumulating all kinds of stuff: material properties, intellectual knowledge, power, etc. There is no end until this illusionary entity blows up so much that it collapses.
Q: Wow, isn't this a very negative view?
BeiYin: This view is based on reality, it is not negative.
Q: Where is the beauty in this? Where is love and understanding and coming together? How can I live with such a reality? Isn't this terrible?
BeiYin: Yes, reality is terrible. When you look around at what goes on then this is even worse. So you might be better off to close your eyes and ignore all this and stay with your beautiful dreams of love, harmony and coming together, etc. or you can take your tranquilizing medication or recreational drugs to make you numb and even more unaware  than you are anyway.
Q: Do you also doubt that medicine helps us?
BeiYin: Oh dear, - this is a very delicate subject and indeed includes all the things I mentioned before: Manipulation, dependency, money making, etc.
Q: You are saying that medicine doesn't help people?
BeiYin: Yes it helps them to stay sick and dependent, very seldom does medicine with their treatments heal people. They stay sick and are getting sicker and sicker, because just the symptoms are suppressed and reduced. But there is no real healing. Disease is a reaction of one's system; it is the intention to heal what is out of balance. If these symptoms are suppressed, then they will get worse up to total destruction. No, I don't think that the usual medicine is truly helping. Medicine is part of the money making system. Medical doctors are in the first place slaves of the pharmaceutical industry, making people dependent on medication. There is no real healing. This is a very complex subject, we might talk about it another time...
Q: The question was how to get out of this...
BeiYin: First by being aware that you are identified with your thoughts and feelings. Then accepting and understanding that your feelings and your thoughts are reactions and the same with your images you are producing. Also your desires are reactions coming out from your personal and historical background, as yet unknown and unconscious. As one is so much identified with one's thoughts and feelings and also with one's reactions, then because of this, it is difficult to be aware of it and one only notices the result. For example, the depression when nothing works or the highs of joy when something goes well, are experienced and also confirm one's existence. This always stays on its unconscious unclear background.
Q: So how can we become aware of our reactions etc.?
BeiYin: By observing these reactions which are producing thoughts and feelings. As people are so much identified then they can't observe themselves because they are sucked into it and just acting and reacting.
Q: What can be done to be able to observe?
BeiYin: You can sit down at a quiet place and close your eyes and be aware of yourself, this can be done easily; you don't need any teacher or guru. Then after you start to be aware of your body, you will be aware that you are thinking. Maybe you will get lost in your thoughts, but after some practice you will be aware of your thinking and also of your emotions. It doesn't matter what you are thinking, it is enough that you are aware of every thing that shows up. There are ways to help that you don't get lost in your thinking, for example you can focus on your breathing and be aware of it. When you notice that you got lost in your thoughts then you just go back to the awareness of your breathing. This is a very simple but an effective 'technique' - you can call it meditation. When you do this twice a day for twenty minutes, then also in your daily life you will be able to observe your thoughts and feelings and so also your reactions. With this daily practice, gradually you’ll become aware of the way you are provoking and then you will be also able to observe how other people are lost in their games and then there will be no need for you to respond unless you decide to do so. You can look behind the games and see the person in their need and then you might want to respond in a different way. You will be able to do a step beyond your own needs. What means that you will not use the needs of others to trap them to satisfy your own needs. etc. You will be able to see the manipulation done by people to get what they want.
You will experience yourself and also the world in a different way, you will not so easily fall into attractions, etc. there will happen some significant changes in your life... The measurement of your values will change, probably also your interests, etc.
Q: This sounds convincing. Are you looking for followers for your awareness techniques?
BeiYin: Not at all. You had asked me and I answered. You don't need to trust me. If it convinces you what I said, then just do it. You don't depend on anybody by doing it and nobody except yourself will take advantage of your doing. Of course when you change in a positive way this will be beneficial also for your surrounding and the people who are near to you. This is not ‘my technique’. This is something that existed and has been done since over several thousand years and who is ready for it will do it, totally independent from me. If you have a problem or a question you can ask me, but I’ll tell you that I am one of the very rare cases who doesn't want to sell something or want something in exchange. You might want to visit my Web site where I offer quite a lot of information and most of it has to do with rising one's awareness. I see that raising individual awareness is very urgently needed in order for humanity to survive…
Q: In this you are absolutely right, thank you for this interview.
BeiYin: It was a pleasure for me.
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