Intelligence and stupidity growing on one tree... 
The last few days I was wondering: How is it possible that an intelligent person at the same time can be extremely silly? Not only being intelligent, but highly intelligent, what means having a high IQ and then in daily life situations reacting and behaving like any thing else but not as a grownup person. How is this possible? The same person is expressing herself, when writing, in a very sophisticated, even 'spiritual' way, sounding very thoughtful and convincing. But then her behavior shows that she is not capable to realize the simplest thing in her responses and reactions when relating to happenings in her surrounding. How is this possible?
Intelligence and stupidity are often hosted in one personality. That's because intelligence depends on one's brain capacity and developed mind and the other depends on one's mostly unconscious structure which is governed by one's emotions. If there is a lack because in one's childhood the development was not completed, then this imbalance often is compensated by overdeveloped mind activity and so perfect concepts, which helps to survive. But then when this individual is involved in threatening situations, what mostly means not being confirmed, then is reacting out of one's unconscious structure, being irrational or going into arguments coming out of one's mind. Always giving the fault to the outside and the other people around. Being so clever, this person survives by not being aware of their own discrepancy and not at all being aware of her absurd reactions when behaving like a stubborn child.
The sad fact is that there seems to be no way to communicate with such a person. She must win and so using all her intelligence in her clever arguments and at the same time rejecting and suppressing any awareness when reacting, always justifying irrationality and anger and mostly projecting all faults into the others. At the end this kind of self defense leaves her alone and with extremely miserable feelings.
So this is absolutely not intelligent!
Real intelligence would be when one could use it to observe one's own absurd behavior, then reflect about it and understand where it comes from, then making a decision and being able to admit that this reaction was indeed silly and not adequate to the situation. Not going on repeating the same reactions again and again, even looking for situations to be able to react in the same way, but not getting any 'self-knowledge' out of it! Intelligent would be to be aware of one's projections and one's infantile way to survive. Then this person could come out of one's misery and multiples games and respond in a different way, objectively to the real situation and then maybe seeing other people in their specific circumstances the first time in a light which is not colored by one's own limiting blinders. This is a possibility but so rare that it hardly exist. So seeing this I only can understand and accept it as part of the existing reality of human nature...

Is there a way out of one's own trap?
Now out of this comes the reflection: If anything is used to save and confirm one's 'personality' in a big and all including survival game and there seems no way 'to go beyond oneself', then what makes it possible, if someone really wants this, that one can step out of these games?
The 'unknown', the void, all that what doesn't make sense and can't be put into boxes of existing concepts. causes fear and insecurity. So hardly anybody wants to step out of established concepts and one's used worldview. Since the beginning of humanity this was used to gain power over others and to manipulate them. Part of it is offering concepts for every one's need. In the beginning it was the thunder god, giving sense to the nature phenomenas. Then with evolution of mankind, the concepts were getting more complex, explaining even details, like in Christian religions, Buddhisms, Muslims, etc. always coming out of the interpretation from the founders. For all those who were not interested in religious and philosophical concepts, because their energy went into materialisticly motivated action in the outside world, the materialistic goals were giving sense enough and if not one could add some spiritual varnish in case something went wrong...
So the last few thousand years this seemed to work. Did it? Well, humanity survived, although many millions were killed. There is not much evolution visible, the very primitive way of fighting and killing hasn't stopped in all this time, in spite of concepts of love and peace. The competition of different concepts were giving confirmation to each other and out of this there were developed new concepts, especially the last thirty years; making spiritual views more and more perfect, making it possible at the same time to keep one's materialistic life style.
There is no doubt that people have perfected the ways to trick themselves, with the most sophisticated tricks to sublime their personalities (what they often call 'transformation') and at the same time to stay in dependency and on a quite immature level in their daily behavior, reactions and incapacity to respond objectively to daily happenings.
How one can overcome this evolutionary step, which looks like a one way street without exit? There is no way to force oneself to get out of it. As well one might come to an end with one's tricks to avoid suffering. Then the moment in one's 'growing process' might come that one gets really tired of this turning around oneself and one opens one's eyes, becoming aware of one's games and tricks and then maybe are ready to let go of it.
Having passed enough suffering and becoming tired, one might start to become critical, not only in what shows up at the outside, but also in one's own reactions, expressions, interpretations, etc. Not being totally engaged in one's actions, one can step back and observe oneself. This might be a necessary start. Then being capable to relax and then out of this being more objective...

Quote: "Is the trauma someone had suffered and so one's unconscious background structure the only reason why people reacting irrational and silly and not intelligent?"

Intelligent people should be able to use their mind in all situations, but we all know that this is not the case. Everybody has moments in special circumstances when being influenced from invisible forces and these are coming from one's unresolved history. Then something like 'blackouts' happen and this person is not even aware of one's reactions and these are mostly irrational and have little to do with the happening, just using it for one's own purpose. That's what I call a 'game', in which nearly all are participating and giving the roles to each other, finding the 'perfect' play partner and so getting the self conformation needed, although not being able and not wanting to step out of it.

Why people are not able to step out of their roles? 

Because when they playing their 'role' then this gives them the feeling of existence as they are identified with their role, this is part of their 'personality'. Stepping out of this would mean to abandon a part of themselves and so loosing their identity, what comes near to dying, so this must be avoided with all means. Then resistance shows up and the defense system brings all kind of weapons into the game, reacting irrational and off topic is part of it. When nothing of all of this really helps to keep one's established self image intact, then the emergency breaks are pulled like described in my article: "I'm crazy or is the world crazy?"

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