Missing Ingredients
Carlos wrote: 
Quote: "I have the feeling that with one or two other ingredients, communities such as FalconBlanco, could become an even greater answer to the quest of so many people for truly alternative lifestyles."
BeiYin: Yes, there is a quest for alternative lifestyles, but people don't want to change substantially. They want to go into water without getting wet. With other words: They don't want to go beyond their personality, as a concept yes, but not when it comes to realize this. If one offers a strong concept, whatever kind: alternative lifestyle, still based on one's materialistic attitudes, or something more 'spiritual' or well established 'religious', or just promising security and happiness, then you will find interested people. They might then come together and even work hard to realize their common concept. But then, when living together, they are confronted with reality and that is their own personal reality, which might be suppressed for a while as long the attraction is fresh and strong enough, but then comes the challenge to recognize their own condition and conditioning and here already most are failing. Giving the fault to outside reasons or to the other people and then when there happens confrontation, then they are escaping. Or finding all kind of tricks to survive, keeping their precious personality untouched. This will not be possible for long, because pressure from inside and outside is growing. But still there are many ways to hold on, not letting go. Up to violence and craziness, or trying to take over, overpowering all others and controlling the situation, with this feeling strong and gaining back their lost self dominance. 
There seems to be no way: the lacking ingredient obviously is the readiness to go beyond oneself, this ability is still too rare in these days, to be able to form a community like FalconBlanco. So better forget about it and stay with the possible way of forming groups of 'like minded' people who have a strong common concept and then go for it. This will last then for some years, even giving a kind of satisfaction and happiness, before it falls apart or maybe it lasts even one decade if there is a strong leader who holds it together... 
I needed thirty years to finally understand all this, now living in a reality which leaves me pretty much without illusions, but still I might get surprised! 
Even as a way that FalconBlanco could survive and have success, I wouldn't agree to take the role of a leader. This place is based on self responsibility and healing, this must come out as a realized step of the individual growing process. 
FalconBlanco can't be the answer to the quest of people who want to get out of their common lifestyle, to be healed and to grow, - because they are not yet willing to listen what could it make possible. That's the reason why I don't want to talk anymore, only to people who ask and this rarely happens. There is indeed no readiness, this is not a sad fact, it is just reality. 
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