Influences  BeiYin     updated 24.1.05
The influence of what one takes into one's system is much more important than we are aware of.
That our alimentation is building up the physical body, nourishing it and also is poisoning it with all consequences, this is pretty clear, but we are often not aware that what we allow to enter through our eyes and ears is of strong influence to our mental and emotional body. Also here we should select carefully. 
Just one example: How often we are watching in TV movies in which people are killed and tortured! Often more than a dozen people are killed every day and this in all television stations all over the world, watched by many millions of people, children included! And this every day! No wonder that then more and more crimes happen in real life.

Humans are used to copy and imitate what is seen outside and the step from being violent in one's fantasy and then to a realization is not that big. Enough aggression accumulated  by frustration is present in nearly every body and is waiting for an occasion to come out and this will be much easier if it has happened in one's fantasy many times. In one's own system or on a screen in front of one's eyes. 

A few days ago I read a little story about native Americans: 

A father said to his son: Inside we have two wolfs. One is aggressive and bad and the other is friendly and good. ‘Which 
one wins?’ Asked the son. ‘The one which is fed’, answered the father. 
The consequence is that one should select carefully what one takes in and if it is not possible to avoid something then one should be aware of the influence and what the reaction of our system is. And also that there is no new imprint caused which will influence further on unconsciously.

During the last few days I felt bad again: Headache, back pain, strong pain in my shoulders, arrhythmic heartbeat and a lot of tiredness. Not that bad as before, but enough to look at it to find out where it might come from. I am sure that I have not eaten something wrong so the reason must be coming from something else. There are influences we take in through our eyes and ears. About this I am pretty aware, but there are influences penetrating through respiration and skin, and then there are all the other that are totally invisible: The electrical waves produced by current of electricity, telephone, mobile phone and computer. I will investigate about it... About the electro-magnetic influences we are investigating now intensive with the help of an instrument, it is called 'TriMeter' and it is messuring the magnetic and the electric radiation. More soon on a new page...

There is another influence which is very strong and we don't know that it exist even though this might be the strongest: it is our unconscious background structure which was build up during all our life especially during the first decades. That means that one's emotionally lacks and needs are sitting in the background and influencing permanently one's reactions and well-being. We believe that we are free to decide but in reality we are forced, pushed and determined by those patterns. In a good part our 'personality' is build by this unconscious background and in the same way as our defense system is holding on every thing we 'own' in the same way we are defending our unconscious background - unconsciously. That is the reason why we are trying to avoid to look at ourselves and prefer to give the fault for whatever happens to us to something on the outside: we are all masters in this technique! But the problem is  that practicing this technique we can't be in peace with ourselves and of course also not with others and our surrounding. Simply because the influence from inside is keeping us all the time  busy because we all the time reacting to outside and inside influences. Unless we are tired with this too long lasting game we are playing with ourselves and others and we finally dare to look at ourselves searching for the reason within ourselves. Before this there might be a few other steps to be taken as many reactions for cultural reasons are not allowed and are suppressed. A  great help in this quite complicate process of liberation can be the practice of meditation which opens new ways to deal with oneself and this world, for example intuition, when one's normally used tools of mental reasoning doesn't work effectively. With this we are entering into a field of very subtle influences which are going beyond our personality, but probably only there we will find the solution for our problems...
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