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Gabis) wrote:

>I'm wondering if there are any grass-roots community outreach people
>following this group who are also involved in gardening. I've been a
>low-level activist of sorts in my own neighborhood for several years.
>(I live outside Washington DC, in Prince George's County.) I'm looking
>at community gardening as a vehicle for crime-prevention believe
>it or not. But even more, as a means to develop true community and
>introduce a new social paradigm.
>Things don't look good right now for the planet. I'm not a doomsday
>person, but the more I learn about the state of the environment, the
>more worried I get. But I've come to understand that you can't get
>anywhere in fixing the environment unless you first "fix" people. That
>is essentially a spiritual undertaking, where spirituality does not
>necessarily emply a particular religious practice, as it does a much
>broader and deeper type of internal growth.  I'm trying to argue that
>for a community to be complete, it must be connected to the planet:
>the land, the critters, the seasons, the climate, the sun, moon and
>stars ...
>The point I'd like to make for this group is you don't actually have
>to go anywhere to create community.  If you're ambitious, you can do
>it right where you happen to live at the present moment - whether it's
>in the middle of the city, or out in the country. But because of the
>overall disconnected, isolated state of modern society, there is quite
>a lot of work to be done in this regard. You almost have to dedicate
>yourself to it - to make a committment.
>I wrote a book about my own experience in building community:
>"Managing the Spiritual Neighborhood: A Social Solution"
>I'm publishing it myself on a web site I created:
>Please check it out. I'm hoping for some feedback from folks who are
>actually out there, working at the grass-roots of society, and who
>have some sort of vision of a "new age". I'm especially
>interested in seeing if there is anyone who understands
>the spiritual aspect of this.
>-Alex Gabis

Hi Alex,
I do understand the spiritual aspect of it and I agree with your
vision and can identify with it. In deed I'm committed to the
same vision, - since more than twenty years. There are very few
people who are willing and able to dedicate themselves to such an
idealistic concept. The few people who try to realize something
like this do it mainly as being the initiator, making the
experience after years of exhausting work and going through all
kind of disappointment, that the vision seems to be just utopia
and reality doesn't allow to bring down the vision into
realization. Maybe you will be tired to build castles out of
sand, which disappear from wind and waves if you don't reforce
them the whole time, mostly alone and against the resistance of
people around you, who not have the same dedication...
If the people with the same commitment would come together and
put their energy together, pulling on the same rope into the same
direction, then this might work and have an impact... But this is
another vision which obviously doesn't meet reality. At least it
was not possible for me (in twenty fife years!) to find those
people to form a functioning community.
Conclusion: It looks very much to me, that a 'vision' has the
function like a carrot for a donkey, it makes him move although
he never can reach the carrot, only reaching out for it. We are
trying to realize the vision, we do our best, use all our
strength and with this developing all our abilities. Gaining
knowledge and self knowledge, coming nearer to reality, unveiling
illusions and dreams... Was this the reason why we grabbed these
'visions'? Were they the bat to trap us in the common dream and
image world, getting lost in our intention? Was all the
struggling through - fighting for our vision meant to wake us up?
Do I want to wake up? Or am I still clinging onto my vision?
>Community, crime, gardening and spirituality ... where do they all meet?
Good question. Maybe they meet in our individual intention. Doing
our best to respond to whatever shows up in daily life, right
here and now. Can we do more?
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