Intentional Community... The idea is dead.
BeiYin: The idea is dead... this might be a necessary step for starting to live real community.

Betsy: I see that an idea can be a guide to propel one to move forward towards some goal. All ideas are dead. In terms of forming communities I see that the idea has served it's purpose, to bring those together who may share the same intention. But yes, I also see that the next step remains, which is the process of bringing down the idea into the physical plane. Now without the idea to support, the real work begins.

BeiYin: "All ideas are dead". Yes, in the sense that ideas are not directly related to the moment, to the 'here & now'. Ideas might be part of one's self expression, or reactions, or ways to escape... Or might be received through intuition as an actual answer to conflicts or questions related with a situation. If ideas are kept as 'property', giving identification, then indeed they are dead.
BeiYin: What happens if  a 'Truth' is received through intuition or elsewhere? It is made immediately into one's property and called then 'belief', which will be defended with all means and as much as possible distribute to others so that it can give even more self confirmation.
BeiYin: There have been intentions to live in a community setup of various types quite a while. There were great idealistic ideas born out of the longing to overcome individual limitations. Depending on the personal background these ideas were more or less spiritual, religious or social. There has been always the need to go beyond personal boundaries.

Betsy: I think the intention comes from beyond the individual viewpoint, but then in translation it gets personalized. If the community is not based on individual's who understand what it means to let go of one's individual desire to survive, no idea will carry the group. But I have hope that if all gathered into a community continue to work towards overcoming one's personal identifications, then it will continue to grow forming something like the initial idealistic intention.

BeiYin: This maybe is too much speculation, we only can live it in direct. Relating to the situations as good as we can, with responsibility and as much awareness we are capable.
BeiYin: The intention mostly comes from the need to survive and that means to find a new identification which satisfies more and makes more sense or is confirmed by other individuals.
BeiYin: This was tried by a few individuals leaving the main stream and searching for alternative ways of life. Or was it that these people were living differently because they had a vision which were promising more satisfaction than the common goals of society? Or was it that these people had realized an attitude to life which separated them from their common surrounding? Probably they were totally alone, strangers in a materialistic world, where religious aspects are mostly like paint, covering an untouched background. So those people might have given form and structure to their feelings coming out of  relating to their environment from their new view and attitudes.

Betsy: The most of this world is formed by personal objectives that don't have any alignment with the whole. So certainly anyone climbing out of the deep dark hole of one's ego is not going to be very comfortable with the mass societal manifestations and will seek some other way to live, which is a way to express that wholeness from the inside to the outside. Instead of the normal way of manipulating the outside for one's personal survival and desire to have one's own way.

BeiYin: The 'normal way' is always present and part of our individuality. It is good that we know about it, so we can deal with it, - what means being aware of it when we are reacting and acting.
BeiYin: Reality is that we are NOT aware of  it. We are still driven by old unconscious instincts, although these are colored and covered by idealistic, spiritual and other beautiful images and self images. Whatever we do, we are still motivated by the need to survive. Everything still turns around one's personality. This has developed into a very sophisticated game; in its most advanced state extremely difficult to look behind. Anyway, only the one can look behind who is not involved in this game and there is hardly anybody. So we might as well accept, that we are all still in a trap even we might believe we are out.
BeiYin: These expressions were received as ideas from other people who were searching for new ways to deal with daily life's difficulties. So ideas were finding followers who then were trying to live these utopias. They started all kind of 'Intentional Communities'. In the beginning it seemed to work and people were enthusiastic and engaged. It worked because they could put their personal need for a while beside and so going beyond personal limitation and growing into something greater. But only for a while, then personal aspects were taking over.
So sooner or later the intention to form a community were collapsing. With a strong leader who represented the idea, the intention might have lasted longer, but then with the exhaustion of the leader were falling apart as well.
BeiYin: This we can observe with communities during the last thirty years. If they had a strong leader who was offering a vivid idea which fitted into the need of people, then the community was growing fast with many followers. But without a strong leader even the community and idea is taken over by followers, the community breaks down or falls back into profane and materialistic oriented forms. If the idea is good (what means coming out of a intuitive vision) but is too far ahead of its time and there is no leader, then this intention will fail: At least this is my conclusion after thirty years of trying.
Betsy: I see that the most important is our own individual growing process and this can't be an idea. We either are relating to our personal structure or reactions or we aren't and this we do to the best of our capabilities on a daily basis. I think there is a natural attraction of kindred spirits to join together no matter if there is a strong leader or not. There only has to be one person for the attraction to exist, and this can lead to more attraction via expression. I guess I feel confident that there is a coming together even if it is hard to see how it is forming. Perhaps the strong intentional idea is dying, but with this
transformation there will be something new. I see that there is the possibility that the strong intention will sort of split and will be shared among more than one individual, in a way making the whole thing stronger because it doesn't rest on the shoulders of one individual any longer. Also I see that the process of the coming together and with it the new responsibilities will challenge all in the group to overcome their own personal conflicts.
BeiYin: Yes, that's the reason, why I personally refuse to go into any role or game of 'leadership'. I'm conscious about it that this is difficult because people like to be guided and are disappointed when I don't respond to their desire. Some times in those long years there was the temptation to give people what they wanted, just to find some people not to do all the work alone and to have success as a group. But I saw it clearly as a game and as manipulation and so I couldn't do it and preferred to go on the extreme way, - with the risk to stay alone. Indeed, the most important is our own individual growing process and
so I see it also as my personal process and in this the games and any
manipulation has no space, as far I can recognize it...
BeiYin: This was written three years ago and we went through quite a lot of people experiences. Yes, obviously there is an attraction to live in an 'Intentional Community', but it looks like that mostly those people are attracted who have difficulties living in this society, up to such a point that they are becoming insane and so they are looking for a better environment to survive. We spend a lot of energy with such people and at the end, when it shows that these people are not capable to respond out of their own responsibility and depending on help from the outside, then the 'Intention' turns into a Samaritan work where sick people sucking energy from others who are willing to give. And it turns out to be just another game...
BeiYin: Yes, the idea of 'Intentional Community' is dead, but this means that now we have the opportunity to live 'community', not out of an idea, but because it is the expression of one's growing process which is in the state of coming together. Not because of the need for confirmation of one's ideas but because 'kindred spirits' are drawn to each other, needing each other because they are able to express themselves and need the sharing and exchange in a free atmosphere, were new viewpoints may arise as an expression from more amplified fields of being.
BeiYin: I still feel that this thought is right, but where are these 'kindred spirits'? We were trusting that they would show up when the time would be ready, although we believe that we have to do our part, so we were writing, searching and doing whatever we could to find people for our community. But still without result. Now the time is running out and we are coming to an end. Is this the lesson we have to learn? That my vision is collapsing. Is this then 'reality'? After having moved so much material matter, having written so many words and then just arriving at a point being speechless without references...
Betsy: And I suspect it won't be easy, as change can be so difficult, we want always for things to stay the same. But I see the importance of it, that in order for communities to grow now is the time to start putting the idea into practice, which of course means dropping the idea and living it. Even I see that all the apparent chaos right now on the outside is a reflection of this reshuffling and realignment allowing for something new to manifest. Clearly to put some order back into our surrounding, this is going to require new and shared responsibilities by all of us.
BeiYin: We have enough information about our personal way to react, the historical background, etc., so we can deal with it in a more conscious way and we know that in a group of like minded people we have the support to be able to allow spontaneous reactions and the support to reflect about it, etc. Yes, the outside is a reflection of the process and we are aware that the chaos is part of the process and in this challenge triggers reactions and makes us move...
BeiYin: Coming to the realistic conclusion that one's intention has failed and that there is nothing left to do about it. Then even being speechless, the advantage after thirty years of trying is, that I do not fall into desperation because of this. Even though I don't understand what this all means and the whole seems to be senseless, I can state that I have done my best out of my limitations and that I can't do more. If the whole thing was a failure, ok, I still wonder what will be the next. But for sure I will be less enthusiastic to start something new, watching out if it might be another trap.
BeiYin: At FalconBlanco we never tried to live an idea of community, the frame or concept were coming out of living. This was a long process which lasted for more than twenty five years. There is still no idea or concept of 'Intentional Community' or how one should be or function. But there is a concept coming out of practical daily life how to deal in a creative way with personal conflicts in the setup of a community. This doesn't mean that it functions because it still depends on the situation and the people involved. So each situation is new and a challenge to find a creative solution. There are very few people ready to join such a community...
BeiYin: Indeed too few people! We only would need three people to be able to continue, but not even one person is showing up...
Betsy: As far as I know this [FalconBlanco] is the only community that has as it's base the concept of dealing creatively with one's reactions or personal conflicts. The majority are based on pictures or strong ideas which is what is hoped will hold the group together. But if members aren't acknowledging their own worn out programs, the arising conflicts of personalities desiring to survive will continually sabotage the group effort. If we aren't ready to give up our imagined uniqueness or what could be said: "our individual personality", then there can be no unified effort that is in alignment with what wants to be expressed. No matter the idea, it will be doomed to failure because it doesn't address the main problem.
BeiYin: This is probably the main reason why so few people are interested and also why they are strongly reacting, out of defense and disappointment because their expectation for confirmation is not  fulfilled. Meanwhile we have a system to filter out those people, to avoid using energy in a non creative way, although we are aware that this is very delicate and we must be very conscious about our decisions.
BeiYin: It is extremely difficult to filter out people by email exchange and also our 'infoform' doesn't avoid that people are coming who are not ready. But it is necessary to watch out who is coming, although we believe that whoever comes doesn't come without it having a meaning for this person and for us. But it is not such a good thing if somebody comes from another continent and then after a few days returns being disappointed in one's expectations.
BeiYin: But the intention exist, we are now four people. We are struggling, falling down, getting up, going on... It makes sense, although it might be finished tomorrow... Are you ready?

Betsy: That's right there aren't any guarantees here. And don't hold any beautiful pictures in your head or you will surely be disappointed. Falcon Blanco grows with wants to be expressed. Currently we are thriving, as evidenced by the abundance another poster expressed, and this is due to affluent society. At this moment we are able to survive quite easily on what is not wanted, but also we don't hang on the idea that this will last forever. We make decisions when needed responding to what life presents to us, so we are flexible. And I must say that the food here is not stale, it is the best that the Island offers to the rich. However there can be too many sweets... Yes, there are huge compost
bins because we receive so much excess food. And of course, as everything is related, then there is sometimes an odor or there may be flies. But even this depends on who is here and what initiative they take (turning the compost, etc.). Someone looking for a leader or one who can't take their own initiative and is only looking for beautiful gardens of eating will not be content or satisfied here.
As always, we are in transition and these days we have removed much of the material and continue to reduce the amount of material that comes in. Soon we hope to be using that amassed compost to make beautiful gardens and to grow our own vegetables.

BeiYin: As I wrote before: What ever we do on our daily practical level, this is secondary and might change from one day to the other. We see things as a challenge, as a provocation and we are willing to respond in the best way, that means in a creative way, what in the first place includes all our capacity, our responsibility and our awareness. Whatever comes to us is a mean to be able to respond and so it is a chance to grow. We may have the trust, that whatever comes to us is just the right thing. We receive from outside and from inside every thing we need, in abundance, we even don't need to formulate any need!
This is not an idea, this is our actual practice in life, and indeed it works!
BeiYin: And it will continue even if we need to close this place and each of us will go one's own path. Walking the talk...
BeiYin: So indeed, things coming to an end. It turns out that the whole project is an illusion. The idea that there might be people who are willing and ready to go beyond their 'personality' is an illusion. There might exist such people but obviously they are not interested to be part of a community, at least no one shows up. The consequence is that this place will be closed soon. After thirty years of trying reality takes over and shows that such a project is far ahead of its time and not possible to be realized. I probably will come back in about one hundred years with a new intention...
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