Humans make money out of anything!
Yes, the human species is genius, they can make money out of nothing or nearly nothing, fabricating something with the most common and cheapest available. For example: The easiest accessible is air and water, its nearly every where and for free. So there comes somebody clever and mixes water with flower and some air and makes 'bread' out of it and then somebody more clever adds sugar and some color and makes cakes from it. Another example: Some clever businessmen take water, add sugar to it and some color and sell this water as refreshment drink! Isn't this ridiculous? One life time ago there have been fountains all over the land and every body could drink fresh water, this water was indeed 'healing', - now there isn't this anymore and even the water delivered by big companies into one's house is mostly contaminated and so not possible to be used in ones alimentation. So everybody needs to buy bottled water and due to the suggestive and brain washing marketing, it is common that people buy colored sugar water. The air on this planet also is now highly contaminated and in some cities they have started to sell air, which one can breath in special bars. Fifteen minutes for two Dollars. Soon they will sell air with ocean or mountain smell or even all kind of exotic flavors. Humans are really incredible!
But that's not all, humans are able to convert every thing natural in something artificial, which is poisoning the consumer, - but makes a lot of money. People are getting sicker and sicker all over the planet and this is exploited by other moneymakers who sell chemicals in form of easy to take pills which eliminate the symptoms of these diseases. This is not 'healing' and produces side effects, but this is great, so they can sell more and other chemicals, what they call 'medication' and a multitude of well trained helpers, called medical doctors, are the mediator for the selling, with the advantage that they have taken the position of priests and shamans from historical times, but the MDs remain with the authority those healer had before. People believe in them and depend on them, so there position is untouchable and there is no space for any doubt.
If you think now this is the most advanced way to make money, then you are wrong: As humanity is developing, not only civilization is spreading out with their inbuilt money making system, but also the means are becoming more subtle. Just listen and be amazed!
There is an energy, which is known since ancient times and has been used by shamans and high priests for 'healing'. This energy was kept secrete although it is every where present and accessible to every one whose intention it is to connect to it. But this was not told to the people and so it could be used to gain power and influence over the mass of innocent people. But becoming 'spiritual' one might come near to this energy, because ones 'intuition' grows and this is nourished from the same source. Only about one life time ago a Japanese who had some spiritual experiences and who also was a clever businessman, found out about this universal energy and how to use it. And because he was just in this moment with some financial problems, so this was his chance to get the best out of it. He developed a clever system how to sell this energy, which was there for free for every body, to heal suffering people. He was so clever, that he gave it a 'brand name' and was able to make it that complicate, that nobody could look through it and needed to be taught by special trained teachers, called 'masters', joining a program of courses and teachings and - of course - had to pay a lot of money for it! Again depending on an authority! But it helped people in their suffering and desperation and so they were happy and also the clever spiritual businessmen. During the following decades there was established a perfect hierarchic system, with rituals, near to the magic practice from the ancient times, with symbols, invocations and magic formulas and this continued up to our days. This is what people like, they can be treated, get rid of their health problems and don't need to think about it or take self responsibility. For this they are willing to pay. With this every body is content and happy. We are living in wonderful times, being able to buy every thing we need. Really?