Are Humans degenerated animals possessed by concepts? 2. part 
Reflecting about the subject 'self confirmation' I can see the connection between the horrible situation on this planet caused by humans and the human nature, what means the need of humans for 'self confirmation' which is causing suffering and destruction, and this since centuries... Billions of killed people in wars and through manipulation and all in the name of 'self confirmation' even though with different labels.
It seems to me that daily reality in its most hard aspects is the result - and it looks very much that this is inevitable - because of the step of the evolution humanity is being involved in this moment. or better said is stuck.
Animals have no concepts, they live spontaneously and react out of the present moment. Yes, they also make their experiences and receive their traumas and then react out of these, the same as humans, but they don't get any feeling of existence out of concepts or self images. So humans indeed are more developed than animals, but that doesn't mean that they are the 'crown of the creation'. I guess pretty far away from this...! People have lost their innocence to live spontaneously the 'here and now' as they are only living through concepts and pictures, even though trying to get back what is lost but again with ideas and images, what just feeds their 'self confirmation' needs and their personality.
So humans have developed their thinking and feeling capacity and also their awareness about it, what means that they became conscious about it, are able to reflect about it and can express themselves about it. Having developed this abilities was probably the moment when they found out that this was a precious property they were owning. They could use it to feel good, keeping them busy and also this gave them power in many aspects. As the thinking capacity was not equal developed in all, so the more 'intelligent' could use it to manipulate the other, mainly using their needs, especially for 'self confirmation' and so gaining more power and more property (up to our days!).
As people became identified with their thoughts and feelings, so it gave them the feeling of 'existence' and they found out that they could accelerate this feeling by gaining more property and more power and also by doing things which make them feel and think in an excited way.
Looking to all those historical personalities which have influenced humanity that much, then we can find out that those people had found a special way to find 'self confirmation' and then the had distributed their ideas and concepts all over the world... This would be enough material to write a book about it and here is not the space for it... But think about it yourself.
So it looks pretty clear to me that human history is based on 'self confirmation' and the mostly catastrophically results which this had caused and still does at this moment. It seems that humanity in general still is stuck at the 'personality' level, which exclusively is limited to concepts, ideas, images, feelings, thoughts, reactions, doings and material things. There is no visible sign that humans are capable to go beyond their personality level (only in their ideas and fantasies, which remain as part of their personality).
There seems absolutely no sense to write about it, because people will not understand it, because not wanting to understand, so they will just ignore it, the same with other writings... And in case some body understands something, like with the working concepts I had offered, then these will be integrated in one's established concepts and then not really be used. So it seems very much that there is no way...