Healing our Planet by Healing Oneself BeiYin
Boyd:[...] I considered writing a book, but none of my friends thought it would sell. So, I didn't. I had already told BeiYin and he had a website. So the word was out. Recently I found a website by a man who healed his hernia.  He is selling a book for $10. Maybe one day I will write a book.

BeiYin: People are sick and every day getting sicker. Our planet is sick and we humans are causing it with our own sickness! We are the planet and getting as feedback what we are. The only effective way to do something about the disastrous situation on this planet is to heal ourselves: Each of us healing oneself! Expecting to be healed from outside is part of our sickness. We have to get out of dependencies! This is part of our growing, - we need to grow up! There is no other way around! This social system and as part of it the health system, can't be changed coming from the outside, because we are the system as being part of it. We can't change the political system, because we are sick and out of this whatever we create, chose or support must be sick! We are the political system! The economical system is sick and used by sick people to manipulate, using it for their own power games. We make this possible by following fake and false promises and goals, where everything turns around money, falling into consumer attitudes, going like sheep there where all are going. The list can go on with what is filling our life with fake...

Coming back to 'oneself':
Each system has the inbuilt force to heal itself when it is out of balance. The intention to heal oneself is called 'disease', ironically this is the interpretation given by humans, who see disease as something 'bad' and that this is caused from outside and through influences from outside.
So then treating the symptoms of disease with manipulation, mainly with chemicals or by cutting out what is effected. These  manipulations have nothing to do with 'healing' and that shows up when there is caused a chain of other diseases, - then also treated the same way... 

To start ones real healing process, the first and most important step is that one understands that disease is the intention of ones system to heal itself. The next step is the understanding that this is the same on all levels of ones existence and that all parts of ones system are connected influencing each other. Yes, we are our body, our mind, our emotions, but these are the means we are in connection and realizing ourselves on this earthen plane. The next step in our healing is that we are aware that we are our body, mind, and emotions, these are the means we 'own' to be able to experience ourselves, but then there is the one who is capable to observe the parts and this entity is capable to decide and cause changes in ones whole system. Then real healing is happening. If one hasn't yet developed ones capability to be aware of oneself in all existing parts then one can use the available technique of 'StressReleaseExercise' that is the most effective tool. 

Back to the subject 'book': I do not trust anybody who is selling something! The Internet is an ideal place for money makers and the majority are cheating and using all kind of tricks to get the money from the people in need, often those who are sick and suffering. Offering a book with the promise to give a cure is a common trick! The Internet is full of it. Just the fact that someone is offering help and charging money is the proof that this person is sick! It is that simple!

Part of our healing process is that we get out of this stupid game of money making. Starting to think about it and finding out that we are programmed and used by others for their sick power games.

Yes, I have planed to write a book about healing and also with a part of it about healing inguinal hernia. This book would be offered for free as a download book, so that everybody can print it out and give it to others who don't have a computer and Internet. 
Watch out: If you want to use the already gathered information to make a book out of it with the thought to charge money for it, then this shows that you are still sick and that also means that you will not heal your disease, probably not even the one you have actually. Joining the common game by fooling others and yourself. Then you will stay sick because you are stuck. 
So what do you all think about that we make a book all together as a team? We are gathering information, what we are already doing and when we have enough then we make a download book. It is not yet the moment, it will need some more time and probably it will be good if at least a few of you will be healed, at least from your inguinal hernia. This can happen within the next few months...

Offering this book will be a good step in healing ourselves and will have an impact on others. When we think that there are 200 million people with hernia, 200 million with Fibromyalgia and all together billions of other suffering people! OK, in the first place we are responsible for ourselves, but then and this is part of our healing process, that we feel responsible for others and do our best to help them...


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