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Talk after dinner:
The day before I had talked about the impossibility to attract people to participate in a ‘self healing retreat’ if there isn’t a health professional present. So the only solution would be to find a medical doctor, who would be interested in such a project. This could be somebody who is not content within the established medical system and wants to go his/her own way, or it might be somebody who thinks about retiring but still wants to do something, which makes sense.
One of our guests gave me the Web site of an Australian College of Natural Medicine http://www.acnm.edu.au and suggested to contact them. I visited this Web site.
Next day:
Me: I visited this Web site and saw what they are teaching.
· Advanced Massage Techniques
· Swedish Massage Techniques
· Aromatherapy
· Bach Flower Remedies
· Manual Lymphatic Drainage
· Nutrition
· Oriental Massage
· Reflexology
· Sports Massage
· Swedish Massage
I don’t see the possibility to contact them; the best way would be to know a person there who then knows somebody who might be interested. Apart of this their program didn’t convince me.
Western Herbal Medicine Nutritional Medicine Holistic Counselling Natural Beauty Therapy Aromatherapy Musculoskeletal Therapy Reflexology Mind/Body Medicine
Yes, they are teaching all kind of alternative treatments but I couldn’t see that they are treating in a ‘holistic’ way. They learn their treatments and then they treat people with it, without going further or looking for the cause of the disease. Like the experience I had when I had Fibromyalgia, going from one medical doctor to the other and also went to several healer. They were all treating me with what they know and what was their specialty, treating into the blue but not going beyond the body level.
Guest: I know that in this college they give importance to the lifestyle and they talk about it and ask students to write a journal about it.
Me: There was not much mentioned on this Web site about aspects going beyond the materialistic view, for example something like ‘spirituality’. I am not talking about concepts about spirituality but the urge to find ways to transform one’s life to get out of the limited, established worldview of our society, which is the main reason for all diseases. How can there be any real healing if this is not a process in which ‘transformation’ happens? People are asking to be healed and then they are treated.
They write about it:
The human body possesses enormous power to heal itself. The principle known as the vis medicatrix naturae, the healing power of nature, is the foundation of natural medicine philosophy and practice.
Natural medicine, in all its modalities, is an holistic approach to health. It takes into consideration physiological, psychological, spiritual, social and lifestyle factors affecting health. Disease is seen as a process rather than as a self-contained entity. An understanding is developed of the individual as an expression of the dynamic process of life.
Healthcare consumers increasingly understand the vital interdependence and interaction of all those factors with health. Informed and sophisticated, they demand a new kind of medical care. They look for health care practitioners with the knowledge, vision and understanding not merely to treat illness, but to support healthy living and prevent illness arising.
This indeed sounds good: “…an holistic approach to health.” And: “An understanding is developed of the individual as an expression of the dynamic process of life.” Is there really an understanding developed? Is there really a “demand for a new kind of medical care”?
Then they continue:
In order to meet the growing world-wide demand for qualified natural medicine practitioners, ACNM is committed to providing quality educational programs based on proven natural medicine treatment, in a supportive and academically rigorous environment.
Renowned for its high standards, safe practice and professionalism, ACNM offers the largest range of government accredited natural medicine courses in Australia. They are developed through consultation with industry professional associations, external academics and western medical representatives, and are regularly updated to meet the needs of students and the industry.
"...to meet the needs of students and the industry.” No comment!
Guest: People receive also information to do things to become healthy and to stay healthy.
Me: This is not enough as motivation there must be something more…
Guest: People want to be happy and enjoy life this is their motivation. This is the most important, what else could be there instead of this?
Me: ‘To be happy and enjoy life’, has become an established slogan in our society since the ‘Hippies’ appeared and added their philosophy to the existing consumer slogans. The offered concept is now part of many people’s self image, the same as the image of ‘love’. I ask you: Where is love realized in this society? Are people happy and do they enjoy life? Look around you! Observing all the suffering, it will be difficult to hold on these images.
Guest: But it is realized in my mind and my feelings…
Me: Your mind and your emotions are part of your body system and these are still part of the materialistic aspect of your existence. As long as you are not going beyond this then you are stuck in your conceptual view and there cannot happen any real healing. As long there is no doubt and no question about your existence and all around you, there is no chance to get out of it to reach out for an existence which goes beyond the horizon of the known…
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