Free treatment of Fibromyalgia and all other diseases...    BeiYin
     Yes, it is true, there are free treatments for all kind of diseases. At least these free treatments are an important step to start one's healing: All this you can do by yourself and only YOU can do these. Or better said: You treat yourself by NOT doing certain things, because many diseases could be healed just by this.
     You might start to change your eating habits and drop all this what obviously is not favorable for your health even the seller are telling you the contrary. Drop all junk food, drop all soft drinks, drop even all kind of juices (press it from fruits yourself instead), avoid any thing with sugar in it, not only any kind of sweets but also biscuits, cakes, puddings, ice cream, etc. This is already a good step and totally free of any costs.
     The next step could be that you DON'T eat any processed food and also avoid as much as possible to cook your food, eat things raw as much you can. You not only save on gas and electricity, your body will be grateful for this.
     Another good step would be to combine the food you are eating in the right way, for example NOT eating fruits together with cereals, potatoes or legumes. In this way you are saving energy by digesting much easier. There is a lot of information about this available.
An important step would be NOT to eat too much. You know this, every body knows this. But then why most people are eating too much? Because eating is a substitute for something else they are not able to get. So wouldn't it be important to find out about it and quest oneself? There are no costs for this and one might overcome something which takes big part in making one sick.
     One's eating habits are only one part of the free treatment one can do, mainly it consist in saving energy and not messing up one's system.
Another free treatment which has also to do with 'energy saving' is that one avoid consume on an emotional and intellectual level.
     It would be a totally free and very effective treatment that you avoid to watch TV for hours and consuming all this nonsense, crime, sex, silly games, etc. Not only the bad habit to let run the TV even you are not watching but the watching makes you sick and sucks your energy. To make a choice and to watch only what you really want to see will be nearly impossible, so the best would be to throw the TV out of the window into the garbage. Instead of watching TV you better sit down and meditate, twice a day for half an hour will give you a lot of benefit. This is scientifically proofed and known since several thousand years. And it is totally for free!
     So another step would be to proof what is available that is really beneficial and to avoid all this what is proven to be damaging one's health.
Resuming: Let's be essential and concentrate on what is really important!

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