"Forgive Your Enemies!"
This comes from a book called 'bible', a collection of spiritual concepts.
As one can see around us - most of people just 'outlive their enemies'. To 'forgive' one's enemies it needs much more than the advice of a preacher or something written somewhere in a book. Although there is some wisdom in this advice, to follow it one need to reflect about it and understand more of the meaning.
What does it mean to 'forgive one's enemies'? Why there is an 'enemy' in the first place? How one becomes an enemy? Why somebody turns into my 'enemy'? Or is it that simple like: ' Who is not with us - is against us!'
Who has not the same opinion, the same view is a potential enemy. When he expresses his view, then he becomes an enemy and as a following action we need to defend ourselves, if necessary by eliminating the enemy. Who does not confirm us, our world view, our self image, our thought properties and so our existence, can be tolerated as long as we don't feel offended, that is the case as long as our space is not invaded by expressions which are different than ours. Yes, every body is different and can be tolerated not coming near to us. How can one forgive somebody who is offending us? That would mean to open up to the influence of somebody who is not on our side. How can one forgive somebody who is different?
Isn't our main interest to grow? To gain more? To get bigger? To swallow whatever we can? And as there are from others the same intention, so they are automatically our enemies. To be able to forgive them we need to reduce our interests...
Might be the first step that we quest ourselves? That we question our wishes, goals and needs?
It seems a long way to go before we can even think about it to 'forgive our enemies'.
But probably this would be worthwhile because not every thing which comes to us is against us even it looks like just because it is not confirming ourselves.
Unless one wants to stay in the darkness of one's limited view and so rejects all light... And even the possibility of healing of one's disease...
Quote: The preacher's Sunday sermon was: "Forgive Your Enemies."
Doesn't come from the same source (the bible) the saying: "Love your enemies."?
Well, this is one of the many beautiful concepts which can be adapted intellectual and emotional, but to realize and to integrate them into one's daily life seems nearly impossible. To be able to do so it needs advanced conditions of ones individual evolution and these are rarely present.
Or is this saying a kind of nonsense post like the many in these news group? Without any sense or practical meaning? I guess not. So what does it mean?
"Love your enemies!" There is something in this saying which seems not to be logical: If I am able to love my enemies, then these are not my enemies and so I wouldn't call them 'enemies'. OK, so there are my enemies and then, when I follow the advice to love them, then they are no enemies anymore. That simple! Indeed it would be nice if this would be possible, but it is much more complicate.
If one really is capable to love one's enemies - out of one's BEING - and not just HAVING this concept, then they would not be enemies in the first place, because love would open one to understand the position of the other, tolerate this and then probably there would be no need to feel offended and also not to defend oneself, because the other - even reacting defensive - will not be seen as enemy. So from one side the problem is solved: There is no enemy. But this doesn't change the other side. Or does it? Even he is not an enemy for me - I am still an enemy for him.
As he (or she) is defending his/her position with all means, he/she will not accept one's love, not even recognize it. One will stay as an enemy - the picture is established. There seems nothing possible to be done about it. As I understand the other, I will not respond to the attacks and aggression, the black mail, the lies, the manipulation, etc. But even my silence will be felt as dangerous and invading. Why? Pretty clear: Out of fear.
I have learned a lot about the behavior of people - and myself - by watching animals. Often, that's a way to defend oneself, animals are aggressive because they are afraid. We know that an aggressive dog for example can sense the fear of a person and then more probably will attack. If one is in the presence of an aggressive dog the best is not to have any fear and just ignore the dog, the aggressive dog will calm down fast and then it might be possible to do some movements toward each other without need of defense... I know this works because I have practiced it. This is easy for me because I love animals and specially dogs and I do understand them, also dogs can sense not only fear but also love and respond to it.
With people it is more difficult because they have lost their natural instinct and are mostly stuck in their rigid concepts and self image.
But it seems I can't do anything about it and as I can't change reality, so I will have to deal with it - as good as I can...