I am the Focus of my Existence   ...
BeiYin: I'm that on what I focus. Directing my attention absorbs my awareness and limits it to this specific focus point. I am diluted in this process and at the same time it gives me the feeling of existence. As our society in the first place is oriented to materialistic aspects, most of ones energy goes into the outside to fulfill all those needs that are dominating our life. There is little or no awareness left to deal with aspects that belong to ones inner determinate condition as a source of our motivation and outgoing energy. 
Comment: This seems to be a fact for the majority, but there are also spiritual teachers who talk about other ways to focus, for example what I just read from Eileen (Quote): "...Never at any time limit yourselves or feel that you should not expect too much. Expect only the very best and expect every need to be met, even the most seemingly impossible. Have complete faith and confidence that these needs will all be met. Expect miracles and see them come about. Be at perfect peace..."
BeiYin: The question is: What are these 'needs' and where they come from? - Now we come to the inside aspects that need to be completed and satisfied. 'Perfect Peace' sounds good, but can it be reached by focusing on it? 
As most of ones outside intentions are ending up in disappointment and not giving real fulfillment, at least on the long run, even they are completed, - so one needs a more 'spiritual' concept to find ones balance and is able to go on, finding a new motivation to spend ones energy... That's probably the reason, - as a way to survive -, why religions were formed and magical and other rituals were developed. That worked some how for quite some time, but in our days it shows up that we are in a kind of gulde-sac and some doubts are arising about our established values... 
Comment: What could be the next step in our evolution? Are we ready to go beyond our established ways of conceptual thinking and as a result our 'way of life'?
BeiYin: This can only be a question ask from someone who doesn't find security and satisfaction any more from the goals society offers and also not from the concepts religious or spiritual ideas, that had given alternative motivations. 
The basic next step might be that arriving doubts will be allowed and one ask questions, trying to find out the real reason for a manifested condition. As a consequence then one might come to the moment when every thing and all is questioned and with this coming to a very vulnerable position. Why? Because ones security and more or less strong position coming until now out of ones identifications with concepts and belief systems and of course ones established self image, is fading away; giving space for a new horizon, but also might cause fear and insecurity because of the unknown fields.  It doesn't matter if this vulnerability is caused by the loss of materialistic properties or idealistic concepts. Once these identifications are loosening up, with the doubts that are arising, one becomes easily influenced by new ideas and convincing concepts. Very few people can stay critical and can let pass these suggestions, not making them to a new concept and part of ones self image.
Comment: How does this go together with the 'Law of Attraction', becoming that what we focus on and having no doubt that this will realize?
BeiYin: Indeed, we are what we focus on and then searching for confirmation of it, going from one place to the next, meeting people and having all kind of encounter, if possible teaching our ideas to others. Is this what you call 'spiritual journey'? People coming here to FalconBlanco have exactly this expectation: They have a certain self image, that is a composition of various beautiful concepts and then they are looking for a place to live this. They have interpreted the given information from the FalconBlanco Web site out of their urge and then they are disappointed that the picture they have build in reality is pretty different. It is really astonishing: People only see what they want to see out of their fantasies and dreams...
Comment: But these dreams are real for them and also their need to live them. What's wrong about it? All people are different and have their individual needs, but finally they will come together, at least this is our hope, although it doesn't look like...
BeiYin: There is nothing wrong about it not even the result: Disappointment, frustration, stress and as a follow up disease, depression and as an unavoidable end ones death. Doesn't make much sense, right? Is there a creative solution not to fall into this negative and destructive vicious cycle of holding on ones limitation and suffering from it? Yes, there is and Eileen said it somehow. I will repeat it in my words: If one has the concept and this can be seen as a 'working concept' that every thing that appears in ones life is the best that can happen to teach oneself in ones personal growing process, then one will be open to relate to this happenings and by questioning the situation one is involved, one will try to respond in the best way one is capable. Not feeling as a victim or trying to escape the situation.
Comment: But I can chose and if a situation is not comfortable for me then I can reject it and look for a different one.
BeiYin: Yes, that's what people are doing all the time: Going from one situation and encounter to the next, trying to manipulate their surrounding so that it fits to their needs and so on. Or avoiding situations and encounters that doesn't confirm ones expectation. Always giving the fault to the outside and never looking at themselves for the reason of ones behavior and reactions. Wasting the possibility to find out, that their actions, motivations and values are coming from an established structure that has build up through many influences during life time and is determining their behavior, their responses, relations and reactions. 
Comment: That's the normal way people live and this is our social setup and as there are hardly any exceptions... Well, maybe some historical figures like world religion founders who left some concepts with advises how to get out of the narrow personality, that are mostly misunderstood and used in a manipulative way, - so where we can get the information and the motivation to get out of this common totally unconscious habit, that is the base of our lifestyle and our thinking, feeling and our reactions?
BeiYin: The information is always present and if one ask for it and is ready to receive, then it will show up, not necessarily in an intellectual way, although this might be expected. But the mind is part of the trap and one needs to  go beyond to find a real answer. Probably it has to do with ones personal state of evolution in ones growing process. This can't be forced or manipulated. Indeed one needs the trust in ones own growing force and that might create the necessary state of being relaxed that then one can be open to receive an answer. Meanwhile one just can do what seems to be necessary in ones surrounding, by relating and responding out of ones limited capacity, but the best one can, knowing that this 'growing process' is a process of 'healing oneself' and the necessary first basic steps are that one takes self responsibility and gets out of dependencies.
Comment: I can see what you mean. What you call 'growing' is the freeing of oneself, getting out of ones trapped mind, feelings and identification games. Now I would like to know what is the mechanism, how does it function to overcome oneself, what can I do to 'heal myself'?
BeiYin: By being aware of yourself and every thing that is part of it, even though this might turn out as being an illusion and an established substitute, then coming to the point of not being afraid to look at it and then maybe letting go of it, especially being able to observe ones reactions, because these will tell where we are trapped because of our unconscious background structure. 
A good preparation is the practice of meditation or the 'StressReleaseExercise', these are a kind of training for ones awareness, every thing else will come to us in ordinary daily life circumstances and that's our 'spiritual learning field' we need to dig to get the harvest we really want, even though we don't know yet about it. The realization of this experience will nourish and give real satisfaction, not depending on outside conditions... or established concepts...
To be continued...
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